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5 Magical Quantum Exercise With The Power of Yoga

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In our last topic- “Quantum exercise with the power of Yogawe have discussed regarding;

  • Its origin.
  • Specialties.
  • Differences between quantum and other exercises.
  • Important rules, procedures, its effects and benefits.

So, today we will tell you about 5 magical quantum yoga which absolutely help you to achieve your goal. These exercises are also called the “Magical exercise”.

5 Magical Quantum Yoga.

  • Shavasana or Corpse Pose.
  • Vajrasana.
  • Sasangasana.
  • Bhadrasana.
  • Utthita Padasana.

Shavasana or Corpse Pose.

Shava means “corpse” and Asana means “Pose”. It is derived from “Shuh vah sana” which is a Sanskrit word. However, it is also known as “Mrtasana”, a Sanskrit word which means “death” It is preferred as relaxing exercise at the end of your training session. It is similar like meditation.


How To Perform In The Correct Way?

You will get maximum result when you perform quantum yoga in the correct way. The simple and effective way is as under:-

  • At first, simply you have to lie down on your back without any support and close your eyes.
  • Now facing upward spread your legs and arms (palms should be open) and make a relax position.
  • Feel your entire body parts and relax your mind.
  • Make a mind connection with your muscle group with the deep breath. Breathing in a right way will energized you along with full of relaxation.
  • Flexing the fingers and toes and feel your body.
  • After 10-20 minutes of relaxation gently sit into a simple seated position and keep your eyes close and take a deep breaths for few minutes thereafter slowly open your eyes.

Advantages and Effectiveness.

*Note. If you are suffering from any back issue please consult your doctor before doing this exercise.


Vajra – which is a Sanskrit word means “Thunderbolt or Diamond”. During 15th century it is also called Siddhasana. It is similar like the position of meditation. In our modern age we known this as kneeling down position.


How To Perform In The Correct Way?

  • Stretch your lower leg backward > keep them together > make kneel down position.
  • Toes and heels should be as close as possible.
  • Sit down and keep your buttock on rest position on your heels and thighs upon your calf muscle.
  • Make a straight position, keep your hand on your knees and look forward.
  • Focus on your breath by close your eyes and observe carefully during inhale and exhale.
  • Practice for 5-10 minutes.

Advantages and Effectiveness.


  • Pregnant lady should avoid, because it can put unnecessary pressure on abdomen.
  • It is suggested that if you have any knee problems or undergone through a surgery then you must avoid this exercise.
  • Beginners may feel pain in the first stage, which is common. It is recommended to practice this exercise in regular basis. While your lower back strengthened you will be able to do this exercise without any pain.
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It is one of the effective quantum yoga, which is also known as Rabbit pose because for its posture that is similar like round spine of a rabbit. It is one of the yoga pose which stretches your spine, shoulders and arms at the same time. Yoga mat should be use while practicing such form.


How To Perform In The Correct Way?

  • Make a child pose which is also called Sasangasana.
  • Hold upside of your heels with your hands.
  • Your forehead must be towards your hands.
  • Take a normal breath.
  • Your grip should be tight onto your heel during the exercise.
  • Take a deep breath and lift your hip upward slowly.
  • Bring your forehead slowly towards your knees.
  • Hold your body for atleast 1 minutes for effective result.

Advantages and Effectiveness.

  • Very effective for body as well as mind.
  • It stimulate as well as strengthen your lower back, core, abs and neck muscle.
  • Reduce muscle tension among the various parts from the body.
  • It increase flexibility of your body and reduce the shiftiness of the lower back.
  • Reduce stress hormones and release happy hormones.
  • It regulates thyroid gland which helps to release the necessary hormones in the body and improve your digestion.
  • Helpful for lengthening of spine.
  • You can stay young by doing this exercise in regular basis and reduce stretch marks.
  • It can cure diabetics, insomnia as well as improve immune system.


  • During pregnancy women should avoid this exercise.
  • Those who are suffering from Shoulder, back and neck injuries should avoid this exercise.
  • Person with vertigo, spondylitis, knee and spinal problem should avoid this exercise.
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It is a Sanskrit word which also referred as cobbler pose. Considered as one of the main asanas which is most effective in medieval India for prolong meditation. It is a seated asana similar like butterfly pose.


How To Perform In The Correct Way?

  • Sit over a mat & fully stretch your legs forward > keep your toes together > your hand must be beside your body your palms will be in rest position. However, it is important to focus more on breath in quantum yoga.
  • Upper body along with neck should be straight and look forward.
  • Drag both the legs towards your body > knees should be faced outward > soles of your feet must be put together.
  • Drag your feet toward your body as much as you can.
  • Keep your hands on your knees and push them gently, keep your upper body straight.
  • Hold for 30-60 seconds take a breath and relax.
  • Repeat 4 times with some pause of 1 minute.
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Advantages and Effectiveness.

  • Helpful for women regarding menstrual disorder.
  • Release the tension from your spines.
  • Improve health of reproductive organs and internal veins.
  • Relax mind and increase concentration.
  • Stretch the pelvic muscle and improve the joint health of knee.
  • Increase the blood flow.
  • Regular practice can prevent you from joint pains.


  • Person with knee injury should stay away from this exercise as it may put unnecessary load on your knee.
  • Pregnant women must avoid.

Utthita Padasana.

This asana elaborate as Utthi – Idham – asanam. Utthi which means stomach and idham means protection. It helps to protect our stomach and also one of the effective Quantum yoga. 

Utthita Padasana

How To Perform In The Correct Way?

  • Lie down on the mat & keep your legs straight and close them. 
  • Keep your hands down on the floor beside your thighs and make sure your palms are touching the floor.
  • Take normal breath and gently try to lift up your legs upward and hold, feel the stress on your stomach.
  • Hold this position at least for 10-30 secs and with a repetition around 3 to 7 times in the same way.

