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How Yoga is Beneficial for Muscle Building?

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From the ancient time we all are aware regarding the several health benefits of yoga. Apart from this we all are unknown about “Yoga for Muscle Building”.

Nowadays, when the definition of muscle building means lifting weight, however yoga is also plays a vital role in this field. Here we bring out those crucial benefits of yoga for muscle building.

Yoga for Muscle Building. 

Yoga has many benefits to build muscle. Following we have discussed how yoga is beneficial for muscle building.

Provide Better Muscle Strength For Muscle Building.

Tough and toned muscles give you an attractive look and mark you different among the mob. Strong and strengthen muscle supports you from arthritis and back pain especially among the aged people.

yoga gif

By lifting weights in the gym you can build strength along with an attractive physique but you lost flexibility, which is more important. Whenever you practice yoga, you earn beneficial effects such as strength along with flexibility for muscle building.

Apart from this you can lift more heavy with better muscle strength.(1)

Upgraded Athletic Enactment.

Yoga comprises different kind of poses which strengthen each and every muscle groups. You can train your core muscle along with different big muscle groups such as quadriceps, buttocks and trapezius etc.

It increase the efficiency and endurance. One can achieve a keen focus from such practice. Therefore, due to its effectiveness it is quiet popular among the athletic groups in all over the world.(2)

Increase Core Strength.

Core muscle is one of the important muscle groups which includes pelvic floor muscle, multifidus, internal oblique, external oblique, rectus abdominis and erector spinae etc.

nutri 1

Most of asana in yoga involve such core muscle in a high range. Which provide lots of strength to the core muscle and it improve the physical activity and capacity. However, strong core muscle give you support during your training session.

Boost Oxygen Supply in The Blood.

A study was conducted in 1998 and published in The Lancet taught known as “Complete Breathing“. It was conducted on the people those are suffering from lung problems by congestive heart failure. All of them were suggested to practicing yoga for one month. 

After one month it was found that their average respiratory rate declined from 13.4 to 7.6 breaths per minute. In the meantime, they found a significant improvement in their exercise capacity. It because the improvement of oxygen saturation in their blood.

With this oxygenated blood you can boost up your muscle recovery with an alarming rate. This way yoga acts as a most beneficial and important role in muscle building.(3)

Yoga Beneficial for Muscle Building
Benefits of Yoga for Muscle Building

Increase Blood Circulation.

Yoga increase the supply chain of oxygen to your cells. Several poses are there such as Inverted poses, Hand stand, Shoulder stand, and Head stand which supports more blood flow from the veins and in the internal organs.

fit 1

Such oxygenated blood increase your overall health and reduce the risk of heart or kidney problems.

Sepsis and its complete dietary management
Blood Flow

You can also get rid of anemia as it boosts the levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells. It dilutes the blood and reduce blood clotting which prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Better blood circulation increase cell regeneration process. Which help to eradicate muscle fatigue.

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Enhanced Breathing, Energy And Strength.

In yoga we intake fresh air by removing pollen and dirt, as it supports breathing through the nose and convert it from cold to warm.

Cold air are often harmful for those who are suffering from asthma and can trigger an asthma attack. In addition, yoga has been improve lung function by providing maximum volume of breath.

health gif

During our training session it is too much important to focus on your breathing. So practicing yoga enhance your breathing capacity with positive way.(4)

Improve Bone Health.

According to a study by California State University, Los Angeles it is proved that lifting weight strengthen bones and improve density. Usually in yoga you have to lift your own body weight in several postures such as upward facing dog, downward facing dog and plank etc. It’s strengthen the arm bones and prevent you from osteoporotic fractures.


Better bone density improve the strength by which you can life more heavy and increase the capacity.(5)

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Improved Flexibility And Decrease Rigidity.

Yoga stretch each and every part of muscle and increase the flexibility by reducing rigidity. Several poses such as Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I), Cat cow pose (Marjaryasana Bitilasana) and Bow pose (Dhanurasana) etc are effective to increase flexibility.

With flexible muscle it also decrease rigidity among other main muscle groups, which also supports our entire body and reduce the chance of injury during the weight training.

Improve Metabolism And Support Weight Loss.

Practicing yoga in regular basis improve your metabolism which encourage weight loss. According to a study it is found that practicing Kapalbhati Pranayama only for fifteen minutes in regular basis enhance your endocrine organs and improve digestion.

yoga for weight loss
Weight Loss

Therefore, you can burn your extra calories by different yoga asanas.(6)

It is well known by all that nutrition plays a vital role in muscle building, so yoga provide better metabolism also reduce fat percentage. By which one can gain lot of quality muscle mass.

Bottom Line.

Last but not least, yoga have several other health benefits such as it improve heart health, reduce stress, boost immunity power, improve the health of internal organs, provide better sleep and many more.

Therefore, either you are a weight lifter or an athlete you should practice yoga in regular manner with your other training schedule. Apart from this you should also focus on your diet chart.

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