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Misconceptions About Yoga, Remove it Today

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Yoga is for each and everyone, without any discrimination of age, gender or state. But even though few people have misconceptions regarding yoga.  Yoga can be done according to everyone’s needs and physical abilities. It’s have different postures for children, middle-aged people and pregnant women.

Yoga balances the body and gives you better health. It is one of the effective measure regarding the two major problems at the present time which is pollution and stress. Even knowing all this, many people build misconceptions about yoga. Because of that, they are not able to incorporate yoga in their routine.

Today, let’s see what are those yoga myths, which need to be removed.

  • Yoga is only for youth.
  • It takes too much time for yoga.
  • Avoid yoga in Respiratory Illness.
  • Yoga is only for healthy people.
  • It doesn’t lose weight.
  • Yoga has specific age.
  • The body must be flexible to do yoga.
  • Men don’t do yoga.
  • Avoid if you have back pain.
  • Practice Yoga early in the morning.
  • Yoga is very expensive.
  • It is linked to religion.
  • Yoga is only for slim and fit people.
  • The variations in yoga are limited.
  • People suffering from any kind of injury cannot do yoga.
  • Yoga is not an exercise.

Yoga is Only for Youth.

It is only for children and youth, often it is heard by the elders. But yoga is useful for people of all ages. Whether 20 years of youth or 70 years of old, yoga is beneficial for all.

It Takes Too Much Time for Yoga.

People often don’t even do yoga because they feel that it will take a long time. But even if you do yoga for 10 minutes a day, your body gets a lot of benefits.

Avoid Yoga In Respiratory Illness.

This is one of the major misconception regarding the yoga. Rather, truth is opposite. If you have respiratory problems, that is lung problems, you must include yoga in your daily routine. It helps your lungs to provide oxygen.

If you are an asthma patient, the direct inverse can help you to stay healthy.

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Yoga is Only for Healthy People.

Not at all, yoga is for everyone. Without any age, gender or state of discrimination. It can be done according to everyone’s needs and physical abilities.

For children, middle-aged people, pregnant women, etc. there have several early postures for them. You can do yoga under the direction of a yoga instructor as per your requirement.

Yoga Doesn’t Lose Weight.

People who sweat in the gym often feel that only heavy workouts are needed to lose weight. While the reality is that both weight gain and loss depends on your overall lifestyle. Yoga provides flexibility in your body and other postures will help in weight loss by triggering the entire muscles of the body.(1)

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Yoga has Specific Age.

It is an art through which both the body and the mind are well-lived. Yoga can make the body, mind and brain fully healthy. You can take the health benefits by doing yoga at any age.

The Body Must be Flexible to do Yoga.

Often you may have heard from the people that yoga required flexibility in the body. But it is not, yoga must have the will to do. Gradually, the body itself becomes flexible. It depends entirely on your practice.(2)

Men Don’t Do Yoga.

People think that men don’t need to do yoga. But in fact yoga was started by men and even today the number of men is higher than that of women in those who do yoga.(3)

Avoid if You have Back Pain.

Recent studies showed that people who are suffering from back and groin pain, if they do yoga with caution, relieve pain and improve the ability in various tasks such as walking and other light physical activities. One of the best aspects is that if you do yoga every day, you can get rid of such pain up to 90 per cent.

Practice Yoga Early in the Morning.

Another misconceptions of yoga, it is a healthy habit to get up early in the morning. This has a variety of health benefits. There are some rules of yoga. By following those rules, you can also do yoga at noon or in the evening, many people take advantage of yoga by doing it at their free time.

Yoga is Very Expensive.

People feel that yoga centres are so much expensive. However, you can also do yoga online for free through the Internet.

Yoga is Linked to Religion.

In today’s society, people see yoga as a special community and religion. But it is not at all, yoga is just a means of keeping your body healthy.

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Yoga is Only for Slim and Fit People.

It is not that people who are slim and fit from the body can do yoga. Whatever your body may be, you can absolutely take advantage of yoga. You can also make your body fit from the fat by doing yoga.

The Variations in Yoga are Limited.

People think that only one or two types of yoga is easy. But it is also wrong, if you go to a yoga class and learn, you will find a lot of new and easy yoga poses.

People Suffering from Any Kind of Injury Cannot Do Yoga.

One of the major misconceptions about yoga is that a person suffering from injury or any kind of pain cannot do yoga. Yes, you cannot do all kinds of postures, but you can do some postures with the help of yoga instructor. Yoga will also work to ease your pain.(4)

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Yoga is Not an Exercise.

Another misconception regarding yoga is that people believe that one cannot burn the same number of calories through yoga as comparison with treadmill. But they don’t know that yoga is also a kind of exercise that is very beneficial for your overall body.

Not only that, many people feel that women cannot do yoga during pregnancy, while this is not correct. Pregnant women can do yoga under the supervision of a trainer.

Bottom Line.

Eradicate those misconceptions of yoga from your mind and start your yogic journey from today. Overall it is one of the finest exercise for you and your family. You can gain several health benefits from yoga if you do it with dedication and proper routine. However, you have to focus on your diet also to get the maximum result.

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