Advantages and Effectiveness.

  • Boost your digestion capacity.
  • Effective to reduce belly fat (Upper & lower). Give you a new attractive shape.
  • Helps in getting rid from hip and back pain.
  • Prevent from getting piles.
  • Build up thigh muscles.
  • Helpful for women concerning gynae problems.
  • Develops functions of urinary bladder.
  • Those who suffering from uterus issues, this exercise is beneficial for them.


  • Pregnant women must avoid this exercise, as it may invoke unnecessary load on your abdomen.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. What are the different types of movement you do at the time of doing yoga exercise?

Different types of yoga postures or movements are there, out of those here are 12 main yoga postures, such as;

  • Iyengar yoga. 
  • Ashtanga yoga. 
  • Bikram yoga. 
  • Yin yoga. 
  • Restorative yoga.
  • Raja Yoga.
  • Karma Yoga.
  • Tantra Yoga.
  • Vinyasa yoga. 
  • Hatha yoga. 
  • Bhakti Yoga.
  • Kundalini yoga. 

Apart from these you may also follow quantum yoga postures.

2. Why yoga is greater than physical exercise?

Any type of physical exercise like gym mainly focus on external physique of the body but during yoga practice it overall improves our external and internal parts of the body. However, it is also improve our mental state, improve flexibility and eradicate negativity from the mind. So, it is the reason why yoga is greater than physical exercise. 

3.  Do yoga in the morning light boost your immunity? 

Yes, yoga in the morning light can positively boost your immunity power because during the morning light your body have extra energy rather than the entire day and you can get fresh air. Regular intake of fresh air gives your lungs a health life and improve blood circulation.    

4.  2 months after angioplasty what should be your diet and yoga?

If you have undergone from angioplasty then you must focus on your diet which should consist meat, fish, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, dairy foodstuffs, water and must avoid fast food, excessive salt and sugar etc. However, along with the diet you must incorporate beginners light yoga activities in your daily routine such as;

  1. Tadasana.
  2. Makarasana.
  3. Padmasana.
  4. Shavasana. 
  5. Siddhasana.
  6. Sukhasana.
  7. Supta Padangustha asana.
  8. Virabhadrasana II.
  9. Balasana.
  10. Chakravakasana.

5. Is it necessary to do exercise and yoga to keep our body shout?

Yes, it is necessary to do exercise and yoga in regular basis to stay fit and healthy. Regular physical activity provides energy to our body and boost stamina, endurance as well as improve immunity power. Apart from these such activities provides several other health benefits such as reduce stress, improve muscle strength, improve bone health etc.

6. If you are actually doing exercise and got a shape and then can you quit exercise and do yoga?

Yes, if you are regular doing exercise in the gym a achieve an attractive and toned body, then you may switch your gym exercise with yoga. However, regular practice of yoga not only helps you to stay fit but also assist you to stay in the shape. Yoga movements prevent muscle loss and improve muscle flexibility. 

7. Are Yoga breathing exercises good during Corona Virus pandemic?

Yoga postures have different types of breathing exercise which are effective for overall of your health. During this pandemic situation practicing breathing exercise is an good option. Because Corona virus mainly affect our breathing capability. So, it is important to strengthen our breathing system through regular practice of yoga.

8. In how many days yoga and exercise boost your immunity power?

Regular practice of yoga and other exercise is not only sufficient to boost immunity power. You must also focus on your daily diet routine which must consist vital nutrients, protein and vitamins. If you balance these things in proper manner then you can get effective results within 3 to 4 months of regular practice.     

9. Is practice of Pawanmuktasana causes nasal block?

During the practice of Pawanmuktasan you should properly focus on inhale and exhale, if you block air flow then it may cause nasal block. However, you are suffering from sinus then regular practice of yoga can give you positive effect. 

10. Why to do yoga and exercise in Corona Virus?

It is important to enhance our immunity power to fight against COVID-19 or Corona Virus. Regular exercise and yoga enhance our immunity power along with other positive health benefits. So, it is important to do yoga and exercise during Corona Virus. 

11. What yoga should you do to get rid of excess hair on body and also for hair loss?

Yoga for excessive hair on body;

  • Supta Badhakonasana or Reclining Butterfly Pose. 
  • Baddhakonasan or Butterfly Pose.
  • Naukasan or Boat Pose. 
  • Dhanurasan or Bow Pose.
  • Bitilasan or Camel Pose. 
  • Bhujangasan or Cobra Pose. 
  • Marjariasana or Cat Pose.
  • Balasana or Child Pose.

Yoga for hair loss;

  • Vajrasana or thunderbolt.
  • Adho mukha savasana or downward facing dog.
  • Sarvangasana or shoulder stand.
  • Ustrasana or back bending camel.
  • Sirsasana or head stand.
  • Uttanasana or forward bending camel.

12. Which consume more energy, yoga or exercise?

At the time of several high intensity exercise such as HIIT, Cardio it required more energy and burn more calorie rather than yoga. However, yoga have also several difficult positions which also required more energy and burn more calorie rather than other kind of exercise. So, it is basically depends upon the type of exercise you perform. But moreover exercises in the gym generally consume more energy.

13. Can yoga breathing exercises help people as preventive measures?

Yes, yoga breathing exercise provide several positive health benefits internally and externally. So, you can consider yoga as a preventive tool or measures against of several diseases. As, it boost your immunity power and protect you from different kind of viruses. 

Bottom Line. 

Apart from this phases, several magical Quantum exercises are there which can change your physique totally. So, you must incorporate these magical poses in your daily routine for positive effects. Just comment below if you want to know more about Quantum yoga.

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