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Central Rock Gym- A Perfect Place to Get Fit and Have Fun

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Central Rock Gym offers state of the art facilities in the heart of downtown Bozeman, Montana. Whether you are an experienced climber or just curious about the sport, Central Rock Gym has the indoor rock climbing, personal training, group classes and events that fit your needs and budget. Come out to Central Rock Gym today.

Where is Central Rock Gym Located?

It located in the heart of Boston at 10 Newbury Street. Their facility is home to over 16,000 sq ft of climbing walls, fitness equipment, bouldering cave, boulder garden, and more. They offer public tours Saturdays at noon on the hour from 12pm-2pm.

Different branches of Central Rock Gym.

In addition to the Albany location, Central Rock has three other branches: Brooklyn, Boston, and Philadelphia. This allows you to have a world class indoor rock climbing experience close by no matter where you are.

Every branch offers a full range of fitness services in an environment that welcomes climbers of all levels. They also offer classes for both kids and adults, so make sure to check out their schedule when you come into any of their locations. Some other branches of Central Rock Gym is as under :-

  • Central rock gym Watertown.
  • Central rock gym Glastonbury.
  • Central rock gym Buffalo.
  • Central rock gym Hadley.
  • Central rock gym Cambridge.
  • Central rock gym Rochester.
  • Central rock gym Syracuse.
  • Central rock gym Worcester.
  • Central rock gym Stoneham.
  • Central rock gym Boston.
  • Central rock gym Manhattan.

Why should you join Central Rock Gym?

There are many reasons why you should join Central Rock Gym.

First, it’s a great workout. If you’re looking for a fun way to get in shape and meet new people, this is the place for you. There are tons of fitness classes offered here so there’s something for everyone.

Second, Central Rock Gym has awesome facilities. The climbing area is fully air conditioned with lots of natural light from the beautiful windows on two sides of the room which will make your climb that much more enjoyable.

What can you do there?

Whether you’re a novice climber or a seasoned veteran, Central Rock Climbing gym has something for everyone. The routes are set by skilled route setters to be challenging yet achievable so that climbers of any skill level can improve their skills.

If you’re new to the sport, their staff will teach you the ropes. They offer courses on every aspect of climbing including belaying, lead climbing, bouldering, etc., so no matter what your interests are they have got something for you.

For those looking for something more than just climbing there’s plenty of other things to do at Central Rock gym such as yoga classes and fitness classes like TRX suspension training and indoor cycling or weight lifting.

Can children climb at this gym?

At Central Rock, they offer a variety of classes for children of all ages. They have Intro to Climbing classes that are designed for kids as young as 4 years old. These one hour sessions are held on Saturdays from 11:00am – 12:00pm.

All participants receive a t-shirt with their class name on it (to help them get used to wearing shirts at the gym), they will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Additionally, they offer classes every Saturday morning from 10:30am – 11:30am called Little Climbn’ Crews. This is parent/kid class that provides more challenging obstacles for kids who are ready for something more than just climbing up the walls during Intro to Climbing courses.

Who are some athletes who climbed here?

The first time I climbed at Central Rock was during my freshman year at Boston University. The team went for a hike in the woods and then we all took a group class. It was an amazing experience.

I loved being high up on the wall, feeling like I was flying as my hands gripped the hold. To this day, it is one of my favorite things to do when I am looking for a way to get out of town but don’t want to spend too much money or take too much time off from work.

How much does it cost to join Central Rock Gym?

The first step in joining Central Rock is signing up for a membership. This can be done online or in person at any of their locations. Day passes are also available so you can try it out before committing to a membership. They offer three different types of memberships the member, partner, and family membership.

There are two prices for each type of membership: one that includes all access to the gym on weekdays (9am-11pm) and one that excludes all access on weekdays (9am-7pm).

For example, the family membership with all access costs $149/month whereas the family with no weekday access costs $119/month.

