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Constipation : Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Home Remedies

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A lot of people are suffering from constipation. However, they adopt different kind of methods to treat it, which are temporary. Therefore, people are compelled to think whether they will ever get rid of constipation or not. So, today we will tell you about Home Remedies For Constipation.

Usually, most of the people are ignore it, because in their eyes it is a common problem that does not need to be given much attention. While there are some people who are looking for better treatments, so that they can get rid of it.

If you are also suffering from this problem, then you must read this article because we are going to give you some necessary information along with home remedies for constipation.

What is Constipation?

Constipation states to a stomach problem in which a individual has face difficulty during excretion. In addition, he also feel a lot of pain at the time of excretion, for which he has to seek medical help. In this situation the stool becomes stiff and dry, which causes pain.

Constipation ICD 10.

The diagnosis code for constipation ICD 10 is K59.00.

Symptoms of Constipation.

If a person has these 5 symptoms, he should start his treatment immediately as these can be the signs of constipation:

Low Stool.

This is the main symptom of constipation. In this situation, the person has to give up 3 times in 1 week and the rest of the time he has to return from the bathroom.

Pressure to do Bowel Movements.

When a person has to put pressure on the bowel movement, he should consult with the doctor. This problem may be a sign of constipation, which requires full treatment.

Feeling Interrupted in the Rectum.

Often, some people feel obstruction in the rectum. Such people should not ignore it, as it can be a symptom of constipation.

The Rectum Should Not be Completely Empty.

If a person feels that his rectum has not been completely emptied, he should immediately talk to the doctor. Since it may also be a sign of constipation, which needs to be treated.

Stiff or Kinky Stools.

Other symptoms of constipation are stiff or kinky stools. People suffering from this should take it seriously and contact the doctor immediately.

Footnote. There are different kind of symptoms in constipation such as low stool, abnormal bowel movements, interruption in rectum and having stiff stools. If anyone face these kind of symptoms, then he/she must visit the doctor immediately.

What Are The Main Causes of Constipation?

The problem of constipation can face by people of any age, which have several causes. Usually, this stomach problem occurs only for the following reasons;

Changes in Food Habits.

The main reason for constipation is to change the food again and again. All of us are accustomed to a particular kind of food, so when we consume different kinds of food, it increases the likelihood of stomach diseases like constipation.

Lack of Water.

Water is compulsory for the body. It protects our body from dehydration as well as provide energy, but when we do not drink enough water, it becomes a cause of a lot of diseases, including constipation.

Large Amount of Dairy Products.

Constipation is more likely in people who consume dairy products in large quantities. Such people should take special care of their health so that they do not have any disease.

Lack of Physical Activities.

If a person avoid physical activities, they become lazy and several kinds of health related problem occurs and constipation is one of them.


We all have choose our own ways to reduce stress. Some people resort to dance, music etc., to reduce stress and on the other hand, some people resort to eat unhealthy food to deal with it. Such problem are remains high in majority kinds of people, as they use unhealthy food to reduce stress, which results in constipation.

Footnote. Constipation can occur due to many reasons. From those the main causes are unhealthy diet, not drinking adequate amount of water, consuming large amount of dairy products, lack of physical activities and stress.
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Diagnosis of Constipation.

However, constipation can cause a lot of problems, but in spite of that, if it is identified in time, it can be treated through medications.

So, it can be identified in these 5 ways:

Examining Medical History.

The easiest way to identify constipation is to check past medical history. This is done so that a person can first find out the problems of the stomach.

Blood Tests.

Constipation can also be identified through blood tests. Here the doctors monitor the activity of the inner part of the body.

Urine Test.

Often, urine tests are also carried out to detect constipation. This test is carried out to find out if the cause of constipation is not the result of urine related problems.

Stool Test.

Since constipation is related to the abdomen, it can also be identified by the stool test. The lump of the stool is detected to ascertain the exact cause of constipation.


Sometimes, doctors also carried out X-Ray to detect constipation. In the meantime, an X-ray of the abdomen is done to monitor its inner position.

Treatment of Constipation.

As soon as a person is diagnosed with constipation, he should start the treatment. By doing so, he can avoid the possible dangers of this problem. Thus, it can be treated in the following manner:


The treatment of constipation is also possible through medicine for eg., bisacodyl, docusate, polyethylene glycol etc. These medicines work to reduce constipation and provide relief to the victims.


