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What is Magical Quantum Exercise?

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From the ancient time, we are doing exercise for physical fitness and to achieve an attractive physique. In Dravid and Babalian civilization exercise was a main part of their education system. We can see that effect at present education system also. Let go into depth and know about what is magical quantum exercise?

At present technology takes most of the part of our daily lifestyle that’s why exercise is most important. However, those are doing several physical hard they also need some special exercise for their internal part like liver, kidney and intestine as well as to regularize their hormonal function. Because if they do not perform any physical exercise regularly then at a certain time all their internal and external organ will be damaged. Quantum Exercise is quite famous for its effective and unique result.

In twentieth century health science become too much developed and modernized, but they cannot still discover a modern exercise in place of Yoga. At present maximum person are involved in exercise to stay fit and healthy. Every year this numbers are increasing day by day.

Majority of the person are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and many more critical health related problems. However, this exercise has proved most effective for all age groups.

Quantum exercise is one of the easy, effective and modern exercise. According to the modern age groups this Quantum exercise also transformed you, for that its effectiveness is remarkable. This exercise is fully recommended for both men and women according to their needs. So here we bring this unique pattern of exercise to keep you healthy and fit.

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Specialty of Quantum Exercise.

  • Generally in Yoga important matter is Breath in and out procedure which required a professional trainer but in Quantum exercise there is no any restriction of such kind of procedure. Therefore, this exercise is listed as one of the simple exercise.
  • In Quantum exercise we use quantum energy or the inner power. However, each and every exercise have different advantage and benefits to keep your health and mind strong. This exercise can give you several unbelievable result if you do such exercise in systemic manner.

Difference Between Quantum and Other Exercises.

This exercise you will be physically and mentally healthy. Additionally you can achieve mental peace.Here you may achieve external strength but you cannot achieve mental peace.
In Quantum exercise your body not need any special diet chart because it not break not muscle.Some other exercise you have to add up some additional diet to fulfill extra requirement of your body.
There are two types of gland In our body, which are Exocrine Gland and Endocrine Gland. Main role of this glands is to produce necessary hormone in the body. Quantum exercise most effective to keep healthy such glands by which they can produce sufficient hormone in your body.Such exercise may be help to achieve external physical strength but it cannot made such effects in your internal glands.
Perform Quantum exercise will strengthen your back bone by stretching each and every muscle consist in it.It is not possible in other exercises.
It helps to maintain a healthy veins and muscle.Helps to maintain a healthy muscle only.
As this exercise made effect physically and mentally, hence performing this exercise keep you young for the longer time and can abolish your wrinkles.Reduce physical stability hence you may face wrinkles in early stage.
It helps to give you a perfect shape.Other exercise you can achieve a slim figure but it will stable temporary depends upon how much time you can continue with such exercise.
Effects can stable for longer period of time.Effects are temporary.

Hence, to keep you mentally and physically stable as well as healthy there is not alternative of Quantum exercise. So if you want to looks younger for life long then you must follow this exercise.

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Some Points Keep in Mind.

  1. It is better to eat something like 2 or 3 table spoon of sprouts either of perform this exercise in empty stomach.
  2. Never do this exercise on hard or soft floor always prefer a mat.
  3. Do this exercise after 3 to 4 hours from your meal.      
  4. Best place to perform this exercise is to open area where light and air can pass easily.
  5. During winter you can prefer indoor but at least it should full of oxygen.
  6. Either to talk, listen songs you should focus on the exercise and make mind and muscle connection.
  7. For women you should avoid doing exercise during periods, you can start after one day while it will completely recover.
  8. You should do Sabasan for 10 min after completion of exercise. It will help you to keep your body cool down.
  9. In quantum exercise keep your breath normal there is no hard and fast rules for breath in such exercise.
  10. Do such exercise according to your capacity, don’t force your body, it may cause a serious injury. By practicing in regular basis you will achieve such capacity within few days.        
  11. It is better to perform exercise during morning or evening.
  12. If you have operated in Gallbladder, appendicitis or heart then you can do exercise after 6 months but before that consult your doctor.
  13. Women should avoid such exercise during pregnancy. However they can restart exercise after one month when bleeding will stop. Before that must consult your doctor.
  14. If one suffering from High blood pressure, slip disc, cervical spondylitis, heart related problems, angina, coronary thrombosis, myocardial infarction, eye problems like – retina haemorrhage etc. should avoid forward bending and Sirsasana.
  15. Those who are suffering from Peptic ulcer (Gastric, Duodenal) then you can do several exercise like Paschimattosan and Janusirasan.
  16. If you suffering from Jaundice or any kidney related problems then you should avoid such exercise and consult your doctor.

Procedures, Effect and Benefits of Quantum Exercise.

Quantum exercise divided in two parts;

  1. Dhyanasan.
  2. Sasthasan.



Meditation- However, our ancient practitioners or saints used to practice siddhi or Kamliyat which they learned by Dhyan-Morakaba-Mosheda. They practice more than 4000 asanas. Which they performed under skilled professional practitioners. However, for normal healthcare all these asanas are not compulsory. So, here we guide you about only those asanas which will help you to maintain perfect body and mind.


gomukha asana What is Quantum Exercise

Therefore, the main differences between meditation and healthcare is, meditation does not have any restrictions. Anyone can do this, like Vajrasan, Padmasan, Sukhasan, Gomukhasan, Sabasan. In case of healthcare there are several restrictions according to the diseases.

Bottom Line. 

Several effective exercise are involve in Quantum exercise. It is popular among the people since ancient India for its effectiveness. Exercise with right technique as mentioned above will give you full benefits.

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