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14 Unexpected Health Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga is a combination of physical, psychological and mystical practices. In modern day yoga is quiet popular among all age groups due to its several health benefits and advantages. It is more than the physical exercise. You can control your mind along with the body. Yoga gives you internal peace and happiness.

However, yoga have several incredible health benefits. Among those here we pick up top 14 health benefits of Yoga. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

There are many health benefits of yoga in our daily life. But we are telling you the foremost important health benefits of yoga. They are: 

Yoga Strengthen Joint Health.

Joint Health

Our joint are made of different joint cartilage. This Joint cartilages are like a sponge. It obtains renewed nutrients through a new supply whenever its fluid is pressed out. Lack of proper nourishment, areas of cartilage can ultimately exhaust.

Whenever you practice yoga, you move your joints through their full speed. Such practice helps to prevent you from arthritis protect your cartilages. (1)

Yoga Improve Heart Health.


Practicing yoga in regular basis improve the heart rate and reduce the risk of heart attack. Apart from this it increases your endurance level and uplift the flow of oxygen in the body. Practicing yoga not only improve heart rate it also improve your cardiovascular conditioning. (2)

According to a study it is found persons who were practice yoga in regular basis can do extra workouts with less oxygen.(3)

Yoga Reduce Stress and Give Relaxation.


According to Herbert Benson, (M.D) yoga provides you a “Relaxation Response(4). It reduce the levels of stress hormone (cortisol) and relieve you from depression.

Yoga give you internal relaxation and shift your concentration from the “Sympathetic nervous system” to the “Parasympathetic nervous system”.

Yoga for Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation of Body.

Do you feel shame whenever you look at yourself in front of mirror with a ridiculous physique and lots of wrinkles? Do you feel tired while walking with your friends or family? Such things in your life can lead prolonged tension which can increase stress and degrade your mood.


By practicing yoga like “Halasana“, you will find out a huge change through your entire body. It tone up each and every single muscle of your body. You will find a massive change on your face. It helpful to diminish wrinkles and several age signs.

There are many anti aging yoga postures you can include in your daily routine to achieve an attractive look. (5)

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Yoga for Immunity Boost.

In yoga you contract and stretch several muscle groups and increase the blood flow in the organs. It rise the drainage of lymph, which is a sticky fluid rich in immune cells. This promotes the lymphatic system to fight against the infection, destroy cancer cells and dispose toxic waste in the body. (6)

Yoga Prevent Disease.

Yoga prevent heart disease, reduce stress level, reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular heath etc. Apart from this it increase immunity power. However, due to several health benefits it is often recommended by the group of doctors. 

Yoga Improve Internal Organs.


As you have already find out that yoga increase blood flow and spike up oxygen rate in the body. In this way it improves our internal organ such as heart, lungs and kidney etc. Due to the unique breathing technique it supports your nervous system. We can see multiple effects in our mechanisms. Therefore this may be consider as one of the valuable benefits of yoga. (7)

Yoga Bring Peace of Mind.

In your day to day life you have to face different kind of challenges in the life. Which brings lots of stress and disturb our mental peace. According to the “Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra” yoga can suppresses the disturbance of the mind. In different way it reduce frustration, depression and anger which may lead stress.

Yoga Postures For Thyroid
Peace of Mind

It is the cause of many health related problems such as migraines and insomnia, eczema, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Earning mental peace from yoga you can live a prolong life with a healthy lifestyle. (8)

Yoga Provide Better Sleep.

Lucid-Dream Health Benefits of Yoga

In our modern lifestyle we have to face several health issues Out of these excessive stimulation can disturb your nervous system. Many asana are there which have been found very effective against such kind of problems for example yoga nidra, restorative asanapranayama, Savasana, and meditation. All of those are a form of relaxation. Yoga provide many mental benefits and helps in creating a mind to body connection. 

According to a study it is found that practicing yoga in regular basis can give you a better sleep. It is also beneficial for those who are suffering from insomnia.

Yoga Control Blood Pressure.

hypertension Health Benefits of Yoga
Blood Pressure

A study published in the British medical journal “The Lancet” on the people those are suffering from Hypertension. After three months they found that by practicing Savasana or Corpse Pose in regular basis reduce the blood pressure in significant way. Therefore, if you have high blood pressure you must get benefit from yoga. (9)

Yoga Control Blood Sugar.

diabetes insulin Health Benefits of Yoga

Blood Sugar

It reduce the adrenaline and cortisol levels, and improve the sensitivity and effects of insulin. Lower blood sugar levels decrease the risk of diabetic complications like heart attack and kidney failure etc.

Therefore, yoga can be beneficial in several ways for the people with diabetes and blood sugar. (10)

Yoga Reduce Cholesterol Level.

Yoga reduce Low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) also known as bad cholesterol and boost high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) also known as good cholesterol. Which reduce several health complications in a positive way. (11)

Yoga is Budget Friendly.

As yoga does not required any special equipment so it is budget friendly. Anyone can do it in their home or in a park. It does not require any professional trainer and experience. You can find out several simple and effective yoga poses in online.

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Yoga is Time Efficient.

The best time to practicing yoga is in the morning. You can get several health benefits if you practice yoga only for 25-30 minutes per day in regular basis. Therefore, you can utilize your precious time in many other activities.

Other Health Benefits of Yoga. 

Apart from above mentioned health benefits yoga also provides –

  • Better muscle strength.
  • Upgraded athletic enactment.
  • Increase core strength.
  • Boost oxygen supply in the blood.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Enhanced breathing, energy and strength.
  • Improve bone health.(12)
  • Improved flexibility and decrease rigidity.
  • Improve metabolism and support weight loss.

Bottom Line.

Despite of above mentioned health benefits, yoga connected us socially and mentally. You can start with simple pose and move toward the advance.  This is the reason it gain massive popularity among the people. Practicing yoga in the morning provides you a lots of benefits.

Therefore, it can be say yoga can improve your overall health, switch your mood, reduce depression level and have many more unbelievable health benefits. Add yoga in your daily routine but make sure don’t overdo it.

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