Often supplements (fiber rich supplements like psyllium and glucamannan) are also resorted to cure constipation. However, these supplements should be consumed as per the advice of the doctor, as a large amount of supplements can be harmful for your health.

Biofeedback Therapy.

Biofeedback therapy is also used to treat constipation. It tries to fix stomach problems.


When constipation is not treated in any way, doctors resort to surgery. The colon is removed in it, so that the bowel movements can take place correctly.

Footnote. As  soon as the person diagnosed, immediately he/she should consult with the doctor. There are many ways of treatment i.e., taking medicines, supplements, biofeedback therapy and surgery.
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Complications of Constipation.

However, the treatment of constipation is possible and it has been benefited a lot of people. Nevertheless, some people have to contend with a lot of difficulties because they are not fully aware of this problem.

Thus, if a person is suffering from this problem, he may face these 5 risks:

Swelling of the Vein.

The major risk of constipation is swelling of the vein of the anus. This may cause severe pain, for which they may have to use pain killers.

Peeling of the Skin of the Pulp.

Sometimes, the result of constipation also comes in the form of the peeling of the skin of the pulp. In this situation, it is a sensible step to take medical help.


If this problem is not treated for a long time, it can also lead to hemorrhoids. However, it is possible to treat hemorrhoids, if it is identified at the right time.

Lack of Proper Bowel Movements.

People suffering from constipation can face lack of proper bowel movements. In such a situation, they should immediately start proper treatment.

Urinary Problems.

Often, constipation can cause urinary problems including urine track information. Because of this, you may need to start your treatment afresh.

Footnote. Even after  proper treatment are done some complications can be seen like hemorrhoids, urinary problems, improper bowel movements etc.
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Preventive Measures of Constipation.

As explained above, constipation can have a lot of health risks, which can irritate your lifestyle. But, in spite of that, it is possible to prevent constipation like any other disease. Thus, if a person adheres to the following things, he can easily prevent themselves from this problem;

Diet for Constipation.

Since unhealthy food is one of the reasons for constipation. That is why, to prevent this, it can be a better option to change the diet plan and adopt only a healthy diet.

Exercise for Constipation.

If a person perform an exercise in regular basis, his chances of getting sick are very low. This also applies to this problem, so people should make an exercise routine for at least 30 minutes every day, so that they do not have any kind of disease.


As it has been clarified above, constipation can occur to people who drink very little water. Therefore, drinking more water (6-8 glasses per day) can prove to be a useful remedy for the prevention of this problem.

Managing Stress.

There are some cases of constipation in which stress is the main problem. That is why people should try to manage their stress, for which they can take the help of psychologists.

Do Not Stop the Toilet or Bathroom for a Long Time.

It is believed that all of us should go to the toilet every two hours, so that the dirty water can be removed from our body. In addition, we should also go to the bathroom at the right time so that unused materials from our body flush out.

On the contrary, if a person stops toilet or bathroom for a long time, he is likely to have a lot of diseases, including constipation. That is why all of us should go to the toilet time to time.

Drinking hot water in the morning can prove to be a panacea as it helps to prevent stomach problems like constipation.

Footnote. We all know prevention is better than cure. Therefore, to prevent it you must drink plenty of water, eat a healthy balanced diet enrich with fiber, avoid stress, don’t hold urine or stool for long time.
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Home Remedies for Constipation.  

Treating constipation is possible in many ways but do you know that constipation can be cured through some effective home remedies too. Let us know in detail about home remedies for constipation.

Lemon for Constipation.

In constipation, drinking salt mixed with lemonade provides great relief. This is a very popular solution. Citric acid and salt contain sodium chloride in lemon juice. When lemon and salt go inside the body with water, the ability to clean the stomach increases. It works in the same way as cleaning a chemical vessel.

How to Use It?

At first boil the water. When the water becomes slightly lukewarm, squeeze lemon juice in it and add salt as per taste and then drink the solution comfortably. After drinking lemonade, one should walk for about 20 minutes to half an hour. Pressure is formed during the walk and defecation occurs freely.

Papaya for Constipation.

It is known for its medicinal properties. Papaya juice contains an element called papain that serves to digest food. Vitamin B is found in sufficient quantity in it. It also contains anti-oxidant elements which is good for health. This beneficial fruit also helps in detoxing the body.

papaya Home Remedies For Constipation

Papaya has the ability to fight many diseases simultaneously, it is also known as constipation medicine.

Guava for Constipation.

