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Japanese Towel Exercise: A New Way To Reduce Belly Fat

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Nowadays, everyone wants a flat belly. But most of the people are facing digestive problems due to unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle. This not only embarrasses them in many places but also engulfs many diseases. Today we will tell you about an exercise which is very effective in weight loss and also help you to achieve a flat stomach that is “Japanese Towel Exercise”.

Obesity along with excessive belly fat is one of them. To get rid of the problem of obesity and belly fat you only need to adopt the right diet, routine and exercise.

The name reflects that it is an exercise which is derived from Japan. Japanese towel exercise reduces belly fat and help you to achieve a perfect waist and body shape. Meanwhile this exercise will also effectively straighten your spine.

So let’s know how you’ll be able to reduce belly fat by doing this exercise.

Origin of Japanese Towel Exercise.

According to reports, Japanese towel exercise was invented by Japanese physician Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi. This particular exercise also has many benefits. This exercise not only helps in weight loss but also improve body posture, strengthens your waist and back. Rolled towels can easily reduce the fat deposited near the waist.

According to Dr. Toshiki, the extra layer of fat around the stomach is actually the result of the displacement of your pelvis. According to him, this practice corrects the pelvic space as well as reduces fat from your wide waist and provide a better shape. Also helps in muscle toning.

The Japanese towel exercise not only improves the digestive system of a person. The overall health of a person is also improved by the towel exercise, you can manage your diet by the weight loss calorie calculator. This would help to make your diet according to your lifestyle, and manage your weight.

How To Do The Japanese Towel Exercise?

You don’t need to go to the gym or need any equipment to do this exercise. You can do this exercise easily at home. All you need is a towel and 5 minutes of your day.

japanese towel exercise
Japanese Towel Exercise Image Source: An insane Japanese method to lose weight with a Towel

Steps To Do.

First take a towel about 15 inches long and 4 inches wide and roll it on the floor. Now lay the mat or yoga mat on the ground and sit on it. Then lie down on top of the towel.

Keep in mind that, the towel must be placed in such a way that it is completely in the veins of your navel and keep the body completely straight.

Now close the toe together while opening both the legs in the same width as the shoulders. Your heels should be in a gap of 8-10 inches. Also keep both hands straight towards the head.

Now touch the smallest fingers with the palms of both hands stretched out. And stay in this position for 5 minutes.

Thereafter, sit comfortably without jerking. If you may find it difficult to do this exercise initially, do it only for 2-3 minutes.

If you do this exercise regularly, you will see results within 30 days. But if you feel any kind of problem in muscles, then you must seek medical advice before doing this exercise.

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Japanese Towel Exercise Video.

Here is the video of Japanese Towel Exercise:

Video Source: A Japanese Method to Lose Weight Using Only a Towel

Japanese Towel Exercise How Many Times A Day?

Three times a day only for 5 minutes with proper posture mentioned above is effective to get a flat tummy with the help of Japanese Towel Exercise.

Does Japanese Towel Exercise Work?

This exercise became viral in the social media and seemed magical to everyone, but this exercise can’t definitely give you a flat tummy in 10 days. Yes, it is true that no exercise can give a flat tummy and tone body so quickly, so don’t trust it blindly.

However, to some extent these exercises can help you to improve your posture, reduce back pain and belly fat. But it may also take some time, not in 10 days you will get better results. As you all know, reducing fat from mid section is the most difficult task for everyone. This is because the fat accumulated here does not go away easily.

Japanese Towel Exercise Before and After.

The result of Japanese towel exercise before and after are as follows:

Overweight/ ObeseToned Body
Belly FatNormal belly
Bad spine curvatureStraight spine
Bad postureGood posture

Disadvantages of Japanese Towel Exercise.

The disadvantages of this exercise is still unclear. But few reported that it could lead to bad posture which is not good for health.

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How to Build Flat Tummy In A Healthy Way?

First of all you should remember that weight loss is not possible so quickly. When you are on a weight loss journey, you start losing weight at the same rate from all parts of the body. In the meantime in some areas you will lose weight faster than other parts, but it is not in your hands.

Secondly, if anyone is talking about getting a quick weight loss result through a diet, stay away from such claims. This is because it takes time to lose weight effectively.

Routine To Follow To Get Flat Tummy.

Take a balance diet in the routine to get a flat tummy and drink enough water throughout the day. Also exercise on daily basis and create a time table for food as well as rest. Make distance from smoking and alcohol consumption.

Bottom Line.

Therefore, it can be say that Japanese towel exercise may help in weight loss but not quickly as it expected. However, the proper way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet which contains all essential nutrients. However, you must exercise properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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