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Top 10 Workouts on Terrace For Rapid Weight Loss

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Are you unable to do exercise due to lack of time or busy schedule? However, there are many such workouts which you can do at your terrace to maintain your fitness. So, today we will tell you about some special workouts which you can easily do at your terrace. You can also engage most of the part of your body through these exercises.

While doing exercise, your mind sometimes gets confused, as what exercise you should do for rapid weight loss? This sometimes leads to wrong exercise. Doing wrong exercises sometimes leads to injury. To stay fit and healthy, it is important to do regular exercise and your diet should also be maintained.

Top 10 Workouts on Terrace for Rapid Weight Loss.

The top workouts on terrace for rapid weight loss are:

  1. Cobra Exercise.
  2. Front Plank.
  3. Glute Bridge.
  4. Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch.
  5. Bent Knee Sit Up.
  6. Burpee.
  7. Squats.
  8. Push Ups.
  9. Crunches.
  10. Lunges.

Cobra Exercise.

Cobra exercise is also very easy to do at terrace and you won’t have to worry too much about doing it. It is similar to bhujangasana yoga mudra but you have to do it as an exercise. It is very effective exercise for your chest and shoulders.

Cobra Exercise

How To Do?

  • Lay a mat on the terrace.
  • Now lie down on it on your stomach.
  • Thereafter, try to lift the front of the body with the support of your hands.
  • Note that, the bottom of your stomach should be stick to the ground.
  • Now stay in the same situation for at least 4 to 5 minutes.

Front Plank.

This is one of the effective workouts, which is absolutely easy to do and you can do it on your terrace or roof of the house in the evening. It strengthens your shoulders and also helps you to reduce belly fat a lot.

plank exercise
Front Plank

How To Do?

  • First come in the position of push-ups.
  • Then bend your hands with an elbow and stick them to the ground on the front.
  • Now stay in the same situation for at least 5 to 7 minutes.
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Glute Bridge.

This is also one of the effective workouts which is very effective and you can easily do at your terrace on regular basis. This exercise will give you perfect fitness if you want to strengthen your knees and feet. It does not require any kind of gym equipment. Just look at a place in any corner of the terrace where you can find a place to lie down.

You can then do it according to the steps given below. This exercise is most commonly used to make six pack abs. you must lie on your back on the ground and your foot, hands must be stuck to the ground while you lift part of your stomach above the ground and then put it down back to the ground.

setu bandhasana
Glute Bridge

How To Do?

  • Lay a mat on the terrace and lie down on it on your back.
  • Now bend your legs and stick your hands to the ground.
  • Now both your legs and hands will stick to the ground and you will lift your stomach and back part from the ground to an angle of 45 degrees between hands and feet, will be back in normal position.
  • Repeat the same process at least 15 to 20 times.
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Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch.

It is considered to be the most comfortable workouts which you can easily do without any equipment on your terrace. It can straighten the waist.

Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch
Cross-Body Shoulder Stretch

How To Do?

  • At first sit on the ground.
  • Now hold the elbow of the left hand with the right hand and move backward.
  • Take it back so much that you feel a slight stretch in the chest.
  • While doing this, make sure that your elbow should equal to your shoulder.
  • Stay at this stage for 10 seconds and then come to the initial stage.
  • You have to do this exercise for 10 second. This will make you feel relaxed and eradicate neck problems.
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Bent Knee Sit Up.

This exercise will work very effectively to loose belly fat and to maintain your six pack abs. Many gym trainers are also advised to do this exercise. In fact, doing this not only reduces your belly fat but also toned your chest muscle.

Sit Up Exercise
Bent Knee Sit Up

How To Do?

  • First lie down on the ground on your back and bend your knees.
  • Now lock your hands under the head.
  • Now stick your feet to the ground in the same situation and try to lift your back to the knees.
  • Then lie back on the ground.
  • Now repeat the same process at least 10 to 15 times.
  • You can do this exercise both in the morning and evening.
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  • All you have to do for this exercise is to lie down on the ground and get up early and jump.
  • You have to repeat this process at least 5 times.
  • Do it continuously for 2 minutes. If you feel tired in the middle, you can take a 10-second break.
  • This maintains good blood circulation and keeps the body energetic throughout the day.
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Squats is considered to be the best free hand exercise. This exercise is effective in everything from strengthening muscles to removing fat. Doing this strengthens the muscles and keeps the body flexible. This will not only relax your body but also make you feel stress free.

squat exercise

How To Do?

  • Both hands have to be kept open in front and standing straight and pulling the chest slightly outwards.
  • Now bend your knees and sit as if you were sitting on a chair.
  • Initially do 10 squats and then slowly move to 12-15.
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Push Ups.

You don’t have to worry if you are unable to go to the gym, as you can do push-ups very easily without any gym equipment at your terrace. This exercise will be very beneficial for you if you want to make six pack abs. You can do at least 15 to 25 pushups at a time to the extent of your ability.

Push ups is an exercise whose countless benefits cannot be ruled out. Many researches have revealed that push ups targets many of your body muscles. You don’t need any machine or dumbbell and barbell.

This is an exercise that you can do anywhere and at any time. Expert also believe that it is an exercise that engages your core as well. When you do this exercise, it also has a good effect on your stomach.

push up
Push Ups

How To Do?

You have to stretch your fingers and palms on the floor while Push ups. You have to take as much floor support as you can with your fingers. Then you have to press your fingers and palm towards the floor to put pressure on the floor. You will then get the reverse pressure of the floor.

