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How to Remove a Hickey in Seconds With Toothpaste

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You wake up in the morning and find an unsightly hickey on your neck—not just any hickey, but one that looks like it might be here to stay for a while, no matter how much concealer you apply over it. What can you do to make it disappear without needing a trip to the dermatologist? Your secret weapon? Remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste. Just follow these simple steps to get rid of those unsightly bruises in no time.

What is Hickey?

A hickey is the name for a bruise that appears on the skin. It is caused by an injury, such as sucking or biting someone’s skin. Hickeys can be both painful and embarrassing if they are visible, so try this easy trick for how to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste.

Stuffs You Need.

i. A tube of toothpaste (any kind will work).

ii. A washcloth or paper towel.

how to remove a hickey with toothpaste

Steps to remove a hickey in seconds with toothpaste.

Step 1: Blot the area.

At first blot the area with cold water. This will help constrict blood vessels and reduce the size of the hickey.

Step 2: Get a white toothpaste.

Thereafter, get white toothpaste. Squeeze out a quarter sized amount and put it on the affected area of your skin. However, lather up your skin before applying the toothpaste so it will stick to the skin better and not just slide around on top of your skin.

Video Source: how to get rid of a hickey in seconds with toothpaste

Step 3: Massage The Spot.

Massage a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your finger onto the spot where you want to remove the mark, then gently scrub for 20-30 seconds. You should see the scratch lines start to fade away.

Step 4. Rinse with water.

Allow your skin to air dry without rubbing it dry or using any other product that may irritate your skin. If the hickey is still visible, continue repeating these steps until it’s gone for good. Wait for 2 minutes and then wash it off, either with water or by rubbing it off.

You may also apply pressure while waiting for 2 minutes, which will help stimulate blood flow and cause the area around the bite mark to swell, which should make the redness disappear more quickly than if you don’t apply any pressure at all when waiting for 2 minutes before washing it off.




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