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What is Arthritis: Types, Causes and Prevention

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The problem of arthritis are seen in lots of people. According to a report about 54 million of people are suffering from arthritis in all over the world and the disease is more likely to be seen in women than men.(1) So let us look out Prevention of Arthritis.

This statement is enough to make clear regarding the condition of arthritis and that is why, it is necessary that people should be given more and more awareness about the disease. So that, they can get better treatment. If you also want to get the necessary information of arthritis, prevention of arthritis, you must read this article, as we have tried to give you full information about this problem in it.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a disease that leads to inflammation with pain in the joints. This situation is very distressing for any person because he has to undergo unbearable pain. However, in spite of that, it is a matter of relief, that if it is treated at the right time, then anybody can get rid of it.

Types of Arthritis.

It consists mainly of 2 types, which are;


This is the major symptom of arthritis and can be identify by the pain on the cartilage of the joints. In the event of osteoarthritis, cartilage is either broken or stretched, thus cause difficulties in walking.

Rheumatoid Arthritis.

This is another type. It occurs in the people who belong to the age group of 40 to 50 years old. In the event of rheumatoid arthritis, the immunity of a person gets weakened.

Footnote. There are mainly two types of arthritis i.e. osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. It mainly occurs at the age of 40-50 years.
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Symptoms of Arthritis.

Similar like any other disease, arthritis also have some symptoms, indicating its onset. So, if a person has these 5 symptoms, he should immediately contact the doctor-

Joint Pain.
knee Prevention of Arthritis

This is a major symptom in which the person suffer from joint pain. However, this problem can be cured by regular massage or exercise, but if it is incurable for a long time, it can prove to be dangerous for anyone.

Stiffness In Joints.

Often, it is also observed that the joints of the knees become stiff. This make several complications in day to day life.

Swelling In The Knees.

If a person suddenly observe swelling in the knees, he should not be avoid and must be consult to the doctor immediately.

Difficulty In Walking.

This is another symptom in which a person feel complication to walk. This situation is very distressing for any person, in the meantime, one must needs support from another person to walk.

Redness Of The Skin.

This is another sign of arthritis, the skin of the knee joints becomes red.

Footnote. Out of several indications, 5 major symptoms are joint pain, stiffness in joints, swelling of knees, difficulty to walk and redness of the skin of knee joints.

Causes of Arthritis.

Arthritis can occur to anyone and it can occur due to the following reasons;

Joint Injury.

It is more likely to occur in people whose knee joint gets hurt or injured accidentally. Therefore, if anyone suffering from joint pain at the injured area, then you should not ignore and must examined immediately.

Genetics Cause.

Some diseases are genetics, which spread to family members from generation to generation. Thereby, it can also happened due to genetic factors.

Calcium Deficiency.

The human body needs all kinds of nutrients as they play an important role to keep the body healthy and fit. From all those nutrients calcium is one of the important nutrient as its main task is to strengthen the bones. So, if a person face lack of calcium for prolong time, then he may face a lot of diseases, including arthritis.

Side Effects of Medicine.

Medicines that used to treat diseases have some side effects. Even though it helps us to recover, but there are some side effects of these medicines. This can increase the likelihood of many serious diseases like arthritis.

Immunity Power.

The weakening of immunity power is also the main cause of this problem. Therefore, it is good for all, to exercise regularly so that their immunity is strengthened.

Footnote. Arthritis can cause due to many factors. But foremost factors can be the joint injury, genetics, calcium deficiency and side effects of medicine etc. It has proved that arthritis weakens the immune system to greater extent. Therefore, regular exercise or yoga is compulsory in order to strengthen the immune system.

Treatment of Arthritis.

In general, arthritis is a complicated disease but it is possible to treat arthritis like any other disease, which could be done in 5 ways;

  1. Taking medicine – This is the easiest way to cure this disease.
  2. Physiotherapy – Sometimes this problem can also be treated by physiotherapy. It helps a lot to heal muscles of the body as well as the pain.
  3. Yoga – It can also prove to be an effective remedy in the treatment of this. Yoga like Trikonasan, Virasana, Gomukhasan has been proved effective in arthritis.
  4. X-ray– Sometimes doctors treat this problem even through X-rays. By this, they treated with an internal picture of the body and arthritis.
  5. Knee operation– When arthritis is not treated in any manner, then doctors operate the knees.
Footnote. Arthritis are incurable. But can be partially curable through medicines, yoga and regular exercise etc.
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Risks of Arthritis.

There is a general perception that if we do not treat a disease at the right time, it can take a lethal form, after some time. This also applies to this pain, because if it remains incurable for a long time, the person may face the following risks;

Deterioration of Joints.