Prices vary depending on your choice of weekday hours. Memberships with more than 5 days a month cost more per day.

Out of these, which would be most convenient?

All Central Rock gyms have 24 hour keycard access so they’re all open around the clock as long as there’s staff working. They’re also close to public transit and biking paths if you don’t want to drive.

The cost varies based on location but expect between $30-$35 per month for day passes or around $10-$15 for kids under 18 months old.

With plenty of options in Boston, Somerville, Quincy, Waltham, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and even Montreal-Central Rock has what you need.

Is there an annual membership fee in Central Rock Gym?

At Central Rock, they offer a variety of membership options for climbers of all ages. Whether you’re just getting started or have been climbing for years, there’s a plan for you.

*Day Pass: $19/day.

*7 Day Membership: $99 (Unlimited access).

*Monthly Membership: $79/month (Unlimited access).

*Annual Membership: $699 (Unlimited access).

All memberships include access to the entire facility including top rope, lead climbing, bouldering, fitness classes and more, with the exception of special events.

Members also get discounted rates on all gear purchases in their shop as well as 20% off all regularly priced items.

Is there extra costs if you want to rent gear?

They have all the gear you need to get started in their retail store, including rentals. If you’re just looking for shoes or a chalk bag, they have got those too. They also offer climbing classes so you can learn how to rock climb the right way.

And if that’s not enough, they offer memberships at a reasonable monthly price which will include access to their gyms as well as discounts on retail items and events.

What’s included when I first sign up?

Signing up for a monthly membership at Central Rock Gyms is easy. All you have to do is show up, sign a waiver, and show your photo ID. You will be issued a member number (which you should write down) and then you are set for the month.

With your membership, you get access to all of their climbing areas including: bouldering, lead climbing, top rope climbing, auto belays and sport routes. You also get access to their fitness area with yoga classes every day of the week as well as spin classes on Saturdays.

The most exciting part about joining Central Rock Gyms is that it provides such an inclusive environment that everyone feels welcome – no matter what skill level or experience with rock climbing they have.

What’s the difference between bouldering and leading climbing walls?

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that’s done without ropes or harnesses. It can be done either on boulders or artificial walls with steep, rough surfaces. The routes are typically shorter than those of traditional rock climbing, but the height of the climb can range from 6 inches (15 cm) to nearly 30 feet (9 m).

Bouldering has become popular because it offers the same adrenaline rush as traditional rock climbing, with much less risk. It’s also a great workout: your hands and arms get a thorough workout while your legs and core work hard to keep you steady.

What do I Wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable, tight fitting clothes made of cotton, not synthetic materials.

What Shoes Should I Wear?

Barefoot or low-heeled tennis shoes will suffice; if you have to wear sneakers we recommend ones with rubber soles for better grip on the rocks.

How do I get to know what level my child is?

Their staff can help assess any climbers ability levels before they begin their session.

How many routes can be climbed at once on each type of wall?

There are many different types of climbing walls in a rock gym, but the two most common types are overhangs and vertical walls.

Overhangs are more difficult than vertical walls because they require more arm strength. For this reason, a rock gym might have four or five routes on an overhang wall but only one route on a vertical wall.

This allows those who cannot yet climb the harder routes to still enjoy the activity with fewer restrictions.

Another consideration for how many routes can be climbed at once is the number of people at the rock gym. Some gyms limit how many people can climb at once in order to conserve safety and make sure everyone has space in between each other so that no one is waiting too long for their turn on the wall.

Do I need any previous experience or special training for lead climbing walls/bouldering walls?

One of the great things about bouldering is that it’s a sport that anyone can do. Unlike some other sports, such as snowboarding or surfing, you don’t need any special equipment or have to have previous experience.

All you need is a safe place where you can climb up a wall with no ropes or harnesses. Many people choose to boulder outside on natural terrain, like at Central Rock Gym, but it can be done anywhere.

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