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Is Alkaline Water Help To Reduce Alcohol Flush?

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Water has a special significance in our life, without which life on earth cannot be imagined. We use water in different purpose throughout the day. On the other hand, the trend of drinking water has rapidly changed. Today, there are many forms of water in the market that are forcing us to think. Alkaline water is one of these. Alkaline water is very useful for many health diseases. That’s why in this article, we will explain about what is alkaline water, its benefits and how alkaline water helps to reduce alcohol flush from the body. At the same time, we will also tell you the disadvantages of drinking alkaline water.

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What is Alkaline Water? Is It Good For You?

water ph scale
Water pH Scale

Naturally, water containing carbonate (e.g., well water) is called natural alkaline water. Its pH level is higher than normal. The pH level of normal tap or bottle water is ranges from 6.4 to 7.4. On the other hand, the pH level of alkaline water is 8.8 which can help to relieve acidity.(1)

Research on alkaline water based on mice has also confirmed that it is beneficial for health. The research, published on the site of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), also suggests that it can promote the ability and time of a person to live a life by removing many physical problems.

Due to several health benefits, normal water has been converted into alkaline water by adding electrolyte (some essential minerals).(2)

Now let’s understand what is alcohol flush.

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What is Alcohol Flush?

It is a condition caused by alcohol intolerance by accumulating acetaldehyde due to missense polymorphism in acetaldehyde dehydrogenase ALDH2 — leading to bright red skin due to capillary mixing of the face, neck, shoulder, and sometimes the entire body after drinking alcohol. Those with ALDH2 deficiency have ten times greater risk of oesophageal cancer, caused by acetaldehyde accumulation.

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Is Alkaline Water Help to Reduce Alcohol Flush?

Drinking alcohol creates a huge burden of toxins in the body. Thereby, drinking alkaline water helps in removing toxins and harmful substances from the body. It re-hydrates the body faster than normal drinking water. It is also mentioned in a research related to alkaline water.

Research has believed that alkaline water contains antioxidants, due to such antioxidant properties it helps to flush out harmful substances like alcohol from the body. In this contrast, it can also be assumed that alkaline water is also effective for detoxification of the body and keeps away from diseases and reactions.

Apart from this benefit, alkaline water has many other benefits which are as follows;

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Other Health Benefits of Alkaline Water Apart from Reducing Alcohol Flush.

Apart from Alcohol Flush, alkaline water have several other health benefits. After knowing these, its effectiveness can be easily gauged.

Helpful In Weight Loss.

 Weight Loss

Alkaline water can also be used as a weight loss measure. This is proved through a research published in World Journal of Gastroenterology. Research mentions that electrolytic alkaline water has an anti-obesity effect.(3) Based on this, it can be assumed that alkaline water can be useful for weight loss.

Can Control BP.

Blood Pressure

Alkaline water can also be helpful in controlling high BP. A research on Alkaline Water available on NCBI website believed that it could help to reduce systolic blood viscosity (thickening of blood at the lower level).(4)

High blood viscosity is associated with high blood pressure.(5) Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that, to some extent alkaline water is beneficial in controlling the problem of high BP.

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Control Diabetes.

diabetes insulin

Use of alkaline water can play a vital role in the problem of diabetes. This has been directly acknowledged in a research available on the NCBI site. Research has believed that alkaline water can help to overcome many physical problems by reducing the free particles present in the body. So, alkaline water also has an anti-diabetic effect.(6)

Useful For Dry Eyes.

care of eyes Alkaline Water Alcohol Flush

Alkaline water can also be helpful in relieving the problem of common dry eyes. This is proved through two different researches. A research related to alkaline water mentions that it has an antioxidant (free particle destroying) effect.

Research related to dry eyes has shown that oral intake of antioxidant-rich items can help to relieve dry eyes.(7) On this basis, it can be believed that drinking alkaline water can also provide some relief from dry eyes. However, due to lack of clear evidence, it is difficult to say how effective the alkaline water in dry eyes.

Promote Bone Health.

bones Alkaline Water Alcohol Flush

It is also beneficial to promote healthy bone. A research conducted by The Laufen Hospital in Switzerland confirms this. Research mentions that alkaline water can play an important role in promoting bone health. It reduce the elements that cause bone erosion.(8) So, it can be assumed that using alkaline water can help to maintain healthy bone.

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Relief in Acid Reflux.

Alkaline water can also be helpful in acid reflux i.e. acidity problem. This is proved through a research conducted by the Vice Institute of New York. Research has proved that, use of alkaline water can reduce the presence of acid and relieve the problem of acid reflux.

