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Bulk Up Workout Plan to Gain Lean Muscle Mass

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Here you find several simple and effective exercise from starting of the week. Such bulk up workout plan for  skinny guys will definitely help to gain quality of lean muscle mass.

If you are a beginner you can start up with these exercises.

This workout plan for bulk is equally effective for men and women of the age groups with effect from 15 to 60. Here we mainly focus on the specific muscle groups by forcing full intensity. Which help you to break the muscle plateau.

We exercise for 5 days a week and reserve 2 days (rest) for muscle recovery. We categorized the exercise pattern in two parts –

  • Systematic – Also known as regular set. Here we prefer average weight with maximum repetitions. Here we take 60 Seconds rest between each sets. 
  • Superset – In this process we put maximum load on specific muscle group with minimum repetitions. Here we take 2 minutes rest between each sets.
groups muscle
Footnote. Leg workout boost your performance throughout the week. It overall transform your body and boost testosterone hormone. Start your week with leg workout is a good choice.
Footnote. Stretch the each muscle groups before and after workout to prevent any type of muscle injury.  
Footnote. Always choose a weight depend upon your capabilities. Put 100% effort during each set with focus on the particular muscle groups.
Footnote. Cardio is an effective exercise for fat loss and beneficial for overall health. It strengthen your heart muscle, core and help you to boost stamina.
Footnote. Start your workout with minimum load and finish with maximum. In such process you can put maximum load on a specific muscle group.
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Bottom Line. 

During the rest period on Thursday and Sunday you must take proper rest with nutrition. You may take a massage on those days which help you to recover.

This workout plan for bulk will transform you from top to bottom if you follow such exercise with discipline. Along with the exercise you must focus on your diet chart. Be patience and consistent hard work will transform you.

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