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Tummy Trimmer and Its Benefits

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Are you tired due to excessive weight and feeling shy while wearing your favourite clothes due to belly fat? Then it’s the time to say goodbye to your belly fat. Because, if you exercise for a few minutes in every morning using a tummy trimmer will give you an amazing result.

Tummy trimmer is both effective for men and women. It is a double spring steel coil up bar with barbed foot pedal. It is effective to reduce belly fat and provide you a flat tummy. This easy to use tool tone your full body and improves your posture.

Not only abdominal area, tummy trimmer strengthens your chest, arms, hips and thigh. You can exercise from anywhere and anytime in the office or while watching TV at home.

It is portable, compact and may fit in your briefcase. It burn fat around your mid section and keep your weight under control. With regular use with balance diet you can achieve an attractive look.

How To Use Tummy Trimmer?

To use the tummy trimmer, you have to put your feet in foot pedals and lie down on the ground. You have to try to pull the handle and the pressure put on the spring will help you to tone your stomach, abs and much more.

tummy trimmer exercise
Tummy Trimmer Exercise, Image Source: Insanely Popular – Tummy Trimmer abs exerciser

Benefits of Tummy Trimmer.

  • The correct use of this fitness tool helps you to improve your posture by strengthening your back.
  • It is easy to use and it won’t take much space in your home.
  • Since you have to pull spring with your hands, it helps to increase your original strength by strengthening your arms and chest.
  • Regular use of tummy trimmer will also tone your hips and thighs, making it a full-body workout tool.
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Types of Tummy Trimmer.

EasyHealth Single Spring Tummy Trimmer.

This EasyHealth single spring tummy trimmer can be used by beginners to medium level fitness freaks to achieve an attractive abs. There is a comfortable grip of the handle to ensure that you do not face any difficulty while working out.

Spring Rod extends up to 3’6″ which make it easier for you to crunch advanced while lying down. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully before you start using it.

Ebee Double Spring Tummy Trimmer.

Burn your belly fat as well as improve handgrip with the help of this Ebee tummy trimmer. Using it for rowing exercise will help you to engage your abs and give you a better shape to your stomach, hips and thighs.

At first, you must learn the proper holding position before starting exercise to avoid wrist injuries. You can easily adjust the resistance level according to your capacity to make it beneficial for almost all levels of people.

Funny Double Spring Tummy Trimmer.

This tummy trimmer is known for its smooth and solid grip which prevents the hands from slipping during exercise. The pedal has been contoured to provide the right balance and support during your workout routine.

At first adjust your feet properly into the strap before starting and start working out as directed by your fitness trainer. With regular use you can easily lose your belly fat.

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Strauss Tummy Trimmer.

If you are a fitness freak and often like to buy fitness equipment, you must have heard about Strauss. It is one of the most trusted and popular brands in the fitness market. This double spring trimmer engage your abs and provide a flat stomach.

The foot pedal is contoured to ensure that your feet do not slip when you are using this. Springs have been well coated while reducing the risk of corrosion or damage.

List of Tummy Trimmer Exercise.

  • Upper Tummy Exercise.
  • Lower Tummy Exercise.
  • Chest and Arms Exercises.
  • Hip and Thigh Exercises.

How To Use Tummy Trimmer?

tummy exercise
Types of Tummy Trimmer Exercise; Image Source: Tummy Trimmer Exercise Waist

Upper Tummy Exercise.

Sit and place your feet straight, tilt the body backwards until the head is completely lying on the floor. Return back to the sitting position. Start slowly and do it in a repetitions.

Lower Tummy Exercise.

Lie down straight on the floor and raise your feet straight up in the air. Place your back on the floor and raise your feet without bending.

*Note:  Keep your feet straight, it will burn more calories.

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Chest and Arms Exercises.

Sit and keep your feet straight, and adjust your feet in the pedal. Raise the handle to the height of the stomach using the arms, repeat this action 15-20 times in a set. At least 4 set is recommended which strengthen your arm muscles.

Hip and Thighs Exercise.

Lie down straight on the floor and bend the knee to the chest. Push the legs upwards and round again towards the floor, making a circular motion. Keep doing this action and it will effectively shape your hips and thighs.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What types of tummy trimmers are available?

Mainly, there are two types of tummy trimers are available in the market. These are single spring tummy trimers and double spring tummy trimers. You can choose according to the intensity of resistance that you want to include in your workout routine.

2. Apart from belly fat, in which parts tummy trimmers work on?

It will help to reduce your belly fat and tone your abs. So, you can get better abs by regular using of tummy trimmer. In addition, you can also engage your forearms, upper arms and shoulders. This exercise tool will help you to exercise with various strengths and resistance.

3. Do Tummy Trimmers Really Work?

Yes, it will help you to lose belly fat if you exercise properly and regularly. Within a few days you may not see a difference in your belly fat. But, consistency is the key to achieving your fitness goals.

Bottom Line.

Now you have got some idea about tummy trimmers, how it is effective and what are the benefits of it. Therefore, in order to get a toned body and flat belly it is safe and best option to use tummy trimmers.

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