7 Yoga Poses To Ease Endometriosis Symptoms

yoga for endometriosis

Endometriosis is a chronic gynaecological condition. It’s most common during a woman’s reproductive years, which are generally between ages 15 and 49. Practicing Yoga regularly can ease endometriosis symptoms & improve your overall well-being. It helps to reduce pain, relieve tension & provide relaxation. In this article, we explore seven of the best yoga poses … Read more

7 Amazing 3 People Yoga Poses : Try It Today

Yoga has evolved on mats with yourself only. But now, you can now bring a second or third person to create a challenging and fun social experience of flying acrobatics, deep stretching and creative exercise. The trio is one of the mix of yoga. If you want to find a way to connect more with … Read more

10 Amazing Bff Yoga Poses With Benefits

10 Amazing Bff Yoga Poses With Benefits

BFF 2 person yoga poses (or couple yoga poses) are specified yoga poses where 2 people perform a dependent yoga position to activate body and mind through normal yoga. Body weight and balance at this stage depend on the coordination between the 2 individuals. Couples actively do these poses on social media to fully promote … Read more