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How to Counter-strike Cancer with Nutrition?

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The term cancer derived from the Latin word “crab”. Cancer is basically, an abnormal division or mutation of cells, which spreads throughout the body. It can occur at any age and at any parts of the body. We can easily beat the cancer with nutrition.

Exposures to certain chemicals, physical and biological factors are the reason for the development of cancer. It involves three progressive phases. Which are:

  1. Initiation: It is a phase when a person is exposed to carcinogen, that carcinogen enters into the body, which alters the cellular DNA and remains dormant in the body for a certain period, until it is activated by promoting agent.
  2. Promotion: In this phase, the carcinogen which entered, it starts multiplying in the body.
  3. Progression: It is the last phase, where the formation of tumors takes place and started spreading to other tissues and organs in the body.

Classification of Cancer.

Nutrition for Cancer
Difference between normal cell and cancer cell

Cancer can be classified into four major groups. which are:

Types               Tissues or cell of origin

Carcinoma        Endoderm or ectoderm

Sarcoma           Mesoderm

Leukemia         White blood cell

Lymphoma       Monocyte, macrophage

Risk Factor of Cancer.

Different types of cancer have different risk factors. But two important risk factor of cancer are heredity and environmental factors. Let’s see how :


Families those have case history of cancer have higher tendency to develop cancer as the genes are already mutated in their genome. Breast, ovarian and colon cancer are the most familiar one.

Environmental Factors of Cancer.

  1. Ionizing Radiation: Radiations like x-rays, gamma rays even ultraviolet rays can cause cancer by rupturing DNA strands.
  2. Chemical Substances: Chemical substances which can cause mutations are called carcinogens. Benzene and asbestos are appraised as carcinogens.
  3. Dietary Factors: Foods can cause cancer either by direct carcinogen or by carcinogen may produce by cooking. Let’s see how foods cause cancer:
Nutrition for Cancer

Symptoms of Cancer.

Cancer have different types of symptoms, like fever, loss of appetite, fatigue or malaise.

7 danger signs of cancer.

  1. Sore that did not heal.
  2. Change of color in mole.
  3. Chronic indigestion of swallowing difficulty.
  4. Lump or thickening in the breast or any part of the body.
  5. Abnormal bleeding or any discharge from any body parts.
  6. Changed in normal bowel habits.
  7. Hoarseness of voice persistent.

Nutrition for Cancer Patients Guidelines.

Weight loss is often seen at the time of diagnosed and severe malnutrition is seen in the later stages which may cause death. Without adequate energy and nutrients body cannot maintain immune defences.

So, the objective of nutritional therapy, is to meet the requirement of the metabolic demand, by which body could fight against it.

The primary goal of nutrition care for clients who have cancer is:


Health Benefits of Brown Rice
Brown Rice

To prevent excessive weight loss as well as meet the metabolic demands, the total energy need to be increased in the diet.

For a normal adult patient having good nutritional status the requirement is 2000kcal, whereas for a malnourished patient the energy requirement increase 3000-4000kcal depending upon the degree of malnutrition and body trauma.

Patient who is undergoing cancer therapy and have diabetes, for them hyperglycemia need to be monitored.

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Essential protein should be added for tissue regeneration, healing and restoration. Mix of branched chain amino acids can decrease protein catabolism in cancer patients. About 80-100g of protein is required for an adult patient with good nutritional status, but for malnourished patient the requirement is higher to replenish tissues and for positive nitrogen balance.

Vitamins and Minerals. 


Ideal intake of vitamins and minerals should be taken. Dietary supplements must be added for improving nutritional status. It has been examined that vitamin D (400-800IU) helps to protect from several types of cancer including breast cancer too.



Fluids are increased to repay the loss from the gastrointestinal problems and also from any other loss caused by the infections and fever.

A sufficient amount of fluid intake is necessary, so that it can help kidneys to purify the waste products coming out from destroyed cancer cells and drugs.

Increase in fluid intake also helps to protect urinary tract from inflammation and irritated.

quinoa pic

Nutrition Plate

IV Nutrition for Cancer Patients. 

Cancer patients need high doses of nutrients that reach organs, tissues and cells immediately. Intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy directly transports vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients to the blood stream for immediate absorption and efficacy.
This distribution system is particularly important for cancer patients as treatment maintains the possibility of dehydration in patients. Deficiency in electrolytes and bodily fluid can seriously affect cells. Therefore, such delivery through nerves is paramount for hydration and absorption of nutrients.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What are the connections or relationship between nutrition and cancer?

The World Cancer Research Fund exposed that approximately 20% of cancers causes obesity and poor nutrition. Poor diet leads to obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and chronic inflammation, in future stage it convert into cancer.

2. How do I stop cancer cells from growing in my body?

Here are 11 natural way by which you can easily stop the formation of cancer cells in your body, such as;
Eat plenty of fruits.
Prefer leafy vegetables.
Eat fruits.
Whole grains.
Avoid obesity.
Regular exercise.
Practice yoga or pranayama.
Keep active.
Avoid alcohol.
Quit smoking.

3. Which food can kill cancer cells?

Top 12 Foods that have anti-cancer agents are,
Brussels sprouts.
Graviola pulp extracts.
Oranges, berries.
Bell peppers.
Dark leafy greens etc.

4. What are the cancer causing food?

Here are the list of 15 foods which causing cancer,
Processed meats.
Hot Dogs.
Beef jerky.
Preservative food.
Microwave Popcorn.
Diet coke and Drinks.
Farmed Salmon.
Refined white flours.
Refined sugars
Ham etc.

Bottom Line.

Therefore, we would like to conclude that change in lifestyle can help to prevent cancer, such as maintain a healthy body weight, reduce fat intake specially from animal sources, consume diet containing plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables

However, including of some physical activity along with the above mentioned nutrition for cancer can change your life. Last but not the least avoiding smoke and reduce consumption of alcohol. In such way we can effectively fight against the cancer. 

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