This is the main risk of arthritis, in which the pairs of the knees are damaged. The only way to fix this problem is knee replacement surgery.

Eye Problems.

It have been found in some cases that people suffering from this problem complain of eye problems, such as reduce the eye sight. If these problem are not treated in time, it can lead to blindness.

Pain In The Neck.

Arthritis also causes pain in other body parts like neck and hand etc. Often, painkillers relieve such pain, but if it remains the same for a long time, then the victims may need medical help to get rid of it.


It also affects the immunity of the human body and considerably weaken it. In such cases, the likelihood of infection increases significantly.

Chest Pain.

People suffering from this often complain of chest pain. So, in such a case you must consult with your doctor for an appropriate medication.

FootnoteSince it is incurable and if not treated on time, it can be risky for the patient. It has several risk factors like chest pain, eye problems, damage of joints and weaken of immune system etc.
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Prevention of Arthritis.

Arthritis are growing in alarming rate. Arthritis patients often think how to prevent arthritis?

So, if a person wants to prevent then they can follow these 5 prevention of arthritis;

Nutritious Food for Prevention of Arthritis.

The most effective way in prevention of arthritis is taking nutritious food. Arthritis is also caused by calcium deficient in the body. That is why it is mandatory to consume nutritious food, including calcium and protein etc.

Maintain An Ideal Body Weight.

Weight plays a very crucial role for lifestyle diseases. Gaining excessive weight can lead to many serious health problems including arthritis. Therefore, maintaining an ideal weight with an normal BMI is mandatory.

Exercise Prevention of Arthritis.

If a person does not engage with any physical activity, he is much more likely to have diseases. That is why all people should exercise regularly so that they remain healthy and fit.

Drinking Enough Water.

Like other nutrients, consumption of adequate amount of water is also necessary.  Having adequate amount of water prevent dehydration also prevent many disease.

Regular Health Check Up. 

It is the most important thing that all people should follow a routine checkup. A monthly examination of the health would help to ensure that you are fully healthy or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is it possible to treat arthritis?

Yes, it is possible to treat arthritis, which can be done through domestic prescriptions, medicines, exercises and operations etc. However, maintaining a healthy habit along with balanced diet prevent the cause of arthritis.

2. What kind of food should not be used in arthritis?

Since arthritis is related to bone, people should not consume cold things like yogurt and sour cheeses etc. As such foodstuffs may increase the complications. Apart from that you should avoid alcohol and smoking for a healthy life.

3. Can you eat banana in arthritis?

No, eating bananas in arthritis can prove to be harmful for you. It can weaken the bones as well as increase the level of seriousness of it.

4. What are the earliest signs of arthritis?

Early signs of Arthritis include stiffness in the joints, swelling of joints, redness of the knee spot and joint pain etc.

5. Can Arthritis cause cancer?

Yes, arthritis can causes cancer. However, timely treatment can prevent this condition. It generally cause due to prolong health complications. If it is not treated, it can spoil the bone, which increases the likelihood of tumors to a great extent.

6. What could be the result of incurable stay of arthritis?

Incurable stay of Arthritis can result in several dangerous effects on the body. The victims may face risks of joint failure, infection, chest pain and deterioration of other body parts etc.

7. Can a person die from arthritis?

However, arthritis is a very dangerous disease, which can cause a lot of problems to people. Nevertheless, it have very low chance to die due to this.

8. Is arrowroot powder good for arthritis pain?

Arrowroot have contain high potassium. It is effective in stomach pain, IBS, painful gums other stomach and intestinal disorders. However, no clinical evidence have still found that, is it effective for arthritis pain or not.

9. Is it okay to take combiflam tablet for rheumatoid arthritis pain?

Combiflam tablet is made with two pain killers. It is effective to reduce pain, fever, inflammation, headache, muscle pain, toothache and joint pain etc. It can give you temporary relief from rheumatoid arthritis pain. But, it is suggested to take advice from the doctor before consumption. As it may cause other side effects.

Bottom Line.

Arthritis is one of major problem that is found in the joints with the growing age. It is incurable and may be cure partially. Therefore, for prevention of arthritis, a proper management along with care should be needed.

However, each year “October 12” is celebrated as the “World Arthritis Day” to raise the awareness among the people regarding arthritis. But, it is quite disappointing that a lot of people are deprived of the necessary knowledge of arthritis and that is why they are easily subjected to it.

Thus, we hope that it will be useful for you to read this article. as in it we have tried to provide the necessary information related to arthritis.

+1 Source

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