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Parkinson’s Disease: Causes, Stages and Treatment

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Parkinson’s disease can be a new name for a lot of people, due to which they are unable to identify its symptoms, thereby it becomes difficult for them to get treatment. According to a report published in India Today, the number of Parkinson’s patients is about 6.2 million, out of which 117,400 people die.(1)

These figures are enough to make the magnitude of this disease, despite which it is a matter of great misfortune that people lack awareness of Parkinson’s disease. If you don’t even know about Parkinson’s disease, you must read this article because it contains all the information about this disease.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease refers to a mental illness that causes difficulty in walking, balance and coordination etc. It is like a common disease, which takes a serious form after some time.

Parkinson’s Disease ICD 10. 

The diagnosis code for parkinson’s disease ICD 10 is G20.

When was Parkinson Disease Discovered?

Parkinson disease was first discovered in 1817 by James Parkinson and the disease described as neurological syndrome.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Symptoms or signs of this disease may vary in different people. Often, these symptoms appear on one side of the body, which spoils that part.

Nevertheless, studies on Parkinson’s disease make it clear that people who have these 5 symptoms in their bodies should immediately meet the doctor to check their health, as that can be the signs of Parkinson’s disease. The main symptom of this disease is shaking in the body. It begins with a small part of the body such as finger and hand etc., which spreads throughout the body after some time.

Weakening The Efficiency.

If a person’s working capacity has suddenly decreased, he should be informed to his doctor as it can be a symptom of this disease.

Muscle Stiffness.

The other symptom of this disease is muscle stiffness. In such a situation, medical assistance is required, so that it can be controlled in right time.

Trouble In Talking.

If a person is facing difficulties in talking, he should immediately prefer a medical check-up, because it can be a sign of Parkinson’s disease.

Difficulty In Writing.

In this disease you may face difficulty in writing. So, you must consult a specialist in this situation.

Footnote. There can be many symptoms of this disease but the main symptoms starts with shaking of body parts one by one. Gradually symptoms like muscle stiffness, difficulties in talking and many more symptoms are seen.
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Causes of Parkinson’s Disease.

However, the exact cause of this disease has not yet been detected. Scientists have envisaged the causes of Parkinson’s disease as per their understanding. Their studies on this disease can conclude that it can be caused mainly for the following reasons;

Genetic Causes.

The main cause of Parkinson’s disease is genetic. If your parents have the same disease then you may also face the same problem. However, one should take special care of the health, so that individual can take preventive measures.

Exposure to Viruses.

Often, this disease can also be caused by exposure to viruses. However, it can be treated with antibiotics, but people should still take special care of their health.

Suppressed of Vein.

If the vein of the brain is buried, individual is more likely to have a Parkinson’s disease. Such people should start their treatment at the earliest, so that they are not likely to have Parkinson’s disease.

Head Injury.

A person who face any kind of head injury in past, he or she is more prone to this disease. Such people should not be negligent because it can prove to be fatal.


Environmental effect is also a main reason of this disease. If a person lives in an environment of pollution and chemical etc., then he or she is likely to have serious diseases like Parkinson’s disease.

Footnote. Parkinson’s Disease can be cause due to many factors like virus exposure, brain vein and head injury etc.
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What are the Five Stages of Parkinson’s Disease?

This disease can reach from normal to severe. However, it can be divided at five level.

The First Level.

At the first level the symptoms of this disease are not visible. For such a reason, it is difficult for any person to understand either the patient is affected with Parkinson’s disease or not.

Second Level.

At this level the body parts begin to shake.

Third Level.

At this stage, the symptoms of this disease begin to appear. In addition, the victims face other problems like lack of griping the glass or a cup of tea etc.

Fourth Level.

In this level you may face difficult to walk or stand. In this situation, people need some support to stand up or walk.

The Final or Fifth Level.

The final level of Parkinson’s disease affects the mental capacity of the victims. In this situation, people face problems like weakening of memory and also may face lack of decision making etc.

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If a person is suspected with this disease, doctor can confirm through the following manners;

Health History.

The easiest way to identify this disease is to check health history. Doctor will try to find out if a person have past medical history which can cause Parkinson’s disease.

CT Scan.

Often, doctors also identify this disease through CT scan. In this test, a picture of the inner part of the human body is taken and it is ascertained to what extent the disease has reached.


In addition to CT scan, it is also identified through MRI. The internal part of the brain is examined and it is ascertained how much it affected the brain.

Dopamine Transporter (D.A.T.).

At present, a test called Dopamine Transporter (D.A.T.) is also prove to be very popular method. However, this test does not accurately identify Parkinson’s disease, but despite of this, it indicates the brain problems.

Footnote. This disease is diagnosed by examining the health history, CT scan, M.R.I and dopamine transporter.
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Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Guidelines.

