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When Was Walking Invented?

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There are many easy ways to compete with lifestyle problems. One of the major way is walking. Walking is a very simple and effective exercise, especially in the case of diabetes and obesity related diseases. Often people do not understand the importance of walking and those who understand its importance do not know the appropriate time to walk. Today in this article we will tell you about who invented walking? When was walking invented and what are the benefits of walking?

Who Invented Walking?

Walking was one of the first inventions made by man, and is believed to have been invented in Africa. Man has learnt to walk all over the planet Earth, others have walked on the moon, and invented a robot that walks.

But the question is how the walk started and how long has man been doing it. History shows that humans began to walk about 4 million years ago. So, it is unknown who invented walk.

When Was Walking Invented?

In 1994, an unknown Hominin-the first fossil were found in Ethiopia. For the next 10 years, more than 100 fossils of Ardi’s species were found and were 4.2 million to 44 million years old.

When scientists examined this bones, they identified certain characteristics which indicated bipedalism. For example, there was a different shape of foot of ape which is not same as the human foot.

Infact by the size of the pelvic bones, how the legs were located under the pelvis and how the foot bones fit together,  scientist understand whether they walk straight or not. Ardi may not have run exactly as we do today, but bipedalism is a normal way of movement appears in the characteristic of these fossils 4.4 million years in advance.

So, as you can see, it took a long time for human to learn walking. It appeared in Africa 4.4 million years ago.

The Right Way To Walk.

According to a recent discovery at Stanford University, an hour of walking with a happy heart increases your life by several hours. It has also been proved that walking is a effective exercise for health.

Walking is not only a physical exercise, but it also acts as a delight in the mind. If you are in anger, take a walk, you will begin to feel that your anger has diminished. After a while, when you start thinking wisely, you will feel that anger has subsided.

If you are worried and suffering from mental stress, take a walk. At this time, you should walk slowly. You will not be able to walk slowly for long time. The energy that comes from walking will force you to walk fast. Your thoughts will also change and you will be creative and optimistic. You will have renewed confidence and will also have the will to deal with situations.

The Right Time To Walk.

Even if you are tired, take a walk. Walking will not make you tired, but it will relieve your fatigue. You can walk in every situation, all the time. After eating, make it a habit to walk regularly. This will make it easier to digest food.

If you can wake up early in the morning, it will be very beneficial for you to take a regular walk in a morning freshness as the weather is pleasant and fresh in the morning. If you can’t find time in the morning, you can take a walk in the evening. Remember to have at least 1000 steps after eating evening meals.

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How To Wear A Dress While Walking?

For a walk, wear shoes that are neither too loose nor too tight. Be sure that your feet are not blocked by shoes. The heels of shoes should not be high.

Walk comfortably, but make sure that your chin is upwards, not bent down. Do not wear too loose clothes or too tight clothes while walking. You can use a trek shoot. It is good to have a small stick in your hand for safety while walking.

Benefits of Walking.

Walking is a very easy exercise that does not make the mind feel bored. The only condition is that you must change your walking pace from time to time. Walking cleans the body and every part of our body begins to do its work more promptly and smoothly.

It also helps to digests food well and the functioning of the entire body system works at the right time. Walking also increases efficiency by cleaning the lungs and heart. Regular walking increases the formation of red blood particles in the body by endocrine glands, thereby increasing your immunity.

Walking has countless benefits. It can make you lose weight, as walking a kilometer lose one hundred calories. Walking can control diabetes and blood pressure. Walking is also very good for people with back pain.

Various scientific researches have certified that walking is the best exercise for pregnant women. Pregnant women who walk regularly do not suffer much at the time of delivery and it also improve the health of the newborn.

Some of the major benefits of walking are as follows;

1. Walking Helps In Maintaining Heart Health.


Poor diet and lifestyle can causes several health problems like obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol. All this can also make our heart sick and can lead to heart problems. Walking for at least half to an hour every day relieves all these problems.

Walking every day not only reduces weight and cholesterol but also controls blood pressure. And all this keeps our heart healthy.

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2. Walking Controls Diabetes.

diabetes insulin

Diabetes is an incurable disease. The person has to take medicines for the rest of his life. Many researches suggest that a person can control his diabetes if he or she walks regularly. Doctors also believe that regular walking is very beneficial for diabetics.

3. Walking Keeps Lungs Healthy.


Similar to our heart it is also important to keep our lungs healthy. Many research showed regular morning walk keep our lungs healthy to a great extent.

4. Walking Relieves Depression.

Today, due to work pressure, people become stressed and they do not know when they get depressed. Depression may not be taken seriously by some people, but the fact is that depression is harmful for overall health.

Doctors say that if a person go for a walk every morning, his mental strength will be strong, mood will be swing and his stress will be reduced. This way morning walk will be very beneficial for depression.

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5. Walking Helps In Improving Insomnia.

Some of the people sometimes get so stressed that they can’t even sleep properly. They sometimes have to take sleeping pills. This adversely affects their mental and physical health. Doctors say that a morning walk removes the problem of insomnia.

Walking in the morning keeps a person’s mind calm, promote healthy heart and boost energy throughout the day. The performance of the person regarding a work also improves.

Bottom Line.

So, now you have came to know When Was Walking Invented. Therefore, it can be said that there are many health benefits of walking. So, make a habit to walk every day. Also, try to walk as much as possible. Rely more on your feet rather than relying on bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, cars or any other vehicle.

At first walk for two or three kilometers per day, then increase the distance respectively. It will help in removing stress and worries and will also help to keep your mind calm. An English writer says that “Pure bliss in life is only two, reading and walking“. So take a regular walk. You will definitely be able to be healthy and happy.

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