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Keto Diet and its Unexpected Effectiveness

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Diet which low in carbohydrate and high in fat is known as “Keto” diet. It also called ketogenic diet. Which is very similar to Atkins diet. According to the study it is found that this diet is very effective during weight loss.

However, it was initially made for the patients those are suffering from seizure disorder.

Footnote. Keto diet contains low carb with high fat. It have many health benefits including weight loss and other diseases such as epilepsy, cancer and many more.

How Does Keto Diet Work?

It reduce the carbohydrate and replace it with the fat. In this process your body go through the metabolic state also called “Ketosis”.

Keto diet utilities different sources for the fuel, which required for energy. Instead of glucose keto diet depends on ketone bodies. It’s a kind of fuel which produce by the liver from the stored fat.

But, triggering liver to produce ketones is little bit delicate. In such process a person must have to consume lower than 20-50 gms of carbohydrate per day. For example, one medium sized of banana.  

It takes minimum 3 to 4 days to reach to the ketosis state.

While relying on this diet one should kept in mind that, consumption of excessive protein can interfere the process of ketosis.

Ketogenic diet reduces blood sugar and insulin level in a massive way.  Therefore, it’s more effective during weight loss rather than other health benefits.

Footnote. Ketones are used as a body fuel, produces by the liver from stored fat. It takes few days to reach into the ketosis state. In this process we cut off the carbohydrate consumption.

Types of Keto Diet.

There are several types which are as follows:

  • TKD : It stands for Targeted Keto Diet. In such process we add carbs around exercises.
  • CKD : It is also known as Cyclical Keto Diet. Here you follow the principal of high carb cycle, for example you have to follow 5 days with keto diet along with 2 days with high carb diet.
  • SKD : Standard Keto Diet or SKD follow the diet chart consisting high amount of fat with adequate amount of protein with low Carb. The ratio of this diet contains ;
    • Carbohydrate – 5%.
    • Fat – 75%.
    • Protein – 20%.
  • HPD : High Protein Diet or HPD. In this diet we increase the amount of protein in compare with Standard Keto Diet (SKD). The proportion are ;
    • Carbohydrate – 5%.
    • Fat – 60%.
    • Protein – 35%.

Among of those, Cyclical and Targeted keto diet became most popular among the athletes and bodybuilders for its effectiveness. Standard keto diet is mainly recommended by the professionals for the beginners and common people. 

Footnote. Keto Diet are classified into four parts depends upon there specifications. Widely popular among the bodybuilders and common people.

Person those are suffering from obesity can follow such diet. Apart from the weight loss it is also beneficial for those who are suffering from epilepsy, cancer, heart issues, brain damages, acne and many more.

Person those are suffering from diabetes must consult with your doctor before follow keto diet.

Keto Diet vs Diseases.

Keto Diet for Obesity.

obesity Keto Diet

According to a study it is found that, by following this diet you can lose your excessive weight rapidly during the first 3 to 6 months.(1)

It is also effective in comparison with the low fat diets. High protein and fat fulfill your daily nutrient requirement and control your hunger.

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Keto Diet for Cancer.

This diet helps to burn stored fat with a positive way. In this process 

cancer cells Keto Diet
Cancer Cells

body produce less amount of insulin. It cut down the growth of cancer cells in the body.(2)

Heart Disease.

heart Keto Diet

It reduce the body fat percentage as well as control high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, heart failure, hardened arteries and many other heart related problems.(3)



Keto diet is develop your skin conditions. While it consist quality and quantity of foods rather than fast foods which drop down your insulin level and control acne.(4)

Diabetes Mellitus.

diabetes insulin

This diet drops the blood glucose and insulin levels in the body. But during the fat burning process it produces ketones which is harmful for diabetic patients, (Especially for type 1).(5)

So it is compulsory to consult with the doctor before start this diet.

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Polycystic Ovary Disorder.

High levels of insulin increase the risk of Polycystic Ovarian Disorder. Ketogenic diet reduce the insulin levels in the body and prevent the growth of PCOD.(6)


Since 1920s it has been found that ketogenic diet is effective in seizure disorders among the teenagers.(7)

Other Complications.

Apart from epilepsy several nerve diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and sleep disorders can be treated with the help of keto diet. Production of ketones protect the brain cell from damage.

Footnote. Ketogenic diet is effective to cure several complicated diseases. Light exercise in daily routine may increase the efficiency of this diet. During training period keto diet increase the endurance level among the athletes such as runners and cyclist. It increases the amount of oxygen levels in the body.

Types of Food Must Avoid.

Following foods must be avoid during keto diet, because of its components;

Fruits: All fruits except berries. (Strawberries & blackberries etc)

Sugary Foodstuffs: Ice cream, soda beverages and cake etc.

Grains or starchy foods: Wheat based, rice and pasta etc.

Alcohol: Due to harmful substance in alcohol you should stay away of it.

Beans and Legumes: Lentils, chickpeas and kidney beans etc.

Harmful fats: Mayonnaise, processed oil contains harmful fats.

Underground vegetables: Carrots, potatoes including sweet potatoes etc.

Footnote. Foods such as soda beverages, lentils, processed oil etc must be avoided while you are following keto diet as it reduce the effectiveness.
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What To Eat On Keto Diet?

The following foods are recommended as per its high nutritional values;

Fish: Salmon, tuna etc.

Meat: Red meat and chicken etc.

Poultry eggs: Whole eggs are full of macro and micro nutrients as well as good source of

Nuts and seeds: Flaxseed, walnuts and pumpkin seeds etc.

Oils: Olive oil and coconut oil etc.

Vegetables: Fresh green vegetables are low in carb and enrich with vitamins.

Snacks: Cheese, keto breads, dark chocolate and low carb milk shake etc.

Footnote. Adequate protein with high fat foods are the main component of keto diet such as meat, eggs, dry fruits, oils etc.

Side Effects of Keto Diet.

No serious side effects have been found till date. However, due to its low carb composition you may face constipation, lower blood sugar and digestion problem.

Low carb diets increase the risk of kidney stone and it can form high levels of acids in the body.

Other side effects also known as “keto flu” like headaches, irritability, bad breath, fatigue and weakness.

This diet also change the water and mineral stability of your body. To get rid of it you must consume extra salt with your meal.

Otherwise you may prefer supplements consisting sodium, magnesium and potassium etc.  

Several other supplements those are assist you during this period such as Creatine, Whey, caffeine and MCT oil etc.

Footnote. It is quiet tricky for those who are facing obesity, blood pressures and heart related issues. A proper guidance must be taken while having this diet.

Frequently Asked Question. 

1. How many eggs per day can someone eat on keto diet?

During keto diet a person can eat six whole eggs at least per day. 

Bottom Line.

Keto diet is a great choice but not for everyone. It is more beneficial for those who are obese, diabetic and want to improve the metabolic health. But it is quiet effective for the athletes who want to gain lean muscle mass.

Last but not least, keto diet considered as one of the powerful diet due to its several health benefits. Along with diet it is always good to add some yoga and freehand exercise in your daily routine.

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