16 Natural Ways To Reduce Muscle Soreness

Natural Ways Muscle Soreness

Do you also have a sudden muscle soreness and stretch? If so, you should not ignore it. In such a way, the body indicates you that, you need to take care of yourself and relax along with work. However, many of you sometimes treat muscle soreness with soreness killers, which is not correct. Therefore, in this article, we will not only inform you about the common, but serious problem of muscle soreness, but also some natural ways to treat muscle soreness.

Causes of Muscle Soreness.

In order to treat muscle soreness in the right way, it is also necessary for you to know the causes of muscle soreness, so that will be easier to treat. Below we are going to tell you some common causes of muscle soreness and stretch;

  • Exercise and yoga in a wrong way.
  • Excessive workout in regular basis.
  • Travelling in a bike or car for a long time, walking longer, standing or sitting for prolong time can cause muscle stretch or soreness.
  • Due to some disease such as arthritis, inflammation or bone and muscle problems.
  • Muscle soreness or stretching can also be caused by muscle injury when playing, rushing or walking. Sometimes it happens because of chronic injury.
  • Sleeping in the wrong way also causes muscle tension.
  • This may also happen due to weather changes.

16 Natural Ways To Reduce Muscle Soreness.

  1. Foam Roll exercise.
  2. Stretch.
  3. Bath with Warm Water.
  4. Warm up.
  5. Pack of Ice.
  6. Heat Pad.
  7. Turmeric.
  8. Ginger.
  9. Saffron.
  10. Chamomile.
  11. Massage.
  12. Rest.
  13. Light Exercise.
  14. Yoga.
  15. Balanced Nutrition.
  16. Soreness Killers.

Sometimes people start taking a variety of medicines to treat muscle soreness. This can lead to a several side effects. So, here we are going to tell you some natural ways for muscle soreness, which are not only easy, but also don’t have any side effects.

Foam Roll Exercise.

It is a good remedy for muscle stretch and relieving soreness. Foam roll is a cylindrical and can be massaged by itself. This can relieve the problem of muscle inflammation and soreness. Do at least 10 to 15 massage at the place of soreness. Keep in mind that, use it by the advice of a specialist, who will teach you the right way of massage, so that you can get all the benefits from it. Massaging in a wrong way can also causes several trouble.

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If you talk about the natural way for muscle soreness, stretching can be a good option. If you go to the gym or exercise, then stretch the muscles before start the exercise, because exercising shrinks the muscles. This can lead to muscle stretching and soreness problems, so stretch before and immediately after exercise, so that you can avoid muscle soreness.

Bath with Warm Water.

Hot water can also be helpful in treating muscle soreness, taking a bath with warm or lukewarm water gives comfort from soreness. Hot or lukewarm water increases the flow of blood in the stiff muscles and bones and relieves muscle stretch. You can also put epsom salt or essential oil in lukewarm water so that the soreness can heal quickly. If there is soreness in the legs, you can dip them in warm water for a while.

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Warm Up.

It is necessary to warm up before exercising. When you avoid warm up and start exercising vigorously, the risk of muscle soreness begins to increase. Therefore, warm up for first few minutes of exercise can be beneficial. Doing so can also prevent muscle loss.

Pack of Ice.

You can also take a pack of ice to relieve muscle soreness and stretch. In particular, the use of ice packs can be more beneficial after workout. It will have a greater effect in muscle soreness.

Heat Pad.

As we told you above, bathing with warm water relieves muscle stretch and soreness. Similarly, muscle soreness with the heating pad or hot water bag can be relaxed to a great extent. Hot water pads not only relieve muscle soreness, but also relief from back soreness, as it can improve blood flow in the body to a great extent.


Turmeric has always been used for many health problems due to its medicinal properties. In particular, it is more useful if there is an injury or a problem of swelling. It consist anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and many other properties that not only relieve diseases but also relieve the problem of injury, muscle soreness and stretch. You can use turmeric and milk before bedtime at night. This can relieve soreness.

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Ginger not only enhances the taste of food but also beneficial for overall health. You may be surprised to know that ginger can also relieve muscle soreness. It has analgesics i.e. soreness killers and anti-inflammatory properties. This can cause a lot of comfort from the problem of muscle soreness and swelling.


It is useful not only for the skin but also for health. Saffron has been used as a drug for many years. It not only helps to relieving many diseases, but also the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in it can relieve muscle soreness and stretch. So, you can also use saffron with milk.


It can also a good remedy to relieve muscle soreness and stretch.  Chamomile have sedative, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. It relaxes the muscles and can also help to reduce inflammation. So, you can consume chamomile tea for such type of problems.


Massage is also a good remedy to relieve muscle soreness and stretch. At times, you may have seen people resorting to massage to get comfort with soreness. However, it is important to note that massage should be done in the right way, as wrong way can aggravate the soreness. Therefore, it should done under the supervision of a specialist. The benefit of massage can be more if it is done with essential oils like lavender and rosemary.

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If you are suffering from muscle soreness, try to relax. If you are properly treated and relaxed along with medicines, the likelihood of soreness being cured quickly. So, if you exercise or do anything else, take a vacation for some time and relax.

Light Exercise.

It is necessary to do mild exercises to avoid muscle soreness and stretch. Keep in mind that whatever exercise you do, do it under the supervision of an expert. Do not exercise too heavy, but do the exercise that suits you and do not forget to warm-up before and after exercise.


Yoga can cure many diseases. Many people prefer to do yoga more than exercise. If you are also one of them and looking for muscle soreness measures, you can also resort to yoga. Keep in mind that, do it as per the advice of an expert.

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Balanced Nutrition.

Sometimes lack of nutrients also causes muscle soreness. So, take special care of your food and drink. Include green vegetables, fruits and dry fruits in your diet. Also, use food that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Soreness Killers.

In some cases you can also use soreness killers with the advice of the doctor to relieve muscle soreness, but keep in mind that it should be taken in limited quantities.

Bottom Line.

Do not ignore the problem of muscle soreness, as the problem can also take a serious form in the future. If the soreness is chronic and not cured even after these measures, you must talk to the doctor about it. The natural ways for muscle soreness mentioned above are for mild soreness. Therefore, you can use these remedies when there is any such problems. If you also have muscle soreness measures, you must also share it with us in the comment box.


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