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5 Effective Yoga Mudras To Cure Asthma

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Asthma is a problem related to the respiratory tract. In today’s time, many people are reeling under the disease. It can come up to anyone at any age. In this disease, the patient usually face difficulty in breathing. Breathlessness and coughing are the symptoms of asthma in the chest and wheezing etc. To relieve this problem, doctors recommend taking certain medications, but they also do not get rid of this disease completely. Yoga Mudras can prove to be a great option for you. In this article, we will give you full information on the type of yoga mudras for asthma and how it is beneficial.

How Does Yoga Mudras Helps in Asthma?

Yoga has been used as a better treatment to address physical problems. It also includes respiratory disorders (asthma). Certain yoga postures are helpful to relieve the blockage in the respiratory tract (e.g. mucus, inflammation and a decrease in lung performance), which are the main risk factors of asthma problem.

Yoga mudras are an integral part of yoga action, therefore, it would not be wrong to say that yoga postures can give positive results in a serious problem like asthma.

After knowing how the yoga mudras are beneficial for asthma, we will now talk about the various yoga mudras used for this problem.

5 Yoga Mudras for Asthma.

Although yoga includes a variety of Mudras, we are only telling you a certain type of yoga mudras for asthma.

  1. Asthma Mudra.
  2. Bronchial Mudra.
  3. Prithvi Mudra.
  4. Linga Mudra.
  5. Sun Mudra.

Asthma Mudra.

Asthma Mudra has been given a special place in yoga posture for asthma.

How Profitable It Is?

Regular practice of this posture helps to remove many respiratory disorders by strengthening the respiratory tract. For this reason, it can be said that yoga can give beneficial results in eliminating the risk factors of asthma.

How To Do?
asthma mudra
Asthma Mudra

Step 1.

First, lay the yoga mat and sit in Padmaasan. Now keep your palms together in case of salutation.

Step 2.

Now bend the middle finger of your two hands to the root of the fingers, so that the two fingers touch each other.

Step 3.

Now put pressure on each other while retaining the position of both the middle fingers.

Step 4.

Keep in mind, while doing so, the other fingers remain straight and the palms are not glued together. Try to maintain this Mudra for about 7 to 10 minutes. Repeat this process daily for better result.

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Bronchial Mudra.

How Profitable It Is?

Bronchial Mudra in yoga posture for asthma can also give beneficial results. Regular practice of this posture can help in the problem of asthma by removing mucus deposited in the respiratory tract along with chest tightness.

How To Do?
bronchial mudra
Bronchial Mudra

Step 1.

Sit in Padmaasan by laying yoga mats and open your palms completely.

Step 2.

Now apply little finger to the root of your thumb.

Step 3.

Then place the ring finger on the upper joint of the thumb.

Step 4.

Later combine your middle finger from the top end of the thumb.

Step 5.

Thereafter, spread your index finger outward. Try to maintain this situation for about five minutes and repeat this process every day.

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Prithvi Mudra.

How Profitable It Is?

This posture included in yoga posture for asthma is also considered helpful in improving the performance of the skin, hair, nails and muscles as well as internal organs. Lungs are also essential internal organs for respiration, so we can say that regular practice of prithvi mudra can relieve you from asthma problems.

How To Do?
Prithvi Mudra
Prithvi Mudra

Step 1.

First, sit in Padmaasan or Vajrasan by laying yoga mats.

Step 2.

Now open your palms and mix the upper part of your ring finger with the upper part of the thumb. Keep in mind that, all the fingers other than the ring finger and thumb will remain open.

Practice this currency for 30 to 45 minutes every day.

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Linga Mudra.

How Profitable It Is?

You can also practice linga mudra to relieve asthma problem. In fact, this type of yoga posture is considered helpful in increasing body temperature. It also improves the respiratory tract by protecting you from problems such as colds, cough and stiffness, which are risk factors of asthma.

How To Do?
linga mudra
Linga Mudra

Step 1.

First of all, sit in the state of Padmaasan or Vajrasan by laying yoga mats.

Step 2.

Now bring your hands closer and mix the palms together.

Step 3.

Now catch the fingers of your two hands together.  Keep in mind, in this case, your left hand thumb should be upwards and the right hand thumb and forefinger are exiting the middle of the finger. Now try to maintain this situation for about 15 minutes.

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Surya Mudra.

How Profitable It Is?

This type of yoga mudra can also prove to be helpful in asthma. This type of yoga posture increase the body temperature and remove the problems of colds. It makes the respiratory system work properly and can relieve the problem of asthma.

How To Do?
Surya Mudra
Surya Mudra

Step 1.

First of all, you should be in the position of Padmaasan or Vajrasan by laying yoga mats.

Step 2.

Now bring your hands in front of the chest and open the palms completely.

Step 3.

Now apply the index finger of your two hands to the root of the thumb.

Step 4.

Then place the thumb over the index finger. Now keep this stage for about 20 minutes. Repeat this process about three times a day for better result.

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Bottom Line.

Yoga mudras are beneficial for your overall health, it has become clear from this article. You may also know how effective yoga mudras for asthma. Through the article, we have also explained to you some special yoga postures to deal with this problem.

By using these yoga postures, you can not only get rid of the problem of asthma but also get rid of many other diseases. So, what are you waiting for, practice these postures for 10 to 15 minutes in regular basis and get rid of the problem of asthma. If there are any other questions or suggestions in this regard, you must convey them to us through the comments box below.

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