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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Regular Cycling

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Deteriorating lifestyle is causing obesity as well as a variety of health problems. In order to prevent these problems, some kind of activity is necessary to keep the body healthy. Cycling can prove to be an excellent activity. Cycling is an effective activity to keep your body active and fit. However, it is also considered to be a kind of exercise, but unfortunately majority of people unware about the health benefits of cycling. That is why today we will explain about the right time to cycling and it health benefits.

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Regular Cycling.

  1. Help In Weight Management.
  2. Reduce The Risk of Cancer.
  3. Reduce The Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
  4. Improve Heart Health.
  5. Reduce Stress.
  6. Strengthen Muscles.
  7. Help to Prevent Arthritis.

1. Help In Weight Management.

Weight Management

If one is looking for weight management or weight loss measures, then cycling it the best tool. According to the studies, it is proved that regular cycling is the effective way to burn calorie (1), which can help in weight loss. According to the another research, you can reduce excessive weight by 12 per cent with the help of cycling up to about 5km. The women involved in this research were asked to walk, cycling and swimming for 60 minutes per day. It was found to be effective for weight loss through walking and cycling process (2). Just keep in mind that cycling as well as balanced diet both are essential to reduce weight.

2. Reduce The Risk of Cancer. 

cancer cells
Cancer Cells

This information may surprise a little that cycling can reduce the risk of cancer. According to research conducted on some Chinese women and men, people who had cycled for 2 hours a day saw a lower risk of stomach cancer by about 50 per cent than those who cycled for 30 minutes a day.

According to another study, activities like cycling can prevent the risk of breast cancer. As per this research, the risk of breast cancer was found to be 10 per cent lower in women who exercise like walking and cycling(3). On this basis, it can be assumed that cycling can help to reduce the risk of cancer to some extent. At the same time, keep in mind that cancer is a deadly disease. If someone suffers from it, he must consult with the doctor for the treatment.

yoga gif
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3. Reduce The Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

diabetes insulin

It is consider as one of the major health benefits of cycling that it can help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. According to research published on the NCBI site, adults who regularly perform activities like cycling have seen a significantly lower risk of having type 2 diabetes than other adults (4).

At the same time, some women suffering from obesity were found to have a record of rapidly reducing insulin levels in their bodies by cycling for 45 minutes every day for 6 weeks (5).

4. Improve Heart Health.


During cycling, the heartbeat becomes faster, which is an exercise for the heart. According to studies, activities like cycling can reduce cardiovascular risk of heart and blood vessels. The research in this regard included middle-aged men. Research found that the people who have heart problems participate in an activity like cycling works better than those who do not participate(6). Which shows that cycling is an effective exercise for a healthy heart.

5. Reduce Stress.

Stress-Management Health Benefits of Regular Cycling

Cycling is a kind of aerobic exercise. Also, existing studies shows that exercising can improve mental health. The activities of aerobic exercise can be special for overall of your health. These activities can improve the flow of blood in the brain by changing the state of mind. That can reduce the response of stress on the hypothalamic pituitary adrenaline (central stress response system). This can help to reduce symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety (7).

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6. Strengthen Muscles.

muscle Health Benefits of Regular Cycling

Paddling is done with the help of feet during cycling. In the meantime, its also engage your body from top to bottom. This can strengthen the muscles of foot and the lower and the upper part of the body. It can also increase the amount of oxygen in the body (8). In this regular cycling can strengthen the muscles of the body.

nutri 1

7. Help To Prevent Arthritis.

knee Health Benefits of Regular Cycling

Regular cycling can reduce and prevent the symptoms of osteoarthritis (inflammation in the joints). According to research published on the NCBI site, people who performed activities like cycling for 25 minutes for 8 weeks saw effective decrease in the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Because cycling improve muscle contraction, strength and ability to function (9).

Let’s say cycling comes under aerobic exercise. While doing activities like aerobic, the joints have minimal emphasis. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, aerobic activities can be carried out for 30 to 75 minutes to reduce mild joint pain. It can also include cycling, brisk walking or swimming. (10)

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Right Time To Do Cycling.

However, cycling can be done whenever a proper time is found. According to a study, cycling can be more beneficial in the morning, as cycling consumes more energy in the morning than in the evening. (11) On this basis, the morning time can be considered suitable for the cycling.

Who Should Avoid Cycling?

However, cycling is considered safe for adults from children. However, in view of the safety of health, the following people should not run bicycles.

fit 1
  • Young children should not be cycling. Even if the child is older than 5 years old, let him cycle under the supervision of the parents.
  • Even the elderly with knee problems should not run bicycles, as cycling can increase the problem of knees. Therefore, consult a doctor once before cycling.
  • As more energy is to be used for cycling, the breathing rate also starts to increase. Asthma patients should avoid cycling. This can lead to more breathing problems. It would be better to run a bicycle on the advice of a doctor with asthma patients (12).
  • While cycling can reduce the risks associated with heart attacks and strokes, those who have epileptic seizures should not be cycling without a doctor’s advice. Epileptic attacks during cycling can cause serious injury to them and those around them (13).
  • It is advisable not to do any physical exercise when there is mental fatigue. (14) While cycling, it consume more energy as well as it put more emphasis on muscles, so you may feel very tired. That is why, even in such a situation, it may be better to stay away from cycling.
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Side Effects of Cycling.

Apart from the health benefits of cycling, there are also have some side effects. The disadvantages of cycling are as follows;

Weight Loss.

As mentioned above, cycling is an effective exercise for weight loss, as it can help to burn calories. On this basis, those who need to increase weight should avoid cycling.

Breathing Rate May Increase.

According to an NCBI report, people those are cycling can have a higher breathing rate (15) than those who driving a car. It can be detrimental to people suffering from respiratory problems.

The Likeness of The Accident May Increase.

Due to increasing air pollution, more fog can be observed at some places in the morning. For this reason, there may also be an apprehension of road accidents with cyclists in such places.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is good cycling or walking?

When it comes to calorie burn, more calories can be burned by cycling than walking. If one is not contemplating weight gain and there is no serious health problem, the option of cycling instead of walking can be more beneficial.

health gif

2. Does cycling reduce the stomach?

The article explains in the above that cycling can help to reduce weight. On this basis, it can be assumed that it can also be helpful in reducing the stomach to some extent.

3. How long should the bicycle run?

Cycling is advisable for about 20 to 30 minutes for better health benefits. You can also do more or less according to your goal and distance. You can also consult to your physician for more information.

Bottom Line.

There are many health benefits of regular cycling. If the necessary precautions related to cycling are taken care of, the loss of cycling can be avoided. If you are considering cycling for health benefits, we would suggest that do not run bicycles in crowded places. Also, take full care of your safety. In addition, you can also get the health benefits of cycling through cycling machines in the gym.

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