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Phimosis: Symptoms, Treatment and Preventive Measures

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Phimosis Treatment: Majority of men are unaware of the disease called Phimosis. It is still seen in some males. This is a secret problem of men, which affects their personal life as well as physical and mental health.

Experts believe that if the treatment of phimosis is not done at the right time, it can lead to prostate cancer and in that case, surgery is the only option. Since this disease is related to the secret part of the male, that is why many men avoid talking about it and as a result individual have to face several difficulties. This article will help you to find out the information about the phimosis.

What is Phimosis?

Phimosis refers to a condition in which the upper skin of the penis becomes very stiff and also leads to swelling on that part. Phimosis is a natural thing which found in children, but when it happens to men at the older age, it becomes a matter of concern. In such situation, it is a better option to get treatment immediately because a slight delay can put any man in trouble.

Phimosis ICD 10.

The code for phimosis ICD 10 is N47.1

Symptoms of Phimosis.

Like any other disease, there are also some symptoms of phimosis, which indicate its onset. So, if a male has these 5 symptoms in his body, he should immediately consult with a doctor;

Pain While Urinating.

This is the main symptom of phimosis, in which a man has face a lot of difficulty during urinating. Usually, it is considered to be the cause of urine infection, but sometimes it can be a symptom of phimosis.

Swelling In Penis.

If you find a swollen in penis, you should not ignore it, as it can be a symptom of phimosis. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the doctor about it.

Red Spot On The Penis. 

Sometimes there is a red spot on the penis. That is why, when something like this happens, the individual should consult with the doctor immediately for check up.


If you feel severe pain in the penis and also has irritation while urinating, you must meet the doctor.

Smells of Urine.

This is another symptom of phimosis, in which the smells of urine became worse, therefore the victim should start treatment.

Footnote. There are main 5 symptoms which indicate the onset of phimosis i.e., pain while urinating, swelling in the penis, occurrence of red spot on penis, pain and smell in urine etc.
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Causes of Phimosis.

It is believed that if we know the causes of a problem, we can easily prevent it. This also applies to phimosis, so people should know that, there are some causes of phimosis, which are as follows;

Frequent Urinary Tract Infections.

The disease of phimosis is more likely to occur to a male who has frequent urinary tract infections. Such a man should pay special attention to his health and make a regular health check up to find out complication.

Skin Infections.

The disease of phimosis can occur in a situation when a male has a skin infection problem. However, phimosis can be treated through skin related treatment.


If a male is suffering from eczema, he is more likely to have phimosis. That is why a man suffering from eczema should get his treatment properly.

Sexual Infections.

If sexual activities are done without protection, it can lead to a number of infections. Phimosis is one such infection that occurs by doing unsafe sexual activity, so you should prefer protection during sexual activities.

Lichen Planus.

This disease can also be caused by a problem called lichen planus. Therefore, the aggrieved man should take special care of his health and treat this problem in a proper manner.

Footnote. There are many reason that can cause phimosis. But the main causes are frequent urinary tract infection, skin infection, eczema, sexual infections and lichen planus.
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How To Treat Phimosis without Surgery?

This question matters to men who suffering from phimosis, because they have to undergo unbearable pain and that is why they are looking for ways through which they can get rid of phimosis. Some men may consider phimosis to be an incurable disease. But treatment of phimosis can be done through these 5 methods, which are;

Keeping The Body Clean.

It is believed that, it is very important for all to keep their bodies clean because it helps to protect from many diseases. This also seems to be true in the context of phimosis, because it mainly occurs in men who does not keep his body clean.


As explained above, the disease of phimosis causes itching in the penis of a male. Hence, it can also be treated using ointments.

Urine Test.

Sometimes, doctors also conduct a male urine test to treat phimosis. Through this test, the extent of the disease can be confirmed.


Often, doctors also advise the male to be circumcised. However, this is done in the same case when the male does not get any result in any other way of treatment.

Steroid Cream for Phimosis.

The steroid cream for phimosis are:

  • Topical corticosteroids.
  • Fore-stretch cream.
  • Betamethasone valerate.

Paraphimosis Surgery.

When the patient who is suffering from phimosis does not get any improvement through the other ways, doctors advise him to undergo surgery. In this situation paraphimosis surgery is performed, in which the hardening part of the penis is removed and the artificial thing is applied to its place.

Footnote. There are 5 ways of treatment of phimosis, i.e. keeping your body clean, use ointments, urine test, circumcision and lastly paraphimosis surgery. All these treatments/ are depending upon the condition of the patient.
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Complications of Paraphimosis Surgery.

Of course, this surgery is the best way to treat phimosis. However, paraphimosis surgery also have some side effects. So, If a man has recently undergone paraphimosis surgery or is planning to undergo it in the future, he may face some risks, which are as follows:

  • Deterioration of penis tip – After paraphimosis surgery. Penis tip (the edgy part of the penis) gets spoiled. In this situation, it required another surgery.
  • Low blood flow- Paraphimosis surgery may also affect the bloodstream and may cause low blood flow in the penis.
  • Infection- Like any other procedure, paraphimosis can cause infection after surgery. However, infection can be control by using antibiotic medicine.
  • Gangrene – After this surgery, some male body cells may be eliminated, known as gangrene in medical language. However, it is possible to treat it in other ways.
  • Increase the likelihood of other diseases – If surgery is not successful, it also increases the likelihood of other diseases. That is why the man should prefer regular health check-up, so that doctor can choose the right treatment at the right time.
FootnoteEven though phimosis can be cure through paraphimosis surgery but there some complications may arise. Like top of the penis may deteriorated, infection may occur, decrease of blood flow etc.
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Preventive Measures.

However, the patients of phimosis are increasing day-by-day, but you will be surprised to know that like any other disease, it is possible to prevent phimosis.

If a man adheres to these 5 things, he can prevent phimosis and at the same time, he can also reduce the likelihood of it to a great extent.

Cleaning the penis.

As explained above, the disease of phimosis is caused by unclean body. That is why all men should clean their body (especially the penis) every day, so that they do not have any disease.

Nutritious food.

It is believed that our diet has a direct link to the body. This is precise in the context of phimosis, that is why all men should take special care of their diet and prefer only nutritious food.


Regular exercise is considered to be very important for all people, because it not only strengthens muscles but also improves immunity power.

Protection from viruses or bacteria.

Phimosis can also be caused by virus or bacterial infections. That is why all people should try not to come in contact with any virus or bacteria. However, you can use antibiotics for it.

Consult Doctor.

This is the most important thing that all men should follow. If a man notices any health problems, he should inform the doctor. In addition, if a man has recently undergone paraphimosis surgery, he should be in touch with the doctor until he declares him fully healthy.

Footnote. To protect from phimosis always take care of yourself, eat healthy nutritious food, exercise regularly etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can you have sex with phimosis?

Yes, anyone can do sex with phimosis. But you may face premature ejaculation and you may not be able to get pleasure while doing sex. Due to stiffening of penis the skin will not come up. However, it may cause pain. Therefore, using condom and lubricant while doing sex may somewhat helps to get relief.

2. Does phimosis affect size?

No, phimosis does not affect the size. In case of phimosis size does not matter at all.

Bottom Line.

As we all know, modern routines are causing a lot of health problems. One of these include Phimosis, which is mainly found in men.

Since majority of men are not fully aware of phimosis, so they become easily a victim of it. Thus we hope that it would have been useful for you to read this article as we have tried to provide the necessary information of phimosis and its treatment in it.

If you have any suggestions then you can leave your message in the comment section.

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