7 Amazing 3 People Yoga Poses : Try It Today

Yoga has evolved on mats with yourself only. But now, you can now bring a second or third person to create a challenging and fun social experience of flying acrobatics, deep stretching and creative exercise. The trio is one of the mix of yoga. If you want to find a way to connect more with … Read more

10 Amazing Bff Yoga Poses With Benefits

10 Amazing Bff Yoga Poses With Benefits

BFF 2 person yoga poses (or couple yoga poses) are specified yoga poses where 2 people perform a dependent yoga position to activate body and mind through normal yoga. Body weight and balance at this stage depend on the coordination between the 2 individuals. Couples actively do these poses on social media to fully promote … Read more

Yoga For Spine Alignment : Best 4 Poses

Yoga For Spine Alignment

If your spine is healthy and young, then let’s say you’re also healthy and young! The spine of human is in the shape of the letter ‘S’ of English. Yoga has taken out a variety of asanas by looking at the nature and animals around us. Some of these yoga practices can really help us … Read more

What is Cold Yoga : Benefits

What is Cold Yoga

Cold Yoga was emerged in India thousands of years ago. Thereafter it has become increasingly popular in Western culture. It has many health benefits such as muscle building to preventing health problems, improving focus and promoting the immune system. What is Cold Yoga? Cold yoga is a type of yoga which practiced in temperatures between … Read more

NamasBey Yoga : Latest Trend of Beyoncé Themed Yoga

Namasbey Yoga

Yoga + Beyoncé Music = NamasBey is the latest trend in themed yoga classes that combines two passions in life: yoga and Beyoncé. This kind of yoga is called NamasBey, and this type of classes are designed to challenge your physical body and mind. They has an expertly curated playlist that will extend Beyoncé’s epic career, … Read more