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Learn The Truth About PCOS In The Next 60 Seconds

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PCOS is a problem of women. However, the majority of women are still unaware of this. It is a brand new word for them and that is why when a woman has this problem, she does not understand what has happened to them and how they get rid of it.

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According to a research, 1 out of every 4 women in the world are suffering from PCOS. These figures indicate the seriousness of the problem. Thereby, it is necessary to give information to women so that, they can treat it properly.

What is PCOS?

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is mainly caused due to imbalanced hormone. This disease can occur due to irregular menstruation, which makes it difficult for a woman to conceive. Although its treatment is possible, but it can be severe if not treated for prolong time and can also lead to female infertility.


Like other problems, it also has some symptoms which indicate its introduction. So, if a woman has these 5 symptoms, she should contact the doctor immediately.

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Irregular Menstrual Periods.

This is the main symptom in which a woman faces irregular menstrual. Usually, it is considered a sign of pregnancy, but often it can also be the cause of the onset of a serious illness like PCOS.

Excess Bleeding.

If a woman faces excessive bleeding during the menstruation period, she should consult with the doctor, as it can be a symptom of PCOS.

Unnecessary Hair Growth.

You may have seen some of the women have hair like men on their faces and hands. However, this is due to hormone imbalance, which can have many other consequences. It also includes the problem of PCOS.


Every woman has to undergo the problem of pimples. Some women consider it a common problem and that is why they do not treat it properly. However, it can prove to be harmful, as it may be a sign of a serious illness like PCOS.

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If you are obese then you should try to reduce your weight because you may face several health complications due to excessive weight and it can also increase the risk of PCOS.

FootnoteSome common symptoms like irregular periods, excessive bleeding, pimples and obesity may be a sign of PCOS.


It can happen to any woman for some specific reasons. Those are;

Genetic Cause.

It is a genetic disease. So, if anyone in your family have such problem, then you should take special care of your health because the maximum chances are likely to have this disease to you.

Image Source: Wikimedia Common, licensed under CC BY 4.0

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Polycystic Ovary


The problem is often found in a woman those are suffering from diabetes. Therefore, if a woman suffering from diabetes should take special precautions.

Swelling In The Body.

A large amount of androgens are often produced in the body during PCOS, due to which suddenly woman’s tend to swollen up. Thereby, if a woman’s body is suddenly swollen, she should not ignore it because it can be due to PCOS.

Footnote. There can be many reasons for PCOS like genetics, diabetes and swelling in the body.


Women has to face a lot of difficulties in PCOS. However, some of them may found it an incurable disease and that is why they could not get the proper treatment, but it is possible to be treated, which can be done in the following ways;

Pelvic Testing.

This is the easiest way to treat PCOS. It takes a picture of the woman’s internal organs and then the doctor proceeds for further treatment.

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Blood Tests.

Often, doctors also treat PCOS through blood tests. They try to find out how much it spread in the blood.


It occurs due to hormonal imbalance. Hence, it can be treated by using several medication.

Bariatric Surgery.

The problem of PCOS is likely to happen due to excessive weight gain. However, if it is impossible to lose weight, then doctors advise to undergo bariatric surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery.

When a woman suffering from PCOS and the above mentioned procedures are not effective, the doctor advises them to undergo laparoscopic surgery.

Footnote. The treatment of PCOS can be done in five ways i.e., pelvic testing, blood tests, medicines, bariatric surgery and laparoscopic surgery.


If PCOS not treated at the right time, the situation may get worse and you may face a lot of risks, some of which are as follows;


If PCOS remains incurable for prolong time, it can lead to infertility. So, it may cause several health complications.

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In addition to infertility, it may also cause miscarriage.

Swelling In The Liver.

It often affects function of organs. It may also cause inflammation in the liver. However, it is possible to treat with some medicines.


The victim has often faces insomnia.


It affects the physical as well as the mental capacity and you may feel depression. However, this condition can be cured with the help of a psychologist.


However, the problem is often seen in women and because of this, they have to undergo a lot of hardships, but despite that, if a woman takes some following precautions, she can prevent this problem;

Nutritious Food.

It is believed that our food habits affect our health. This also applies to PCOS because there are a lot of cases where the main reason for having PCOS is poor diet.

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If a person exercises regularly, she is less likely to have any kind of disease. So, if a woman wants to prevent PCOS, she should exercise regularly.

Controlling BMI.

PCOS is often found in a woman whose BMI is low. That is why all women should take special care of their BMI, so that they can avoid any serious illness.


As explained above, PCOS often caused by diabetes. Therefore, if you are suffering from diabetes should take special care of your health and prefer regular health check up.

Health Checkup.

This is the most important thing that all women should take care of. They should regularly consult doctor for health checkup to prevent any kind of disease with proper treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What are the early symptoms of PCOS?

Early symptoms of PCOS include irregular periods, difficulty in conception, hair loss and weight gain etc. Thus, if a woman has these symptoms, she should immediately consult the doctor for proper treatment.

2. What are the major reasons for having PCOS?

However, the exact causes of PCOS have not yet been reported, but studies conducted so far on the disease clearly reveal that the possible causes of the problem include hormonal changes, diabetes and genetic causes etc.

3. Is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a serious problem?

Yes, PCOS is a serious problem, as it can take serious form if it is not treated in time. Because, a woman may face several problems like miscarriage, infertility and insomnia etc.

4. Is it possible to treat PCOS?

Yes, it is possible to treat PCOS. However, most people think it is an incurable disease, which causes them to be very disturbed. Nevertheless, it can be treated through pelvic tests, blood tests and proper medications etc.

5. How can Polycystic Ovary Syndrome be checked?

Doctors resort to check past medical history to treat PCOS and also check the period of menstruation etc.

6. Can there be weight loss due to PCOS?

However, it is seen to be very low that a woman’s weight has decreased due to PCOS, but still a woman should take special care of her health.

7. What should be avoided in PCOS?

Women those are suffering from PCOS should avoid to consuming sweet juices, potatoes, bread, pasta, soda and cakes etc., as such food can spoil their health.

8. How does Trigotab help in PCOS?

Trigotab is a medicine which is made by fenugreek seed extraction. Thereby, it has been seen, fenugreek seed extract helps in a significant reduction is ovary volume along with cyst size.(1 )

9. Can aloes compound cure PCOS?

Aloes compound are used to cure irregular periods, delayed menstrual cycle, delayed puberty as well as infertility. In some cases doctors may advised but all depending upon the patients condition. So, it is advised to consult with your doctor before taking such decisions as doctors know what is good for you.

10. How to get rid of pigmentation around mouth due to PCOS?

To get rid of pigmentation around the mouth it is important to treat PCOS from internally. Internal treatment give you relief and as a result the pigmentations will cure.

11. What causes PCOS weight gain?

High level of insulin in the body increases the production of the androgens (male hormone). Thereby, high level of androgen leads to increase in body hair growth, irregular periods, acne and weight gain.  As this weight gain is triggered by the male hormone, typically in the abdomen.

Bottom Line.

Most of the women do not pay attention in such problems because they take care of their loved ones more than themselves and that is why they are not able to start treatment at the right time. But when the disease takes a serious form after some time, the treatment became more complicated. Since most women are not fully aware of the disease, they are easily hunted. Therefore, it is necessary to increase awareness of this problem.

Thus we hope that it would have been useful for you to read this article as we have tried to provide the necessary information of PCOS.

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