Alkaline Water Benefits to Cure Chromosomal Mutations.

Alkaline water is also effective to reduce the risk of cancer. To some extent, this is proved through a research on alkaline water on the NCBI site. Research mentions that alkaline water can promote telomeres in the body. Telomeres are the main part of DNA, which protects chromosomes.

The research also believes that lack of pH in the body leads deficiency of telomeres, which can cause cells destruction. Excess telomers can play an important role in cancer prevention. On this basis, alkaline water can be considered somewhat helpful in preventing the development of cancer or tumor.(9)

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that, cancer is a deadly disease that can be treated only through medical advice.

Beneficial During Pregnancy.

Nutrition During Pregnancy Alkaline Water Alcohol Flush

Alkaline water can also be considered helpful during pregnancy. Because, water is considered very important during pregnancy and one of the best sources of water is well water. Well water is natural alkaline water which helps in absorption of soluble vitamins and relieve the problem of constipation during pregnancy.

Not only this, it also boost the ability to withstand the loss of blood during childbirth. Additionally, it also plays a role of an assistant in the matter of nourishing the foetus.(10)

In addition, another research has proved a positive effect of alkaline water during pregnancy. A research conducted on mice proved that drinking alkaline water during pregnancy can help in the development of the baby after delivery.

It help in the physical and mental development of the child as well as balance a healthy weight of the child.(11) In view of all these facts, alkaline water can also be considered useful during pregnancy.

Treating Ovarian Cyst.

Research stated that alkaline water is also effective in the problem of ovarian cysts. Alkaline water is made by electrolyzing the water naturally, also known as alkaline electrolyse water. Research mentions that alkaline water can help in soothing polycystic ovarian syndrome by improving hormonal balance, metabolism and immunity.(12)

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Beneficial For Skin.

Using alkaline water can also protect the skin. According to a research on alkaline water proved that it contains antioxidant (destroying free radicals) and anti-aging (reducing the effects of aging) properties, which can help to prevent the effects of aging on the skin.

Research has also proved that bathing with alkaline water can protect the skin from several harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.(13)

Healthy Hair.

Drinking alkaline water also provide healthy hair. Is has proved through a research available in NCBI. Research mentioned that drinking alkaline water consisting elements such as calcium, strontium, molybdenum, iron and selenium provide healthy hair.(14)

How To Prepare Alkaline Water At Home?

Baking soda is an alkaline substance that can be mixed with normal water to make alkaline water.(15)

Is Your Alkaline Water Natural or Artificial?

Water extracted from under the ground (such as well water) is called natural alkaline water. On the other hand, if alkaline water is prepared by mixing alkaline substances like baking soda in water, it is called artificial alkaline water. Artificial alkaline water is also prepared by electrolyzing normal water.

Side Effects of Alkaline Water.

As we learnt through the article that alkaline water increases the alkali effect in the body, which is beneficial for health in many ways. On the contrary, the presence of more alkaline properties in the body can be harmful to health.

Such condition may be arise by drinking excessive alkaline water. The presence of more alkaline in the body can lead to the following side effects;(16)

  • Confusion.
  • Trembling of the hand.
  • Feel dizzy.
  • Muscle stretching.
  • Vomiting and nausea.
  • Feeling buried in the face, hands and feet.
  • Prolonged muscle cramps.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can alkaline water be consumed daily?

Yes, alkaline water may be consumed on daily basis. However, excessive consumption may leads several side effects.

2. Is alkaline water good for kidneys?

Yes, alkaline water can be beneficial in maintaining healthy kidneys.(17)

3. Is alkaline water good for eyes?

Alkaline water has antioxidant (free particle destroying) effect. Research related to dry eyes has shown that oral intake of antioxidant-rich items can help to relieve dry eyes. Therefore, alkaline water can be effective for the eyes.

4. How much alkaline water can be used to drink in a day?

You can drink up to 500 ml of alkaline water to get the several health benefits.

5. Can alkaline water help in weight loss?

Yes, using electrolyzed alkaline water can help in weight loss.

Bottom Line.

Now you must have understood how alkaline water helps to reduce alcohol flush from the body along with other advantages and disadvantages of alkaline water. In such a situation, it is not wrong to use alkaline water in the problems given in the article.

Hopefully, the information included in this article must have been liked by all. Keep reading FreakToFit to get helpful evidence based information which can help you to stay fit.

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