Vitamin C is found in sufficient quantity in guava. Eating guava with black salt strengthened the digestive system. Raw papaya seeds are also beneficial for constipation and it also provides relief from other stomach related diseases.

guava Home Remedies For Constipation

Patients those are suffering from this problem should consume guava on empty stomach in the morning or before eating.

Honey for Constipation.

Honey has been used as a medicine since ancient times due to its medicinal properties. Many benefits of honey have also been reported in Ayurveda. Honey is also used in healing wounds and treating cancer.

honey Home Remedies For Constipation

It contains antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which are useful in curing constipation. It is rich in moisturizing and acts as a lubricant to cleanse the intestines.

How to Use It?

The patient of constipation should eat at least 2 teaspoons of honey on an empty stomach in the morning. In addition, if they wish, they can also drink honey and lemon mixed with lukewarm water. It may also consume with herbal tea.

Raisins for Constipation.

Eating raisins is beneficial for this problem. Raisins may seem small, but the benefits are amazing. In raisins we found antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

raisins Home Remedies For Constipation

Consuming it not only creates blood in the body but also relieves constipation. Regular use of raisins makes the liver strong and it eradicate this problem.

Footnote. Home remedies is the best way before preferring medicine. There are many home remedies to treat constipation such as use of honey, drinking warm lemon water and eating papaya etc.

 Additional Lifestyle Tips for Constipation.

  • Eat sufficient fiber daily.
  • Balance your diet and add some bulking agents in your diet.
  • Avoid getting dehydrated. Drink plenty of water with other kind of fluids that are important for the body.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Avoid excessive medicine.
  • Exercise regularly and be active. It is important to smooth the function of the intestines so that it can return to its normal position.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What are the major causes of constipation?

Constipation can occur for a large number of reasons, including lack of water, suffering from any disease and poor lifestyle etc.

2. Can constipation prove fatal?

However, constipation does not cause much pain, but it can prove to be fatal when it remains incurable for quite a long time. In addition, in some cases, it can prove to be fatal, so the victims should take special care of their health.

3. What can be a sign of constipation?

Constipation can mainly be a sign of stomach disease. This problem can be due to a lot of reasons such as genetic reasons, unhealthy diet or lifestyle etc., which need to be treated at the earliest.

4. How can constipation be cured quickly?

There are several ways through which it can be cured like drinking a large amount of water, nutritious food, exercise and coffee etc. Apart from that yoga, meditation and adopting a healthy diet can also be beneficial for this problem.

5. Can stress cause constipation?

Yes, stress can cause constipation. When stress is more, the intake of food is more abundant, which affects the abdomen.

6.What are some immediate remedies for constipation?

Constipation can be easily treated with the help of several methods like consume lots of fluids and water, coffee, probiotic supplements and exercise. These effective methods will give you instant relief from constipation.

7. What kind of food should you eat when constipation occurs?

People should take special care of their food when constipation occurs. In the meantime, they should use fibre-rich food such as whole grains, apples and kiwi etc.

8. Whether papaya should be eaten raw or cooked for constipation?

Both the papaya in raw or cooked form is beneficial for health. It acts as a lubricant for the intestines, that is why it softens the stool and cleans the stomach. It is recommended to consume papaya before going to the bed, as it is very beneficial for the constipation.

9. Is constipation a sign of cancer?

No, it is not a sign of cancer. However, the symptoms that occur during this may seem severe, such as bleeding from the stool but are cured after some time.

10. Does constipation causes headache?

 Yes, indirectly constipation causes stress in some cases due to stress of being constipated. Also given excess pressure during bowel movement can also cause headaches.

11. Constipation causes back pain?

Due to constipation often intestine swollen which lead to discomfort in both abdomen and back which lead to pain.

12. Which medication causes constipation?

The medications which cause constipation are:

  • Pain relievers or NSAIDs like aspirin, ibuprofen.
  • Medicines for high blood pressure like clonidine, propranolol, methyldopa etc.

Bottom Line.

The problem of constipation is increasing day by day in worldwide. It can be gauged from the fact that about 22% of the people in world are suffering from this problem.

Nevertheless, it is very sad that people have lack of awareness about it, which makes them easily a victim of the disease.

It is imperative that people are given more and more information about constipation so that they can get their treatment properly.

Thus, we hope that it must have been useful for you to read this article on home remedies for constipation and that the information in it will help you and your loved ones to fight or cope with the disease.

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