You have to press lightly while going down your palms and press lightly when you come up. Don’t put any stress on your shoulders. Also rotate your elbow and biceps, triceps. So that your shoulder is completely tension free.

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Crunches can also increases your muscles strength. There are many deep muscles in your belly. Which are very important to target. These muscles protect your beck and your spine.

Crunch exercises Workouts On Terrace

How To Do?

  • The first thing you need to do is lie down straight on a mat or floor.
  • Next, you have to bent your knee.
  • Then you have to make sure that your feet don’t move around.
  • Then you have to put both your hands lightly behind your neck.
  • Be careful not to tight your hands.
  • Then you have to bring your upper body to your feet.
  • Take special care to bring your part of the chest upwards.
  • Stick to your waist floor or mat. Let you be completely loose in your hand. Then you have to go back and forth in the same position. Make sure that you do not force your neck with your hand.
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Lunges is one of the effective workouts which you must do at your terrace in regular basis. Doing lunges exercise promote rapid weight loss. Because this exercise targets your big muscles. The effect of which lasts till after exercising.

That is, after the calories you have burned during exercise, your body also burns calories in repairing muscles when you rest at home. Which keeps you fat burn in resting zone.

curtsy lunges Workouts On Terrace

How To Do?

  • While doing this exercise, you always have to keep in mind that if you are a beginner, do it without weight. Also, you should not bend your shoulders forward.
  • And you should have to chest up.
  • The foot on your front should be bent correctly to make a 90-degree angle.
  • Then you have to bend your back leg long backwards.
  • You also have to keep your back straight.
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Before Workouts on Terrace.

Eat Protein And Simple Carbs.

egg Workouts On Terrace

You should consume protein and simple carbs about one to one and a half hours before the workout as protein contains many amino acids that will keep our body in anabolic and prevent muscles from breaking down during workouts.

You can eat 2 to 3 egg whites in proteins.

Carbs should be eaten about one to one and a half hours before the workout because carbs will go to the body and convert to glucose and give energy which will gradually energize the body during the workout and help in lifting extra weight.

In carbs you can eat a banana about an hour before the workout.

Drink Coffee.

coffee Workouts On Terrace
Drink Coffee

You can drink coffee about 20 minutes before the workout. Put the coffee in half a glass of water and drink. It will increase your concentration during workout and you will be able to work out well. You can use any brand for coffee.

Dressed In Loose Clothes.

If you are not wearing comfortable clothes during workout, you will not be able to take full advantage of the workout but your health may also be damaged.

Because the sweat from our body accumulates on clothes and the body while working out, which puts the germ at risk of developing and can lead to itching.

If you wear loose clothes that are comfortable for you, the workout will be good and there will be no risk of germ swelling.

During Workouts on Terrace.


You should warm up before working out as warming up will open your joints and muscles well and you will be able to work out well. Warming up increases the capacity of the body and reduce injury.

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Listen Song.

You should listen song during the workout as listening songs makes people motivated and able to work out well. Listen songs that make you feel energetic during workout. You can download and listen to Gym Songs from Google or YouTube.

Drink Water.

You need to keep the body hydrated while working out as keeping the body hydrated can prevent muscle pain and fatigue. So you should drink some water in between.

After Workouts on Terrace.

Relax Muscles.

It has been observed that people have muscle pain after the workout and are not ready to exercise for the next day.

Because having pain means that they have exercised more, it is true that after exercising too much, there is muscle pain but you can avoid this pain and be ready to exercise for the next day. We recommend that relax the muscles after workout so that you can exercise for the next day. You can stretch to relax muscles.

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Eat Protein.

Our suggestion is given to take protein immediately after the workout as during the workout we have broken the muscles. Reconnecting them and growing requires protein which re-connects the muscles and grows them. You can eat protein powder or 6 to 7 egg whites for protein.

Get 7 To 8 Hours of Sleep.

We have seen people work hard to build body yet they are not able to make bodies. We tell you why this is so. Sleep is essential for the growth of an adult. If you does not sleep properly, you feels stressed and tired and unable to feel like doing anything.

This makes you feel tired during workout and are not able to do the workout properly. If you take 7 to 8 hours of sleep throughout the day, it is good for your body growth as body growth takes place while sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How Many Hours A Day Should You Workout At Terrace?

Often the question that comes to everyone’s mind is how long should one workout i.e. how many hours a day?

Many people believe that we should work out seven days a week. And many say that we should take five days of workout and two days of rest.

It is wrong to see that we should work out seven day in a week.  Because working out on a seven day breaks the muscles. Muscles do not get relief from proper pillows. Due to which the growth of muscles is stopped.

If you work out five days a week and take two days of rest and have a full diet, the muscles get time to reconnect. And you are ready for the next exercise.

2. How Many Hours Should You Work Out?

You may have noticed that many people spend more and more time to work out but still their body are not formed because they do not take proper diet.

I believe that if your diet is simple i.e. like an Indian citizen who has bread, vegetable milk, curd, he or she should work out for one to one and half hours.

If your diet is good with high quality protein, carbs, fats and vitamin and minerals, you can work out for one and a half to two hours.

If you are a professional bodybuilder, obviously your diet will be good, you can work out for two to three hours.

Bottom Line.

Therefore, it can be conclude that the above mentioned workouts at terrace are effective and easy to do without gym and equipment. It helps to rapid weight loss as well as keeps you healthy. Apart from that a healthy balanced diet is also necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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