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How To Get Six Pack Abs In Six Days?

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In our busy life, everyone wants to be success but most of us ignore our health and prefer unhealthy food and drinks. However, in return we get a variety of diseases or became obese and it looks very messy and ugly. Now some people do a lot of hard exercises to stay fit. They try to make six packs, but the only way to get six pack abs will tell you in this article. Also we will give you some tips on what you should eat along with effective exercise to stay fit and healthy, so that you can get six pack abs in six days or as soon as possible.

Staying fit and achieve a body whether it’s biceps or six packs is not a one-day or one month’s job. So, you have to  exercise with dedication, discipline and within few months you will find out the difference. You will change your body effectively.

Many people think that, they can get an attractive six pack abs by exercising in the gym for a couple of months  but in reality you have to exercise continuously and it will be very beneficial for your overall body. Some people do a lot of exercise but they don’t get good results because they exercise to make a body or six pack but don’t take care about their diet and drinks. So, a good diet plan will help you make six pack abs in six days. So, let’s know how to make six packs.

Diet Plan And Food.

Just exercising continuously is not enough for six pack abs, you also need a better and healthy meal. If you want six pack abs in six days, it is very important for you to take care of your diet. Otherwise all of your exercise will waste.

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Best Food For Six Pack Abs.

  1. Banana.
  2. Broccoli.
  3. Chicken.
  4. Eggs.
  5. Green Tea.
  6. Milk.
  7. Walnuts.


Banana provides you lots of energy which is very beneficial for overall health and provides you energy during your entire exercise session.


It is recommended to eat 2 bananas with milk at the morning.



You may unaware that Broccoli is very beneficial to keep your fit. Broccoli is a type of low calorie food which contains fiber, which is extremely beneficial in weight loss.


So be sure to consume it to lose weight and achieve six pack abs in six days.


Whether it is making biceps in body building or six packs, chicken is very beneficial for you.


It contains several healthy minerals and protein which helps to built muscles.

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You must have heard that anyone who does gym definitely consumes eggs.

egg Six Pack Abs In Six Days

So you can eat boiled eggs that make your bones strong as well as provide more minerals and protein in your body.

Green Tea.

You must have heard or seen that many people drink green tea in the morning with empty stomach.

Green Tea
Green Tea

It helps you to improve metabolism which reduces your belly fat and prevent fat to accumulate.

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Milk is beneficial for health. Did you know that milk contains a lot of protein which helps to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure?

Why Dairy Bad For You

Milk also provides lots of stamina for the exercise.



Walnuts are high in fibre and antioxidants which are very beneficial for your overall health.

walnuts Six Pack Abs In Six Days

So consume walnut daily. 

Food Must Avoid.

Fats : You should not consume fatty foods at all to get six pack abs. Because those food increases fat level in your body which increases your weight. Avoid fatty diet give you quicker and better results.

Oily Food : Reduce the intake of any food that contains a large amount of oil.

Fast Food : Nowadays, in our busy schedule we skip healthy food and eat fast food like pizza, burgers etc., so if you want to look fit and fine, you should avoid to consume these foods.

Butter: Many people prefer to eat butter. However, it increases fat in your body. So you always have to avoid such things to make six pack abs quickly.

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Diet Plan for Six Pack Abs.

Get up in the morning and take an apple along with 4 boiled eggs (only white part of the egg) or boiled chicken and a little broccoli as well as a light meal.

In the afternoon diet, you have to take a slightly lighter diet than breakfast. You can take anything that doesn’t have oil or fat.

The evening diet should not be too heavy in which you can take a bowl of corn with mix veg.

Must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

In dinner you have to eat the lightest food because you don’t do any activity during this time so that calories are not burned, you can consume a little boiled chicken, rice and green vegetable at night but not much.

*Note:  For a better six pack abs diet, you are always advised to consult a gym trainer, who will tell you the best diet according to your physique.

Exercises For Six Pack Abs.

A proper diet plan is necessary to reduce fat and to make six pack abs. However, regular exercise is also a vital key to get an effective result. Let’s know the best exercise to make six packs that you can easily do at home.

1. JackKnife Sit-Up.

JackKnife Sit-Up

Jackknife sit-up is very important exercise for six pack abs. In this exercise you have to lie down straight in which you have to take a deep breath before starting. Thereafter, lift both hands and feet together and touch both hands and toes in v shape and then stay in the same position for 4-5 seconds. Then slowly come back to the initial position and repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

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2. Sit Up Exercise.

Sit Up Exercise
Sit Up Exercise

Sit-up exercise is also a great exercise that is considered great for making six pack abs. At first lie down on the floor and then raise your knee from the ground. Toes should be straight and then lock both hands on the head and then get up at once. You may ask someone to hold the foot.

3. Cycling Exercise.


Cycling exercise
Cycling Exercise

Cycling exercise is a very good and beneficial exercise to remove fats from the abdomen. However, it is also effective exercise to burn calories to get six pack abs. In this exercise you have to lie down on your waist and then cycle as you ride it. You should do it 9-10 times and for at least 3 times.

4. Toe Touches Exercise.

Toe Touch How To Get Six Pack Abs In Six Days
Toe Touches Exercise

Toe touches exercise is also considered very beneficial for making six pack abs. This exercise you can do easily at home, so you don’t need any equipment. At first just lie down straight then touch both hands with your feet and repeat the same exercise in this poison for a few seconds and repeat it 15 to 20 reps.

5. Crunches Exercise.

Crunch exercises How To Get Six Pack Abs In Six Days
Crunches Exercise

To make six pack abs in six days, you have to do a variety of crunches exercises at home such as heel crunch, ball crunch, vertical leg crunch, long arm crunch, which help to reduce all the fat from your stomach. You can burn fat and after some time your six packs will be prominent.

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Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. Why stomach goes upset when I started six pack abs exercise?

During your abs workout (mainly during lower abs workout) you have to stimulate and put pressure on your digestive organs. Such pressure can create some intestinal issues like diarrhea or pain. In such situations you should give relief to those muscle groups.

2. Which exercise is effective for a person suffering from slip disc and spondylosis to develop six pack abs?

Most of the specialist recommend different kind of exercise for those who are suffering from slip disc and spondylosis to get an attractive six pack abs. Those are;

  • Chin tuck.
  • Aerobic.
  • Side bending.
  • Side to side head rotation.
  • Plank.
  • Cycling.

However, it is recommended to practice those exercise under the supervision of an trained instructor, as he/she can help you to make a correct posture. Because a wrong posture can increase the pain.

3. Is six pack abs exercise good for high blood pressure?

Yes, most of the six pack abs exercise are low intensive exercise which not affect your blood pressure level. These exercises are good for your overall health and wellbeing.

Bottom Line.

So these are some exercises you can do at home and with the help of them you will see a huge difference after some time. By doing similar workouts along with a balanced diet your six pack abs will gradually start appearing but it will definitely take a little time.

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  1. Fiber;

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