As soon as a person is aware that he or she is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, individual should immediately consult with the doctor for the treatment. However, treatment of Parkinson’s disease can be done by the following 5 ways;

Changing Lifestyles.

The easiest way to treat this disease is to change lifestyle. For this you must prefer healthy food, exercise, maintaining balanced weight etc. which can prove to be effective measures.


It can also helpful in the treatment of this disease, besides changing lifestyles. The medicines given by the doctor help to open the blocked veins of the brain, so that this disease can eliminated.

Taking Therapy.

In addition to taking medicines, this disease can also be cured by therapy. Such therapy works to relax the nerves of the brain and to improved blood flow in the brain.


Often, doctors also recommend some exercise to people those are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. These exercises help to heal this disease.

Deep Brain Stimulation.

When people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and does not get relief from the above mentioned ways, doctor advise him to undergo surgery. In this case deep brain stimulation is carried out in which electrodes are applied to the part of the brain. The nerves of the brain are calmed down by connecting these electrodes to the generator.

Footnote. To treat this disease some ways need to be follow like changing lifestyle, taking medicine, therapy and exercise etc.
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Side Effects.

Usually, Parkinson’s disease is considered to be an incurable disease, causing a lot of problems to the people suffering from it.

That is why people suffering from this mental illness should be treated in right time, so that they do not have to contend with the following side-effects;

Difficulty In Speaking.

The major side effects of this disease is difficulty to speak. However, this is a symptom, but it can aggravate due to lack of treatment at the right time.

Difficulty In Swallowing or Chewing.

People suffering from this disease also have difficulty in eating after some time. In such a situation, individual has to face a lot of difficulty in swallowing or chewing.

Suffering From Stress.

Since this is a mental illness, it also causes other mental problems. Stress is the most common problem that almost all Parkinson patients have to face.

Decreased Libido.

Often, it has been observed that the libido of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease decreases considerably. It affects their lives, which increases their relationship.

Lack of Sleep.

Patients also complain regarding lack of sleep. For this, they need medical help, which may take a long time to recover.

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How To Prevent Parkinson’s Disease?

However, this disease is seen in a lot of people, which also causes them to face a lot of difficulties. Nevertheless, the relief is that, if a person adheres these 5 things, he can easily prevent this disease;

Avoid Pesticide.

This disease can also caused through chemical-rich environment. That is why we should always stay away from chemicals like pesticides, so that they do not adversely affect our health.

Fresh Vegetables.

Our diet has a direct bearing on our health, so we should all pay special attention to our diet. Eating fresh vegetables can be a better option for the prevention of Parkinson’s disease.

Green Tea.

Often, the doctor is advised to drink green tea, as it has a very low amount of caffeine and good for your overall health.


Regular exercise help to as well as it also boost your metabolism and prevent several hazardous health disease.

Regular Health Check-Ups.

This is the most useful measure that all of us should follow. We must all prefer regular health check-ups from time to time, so that we can find out any health complications in right time.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can Parkinson’s disease be identified by a test?

Yes, Parkinson’s disease can be identified through some tests like MRI and CT scan etc.

2. How can Parkinson’s disease be treated?

However, no proper treatment for Parkinson’s disease has been found yet, but in spite of that, there are a number of ways through which it can be controlled like proper medications, exercise and lifestyle changes etc., can prove an effective measures.

3. What is the life expectancy of someone with Parkinson’s Disease?

A person suffering from Parkinson’s disease has a smaller life than healthy people. Nevertheless, studies on the disease have found that the victim can live for 10-20 years after the Parkinson’s disease is identified.

4. How does Parkinson’s disease begin?

Parkinson’s disease is mainly caused by the vein of the brain or the elimination. If it is not treated at the right time, it can take a serious form after some time.

5. How fast does Parkinson’s disease grow?

Parkinson’s disease spreads very quickly. It spreads from the small part of the body to the whole body, which becomes difficult to control.

6. What kind of food should avoid in Parkinson’s disease?

A person suffering from Parkinson’s disease should take special care of the diet. People suffering from this should refrain from sugar, caffeine and fast food etc., as it can spoil their health.

7. What is the best exercise to cure Parkinson’s disease?

Yoga and limbs etc. can be performed for Parkinson’s disease. These exercises can prove to be helpful for this disease.

8. What can mimic parkinson’s disease?

Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is one of the disease that can mimic parkinson’s disease.

Bottom Line.

However, the number of patients of Parkinson’s disease has been increasing considerably, causing misconceptions about the disease in the people. For this reason, it is imperative that people must aware about the Parkinson’s disease, so that they can get rid of it.

Thus, we hope that it must have been useful for you to read this article, as it has given the necessary associated with this disease.

If you or someone in your life is suffering from Parkinson’s disease start treatment at the earliest, so that individual can live a better and healthy life.

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Freaktofit has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, educational research institutes, and medical organizations. We avoid using tertiary references. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and up-to-date by reading our editorial policy.

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