Stress Management: Symptoms, Causes, Preventive Measures


We all experience stress at some time in part of our daily life. Stress is the illness or spur that threatens the body’s homeostasis. Stress may be physical or mental. It may develop due to many reasons. For example, emotional stress results from feelings of ambition, divine, desire etc., physical stress that can occur in the form of starvation, illness and surgery etc.

So, let’s know how to manage stress and what are the cause factors and all.

Symptoms of Stress.

If you are stressed enough and you do not get even a chance to recover, then it can be like a bell of danger for you. Therefore, it is very important to know what the symptoms are.

Common symptoms that precede stress are as follows;

  • Eating more or less than normal.
  • Rapidly changing mood.
  • Decreased self-esteem.
  • Tension or discomfort all the time.
  • Sleep more or less.
  • Weak memory or overlooking problem.
  • Taking excess alcohol or drugs.
  • Excessive fatigue or loss of energy.
  • Staying away from family and friends.
  • Get away from character.
  • Not concentrating and struggling in work.
  • Not to mind even on those things which you liked earlier.
  • Feeling weird, seeing things that are not there.
  • Apart from this, there can be some physical symptoms of tension including headache, constipation or pain in a particular organ or body.

Overeating, low self-esteem, insomnia etc., physical symptoms like headache, constipation etc are the common symptoms of stress.

What are the Causes of Stress?

  • Unhealthy Diet.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Sleep Deprivation.
  • Bad Relationships.
  • Financial Problems.

Unhealthy Diet.

If you eat more unhealthy food, your body affects your mental state due to imbalance. Excessive consumption of coffee and tea can sometimes cause mental disturbance. It contains caffeine so when we consume, it leads to anxiety. Drinking alcohol can also cause stress. Consumption of excess sodium can increase your blood pressure, which can cause mess in your brain. (1), (2), (3), (4)

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When you do not have a specific day or are not able to follow it, it can lead to problems that can cause stress. For example, if you wake up late, you don’t eat food, have trouble getting to work due to hunger and you hear scolding from your boss. This may also cause stress. (5)

Sleep Deprivation.

When you do not get sufficient sleep, your body does not get accurate rest and you feel tired. This makes you unable to participate actively in your daily activities which can cause stress. You wake up late at night thinking more and develop negative feelings. (6), (7)

Bad Relationships.

Poor relationships can be a major cause of stress. (8)

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Financial Problems.

If you earn small amount of money then it also becomes a daily cause for worry, as in today’s world the expenses are too high to cope up with.

Therefore, it is very common for life to fluctuate for a while, but if it remains for a long time, it can spoil the rest of life. Anyway, stress never happens because you are weak but always because you are letting the stress remain even after its presence and not resisting it. (9), (10)

One should always try to stay positive when there is stress. In some cases you may also need fresh start.


There are many causes which can lead to stress. But from that unhealthy diet, financial problems, bad relationships, lifestyle and sleep are the major cause factor for stress.

Why it is Necessary to Understand Stress?

Many severe mental problems can occur due to this. One out of every four people in the world are suffers from tension. This is the reason why several times we are unable to focus on working for a long time.

If this condition are ignored for a long time, it can turn into a serious problem. Three-fourths of the patients undergoing stress and depression are women. However, three quarters of people who commit suicide due to tension and depression are male. Therefore, depression and tension are the most responsible for cases of suicide. (11), (12), (13), (14)

*Note- Suicide is not the solution to escape out. Always try to face the problem and ask yourself how you can deal it or consult with your close ones.

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It is necessary to understand stress as it is one of the major health problem and most of the people ignores it. Due to this later it causes a serious mental issue.

Techniques or Preventive Measures To Manage Stress.

Have you ever noticed that when you are under stress you eat food? It is quite common that our body gives up freezing which increases the appetite. When we are stressed, we become sleepy. We do not feel like doing anything and sleep the whole time.

It is not the right way to overcome your mental stress. Here are some simple methods which have managed to overcome stress-like problems.

Eating Healthy Foods.

When you are under stress, you feel like eating Fast food and extra sweet food. But you should avoid this food. Consumption of junk food can worsen the situation in the long run. You should eat dark chocolate because it helps in fighting stress.

Apart from this, consume green leafy vegetables, blueberries, almonds. Consuming warm milk also helps to relieve stress. (15), (16)

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While exercising our body releases endorphins, which is also called as “Happy” hormone which improves our mood. Regular exercise also boost our metabolism. Yoga is the best way to cope with stress, many exercises and asanas helps you to relieve stress.(17), (18), (19), (20)

It also helps you to release negative feelings. Many special exercises help you to stay mentally stable. Start with breathing exercises, it will calm your mind. When you wake up in the morning, the most important thing for you is to practice Surya Namaskar. After that perform your daily work, it will make you feel better.

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Maintain Daily Routine.

Making a proper routine will help you to deal with this. It will also help you to work in a right manner. Taking proper sleep in proper time will never make you to wake up late. Hence, you will be active all the time and you will never feel sleepy or doze.(21)(22), (23)

Take a Break.

Spare some time for your life, which can reduce stress. If you have a hobby like cooking, reading books etc. then do it. Hang out with your family or friends, listen sweet music etc. Find the root cause of your anxiety and overcome it and enjoy the small pleasures of life. (24)


Stress is a major health problem. Before it become a part of our daily life it need to be managed by eating proper healthy foods, doing exercise regularly, maintaining a proper schedule and sometime taking a short break for yourself.

Bottom Line.

Stress is one of the major illness we all face in our daily life. Either due to work pressure or personal reasons. Due to that we often go to a wrong track and often hamper our relationship as well as health.

Therefore, to deal with it we should maintain a proper routine in our life, eat healthy foods and do some physical activities. Along with this you can take break and do the things which you love to do. All these things will help you in dealing with stress and will give you a better life.


Nebadita - Author

Nebadita - Author

Earned M.Sc in Applied Nutrition Degree from National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, ICMR. 8 years of experience in the field of nutrition, health and fitness. Currently serving in the Eastern branch of ICMR.

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