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Kpop Workout : Routines And Exercises For Weight Loss

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Many K-pop stars have excellent figure. K-pop stars are among the fittest and disciplined regarding their health and body, and are often praised for their talent, beauty and good looks. They have their own fitness workout schedule and special diet. Many K-pop idols also maintain some specific workout routines to keep their bodies in shape. In this article, we will tell you some Kpop workout routines that are performed by K-pop idols that you may be interested to do.

Apart from constant dance exercises and training to prepare them for performance, they also maintain strict workout rules to increase physical stamina and stamina to handle their very demanding schedules and lifestyle.

Kpop Workout Routine.

Here are some exercises and workout routines that top K-pop stars follow strictly;

Rose of Blackpink.

When it comes to dance, among all four members of the female K-pop group, BlackPink are quite energetic. To maintain energy, especially during stage performances and busy working days Rose follow pilates.

Rose Blackpink
Rose Blackpink

Known for strengthening the core and improving posture and flexibility, this exercise helps to boost the body’s stamina while seeking physical activities.

Some of the tricks and poses included in Rose routine are modified varieties of side extensions using exercise balls, high shoulder bridges and leg extensions among others.

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Appearing in the 2019 episode of SBS MTV’s The Show, Momo of Girl Group Twice performed a simple but effective exercise to get rock-hard abs. It is called “hip dip plank” or “twist plank,” which is the moving variation of low plank.

Twice Momo
Twice Momo

To do this trick, start by placing yourself in a low plank – rest your elbows and forearms on the floor before spreading the rest of your body, making it parallel to the floor. From this position, gently dip your hips and upper body on one side, carefully switch to the other side and forward.

Momo advises 50 repetitions of this exercise thrice a day. For the best results, mix this practice with other toning techniques such as crunches or bicycle kick.

Jackson Wang of GOT7.

GOT7 member Jackson Wang is one of the many male K-pop sculptures acclaimed for his impressive physique. The 26-year-old Hong Kong national has not only lean arms and legs, but also a well-fabricated chest and torso that is the result of various gym exercises.

Jackson Wang Kpop Workout
Jackson Wang

He does a lot of weight training to tone his muscles, as well as treadmills for cardio. He exercises as regularly as possible and praises his activities with a healthy diet.

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BTS’ Jungkook.

In addition to his nickname “Golden Maknae” (youngest), Jungkook of Korean supergroup BTS, he is also called “muscle bunny” for his chiseled abs, well-toned physique, and immense physical strength that can match a professional athlete.

Jungkook Kpop Workout

In a recent post on social platform Weavers by group leader RM, he revealed that Jung Cook has only 10 per cent fat in his body based on a physical examination conducted by members last October 2021. Not surprisingly, though, the 23-year-old has always led an active lifestyle.

Amidst his rigorous schedule slated for dance practice, stage rehearsals, photo shoots, recordings, international media interviews and what’s not, Jung Cook always takes time out to exercise.

His routine is mostly a combination of different activities that help to burn fat and calories as well as toning. List of workouts done by him are:

  • Squats – 20 times.
  • Pushup – 20 times.
  • Planks – 10 times.
  • Jump Squats – 20 times.
  • Burpees – – 20 times.
  • Pike Push Up – 10 times.
  • Raise 20 feet.
  • Climbers – 20 times.
  • Crunches – 20 times.
  • Superman’s Exercise.

Mamamoo Solar.

Mamamoo Solar gained his popularity in the late 90s, by doing pole dance that has attracted many K-pop Idol as a workout of its choice.

As an art form that combines the themes of dance and aerobics, it is an excellent full physical exercise that helps to develop overall strength, stamina and flexibility.

Solar, a member of all female K-pop group Mamamoo, regularly practices pole dance and has performed many stage performances using this art form. She began learning it for her “egotistical” music video in 2018 and has since pursued it as part of her solo efforts.

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EXO’s Kai.

EXO Kai is basically a living Greek idol of God. Whenever he goes on stage he always shows his body and abs.

The secrets of his amazing physique are strictly following high protein, low salt and low calorie diets, regular dance practice and gym training.

On his personal account @zkdlin in the 2019 Instagram live broadcast, Kai documented some of the things he practice whenever he is in the gym. This includes bench sit-ups, bar pull-ups and weights.

Umji’s Abs Workout.

The GFRIEND maknae is receiving public appreciation for the recent change in weight loss. In an interview, Umji revealed that she is working on her abs and waist to create a beautiful body line. Under the guidance of her trainer, Umji does curl-ups and other exercises to maintain a flat stomach.

Suzy’s Penguin Exercise.

Singer/actress Bae Suzy is known for such workouts. On a television show, the female celeb said she do a penguin dance as her exercise in which she pulls the elbow, making the arms thinner.

AOA Yoga Class.

Unlike other idols, the AOA conducts yoga classes to help them to lose unwanted fat and relieve their stress at the same time. Using basic posture and breathing techniques, members can achieve their fitness goals.

Home Exercises of Nichkhun.

2PM Thai members do his workout routine at home. He do one set of exercise that includes three moves. He uses a kind of long elastic band to work on his muscles on hands and shoulders and then he does push-ups too.

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Junghwan’s Dance Workout.

EXID’s Junghwan always focusses on her body/health and her dance, so she came up with dance-inspired exercise. The workout has many dance stages that can strengthen each part of the body.

Kpop Workout for Weight Loss.

Such exercise those are basically practiced by Kpop idols like Squats. Push ups, plank and many more can be an effective tool for weight loss, as it provide cardiovascular conditioning and also enhance your mood. However, along with such exercise it is important to plan an effective diet for weight loss. Because diet is the key factor for transformation.

Kpop Workout Playlist.

The lists of Kpop workout playlist are:

  • Bang bang bang from big bang 2015.
  • Boombayah – Blackpink (2016).
  • Nillili Mambo – Block B (2012).
  • Idol – BTS (2018).
  • Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet (2015).
  • Not Today – BTS (2017).
  • Daddy – PSY ft. CL of 2NE1 (2015).

Bottom Line.

An perfect and attractive body is the fruit of hard work and dedication. If you also want an attractive body like them you have to maintain a strict diet along with disciplined lifestyle. You may also include these Kpop workout regime in your daily workout.

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