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What Are The Difference Between A1 And A2 Milk

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Milk is a nutritious diet that every class of people drink. It is enrich with calcium and protein. It also contains many ingredients such as lactose, fats, other vitamins and minerals. Did you know that milk contains two types of proteins i.e. whey protein and casein protein. So, now lets know What Are The Difference Between A1 And A2 Milk?

There are two types of casein proteins such as; alpha-casein and beta-casein. The largest group of proteins found in milk is the casein, which is 80% of the total protein.  If we talk about beta casein, it is found in two forms, A1 and A2.

You may have unknown about A1 and A2 milk. What types of milk it is, whether different types of cows produce A1 and A2 milk, what is the characteristic of this milk, what are the disadvantages of taking this milk etc.

There are several worldwide research is underway to find out what are the difference between these two milks? If we talk about any country regarding the production of this milk, whether it is Russia, America or India etc. The answer is each and every cow are produce this milk.

Difference Between A1 and A2 Milk. 

Milk is considered as a very important part of the nutrition of children. There are two types of milk available in the market i.e. milk A1 and milk A2. A1 milk is given by A1 type of cows and A2 milk by A2 cows.

If we talk about maximum consumption, a large quantity of A1 milk is consumed in all over the world. The intake of A2 type of milk is low.

We get A2 types of milk from the ancient breed of cow or indigenous cow. To some extent, the cow found in East African places and the milk received from them is called A2 milk. At the same time, we get A1 milk from a foreign breed of cow or from a mixed breed. However, exotic hybrid cow that gives A1 milk.

Milk contains calcium and protein along with variety of proteins, one of which is casein. So, we can say that 80 per cent of casein protein is found in milk. However, domestic cow that produce A2 milk, releases casein protein along with a certain type of amino acid, called proline.

What is Pasteurized or Homogenized Milk?

Did you know that protein in the milk is converted into peptides? Thereafter, it takes the form of amino acids. Amino acids are very important for our health, but amino found in A2 cows play an important role.

A1 cows are also found in most of the countries. They are also known as hybrid cows. Let’s tell you that A1 cows have a different type of amino acid known as histidine. Proline found in A2 milk prevents BCM7 from reaching to our body.

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What BCM7 (Beta-Casomorphin-7) Is?

BCM 7 is an opioid peptide. It is a small protein that is not digested in our body. This can lead to indigestion and many researches have shown that it can cause many other problems or diseases such as diabetes. So we can say that amino acids in A2 milk prevent BCM7 from going into our body. But A1 cows do not have a proline, therefore, BCM7 goes into our body and later it dissolves in the blood.

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Dangerous Effects of BCM7 In Our Body.

Some researchers have also shown that A2 milk is easy to digest. According to a report by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health, A1 beta-casein of BCM 7 is found in high quantities in milk.(1)

If it is given to children, the problem of diabetes will increase. This research was done in Scandinavian and Netherlands countries. Here, it has been found that a large number of people suffer from diabetes.

Lifestyle can also be one of the reasons for this, but somewhere milk is also associated with this disease. Even, heart disease is somewhat associated with this milk.

According to some Russian researchers, BCM 7 passes into children’s blood also prevent brain development. This research was regarding the BCM 7 WAS published in the international journal “Peptides”.

According to another research, Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 2012, Diabetes Type 1 has some link with A1 milk and also it generate mental disorder, autism, heart problem, prevention of allergic defects and schizophrenia.

Some other research also says that A1 milk does not harm the body. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that A1 milk have any side effects. It has not yet been proved properly.

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Operation Flood.

The National Dairy Development Board had launched Operation Flood in India in the year 1970 to tackle the shortage of milk due to increase in population in India. The main objective of the project was to increase milk production, promote rural production and provide fair price to the consumers.

For this purpose Cross-breeding method was used by importing of exotic hybrid species and European species. Due to which there was shortage of domestic cow in India.

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Bottom Line.

So now you may have understood the difference between A1 and A2 Milk and what type of protein is found in milk and which milk is produced in large quantities all over the world etc. However, if you have any lactic allergy then you must avoid milk. You should prefer other substitutes of milk or may prefer supplements.

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