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7 Amazing 3 People Yoga Poses : Try It Today

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Yoga has evolved on mats with yourself only. But now, you can now bring a second or third person to create a challenging and fun social experience of flying acrobatics, deep stretching and creative exercise. The trio is one of the mix of yoga. If you want to find a way to connect more with your partner, yoga friends or even your kids, you should try some of these incredible beginner’s or advanced 3 people yoga poses.

What is Acro Yoga?

If gymnastics, acrobatics and yoga had a child together, it would have been Acro Yoga. This unique form of exercise and art is becoming more and more popular for its many benefits. Balance and communication are essential for the successful position of Acro Yoga, but strength and flexibility also helps.

While most Acro Yoga poses are usually for 2 people, we have tried some super fun 3 people yoga poses. Acro yoga is a true test of teamwork and trust, so be prepared to connect with your fellow yogis in a way you’ve never done before.

Major Acro Yoga Position.

The 3 major positions in Acro Yoga includes;

1. Base.

This is the person who usually lies down on his back and supports the whole posture from the bottom. The base provides all the power and stability to the flying yogis. They are the foundation of the poses and they must be confident in their strengths and abilities.

2. Fly.

It’s the yogi who’s in the air. Sometimes they actually look like they’re flying, and other times they’re simply balancing the parts of the base. To make things easier for the base they need plenty of coordination, balance and control over their body. Acro yoga poses can have one or two flyers.

3. Spotter.

Like cheerleading or weightlifting, a spotter is a “safety person” who sees everyone else and makes sure no one falls. The spotter can also be part of the poses. A spotter is not always necessary, but they offer an extra calm when attempting a tough yoga pose with 3 people.

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Benefits of 3 People Yoga Poses.

“Why should I try Acro yoga with 3 people in the first place?” you might think. It turns out that practice has many psychological and physical benefits.

1. Improve Relation.

Trio Acro Yoga is a great way to bond with your partner, friends or family.(1) I’ve also found that going into yoga lessons with strangers has led to incredible new connections!

Parents can do Trio Acro Yoga with their children. The encouragement and support that children get from you when attempting an exciting flying position, regardless of their age, is a tremendous confidence-boosting and bonding opportunity. It’s far easier to lift children into the air than it is to lift adults in the air.

2. Better Communication.

Acro yoga, unlike solitary yoga on a mat, requires communication between participants. When doing any 3 people yoga poses, clear communication is important because it guarantees that everyone follows the same direction.

It also aids in building trust between yoga partners. To ask, “Hey, can you move your foot a little to the right?” You must be comfortable. Alternatively, ask your fellow yogis to “keep your core firm and hold your arms together”.

3. Build Strength.

Unsurprisingly, three person yoga requires far more power than traditional yoga. With each repetition, you maintain significantly more than your body weight, resulting in the development of more muscle and balance.

As a flyer too, you’ll find that you need to be more involved and flexible if you were working alone. You’ll probably break a sweat and be upset the next day! Although the acrobatic 3 person yoga pose is hard entertaining, it is also a strenuous workout.

4. Reduce Back Pain And Improve Flexibility.

You’ve probably heard of the surprising health benefits of relationships. Many Acro yoga asanas allow you to stretch as far as you can on a yoga mat, such as in aerial yoga or yoga swing.

You are carrying significantly more weight than your own body weight with each repetition, which has led to increased muscle mass and balanced growth.

As a flyer too, you’ll find that you have to be more involved and adaptable than working alone. Most likely you will feel sweating and pain the next day! Acrobatic three-person yoga is both recreational and rigorous exercise.

Relationships has a lot of health benefits. As the hammock swings in aerial yoga or 3 person yoga pose, many acro yoga asanas allow you to stretch far more than you can on the yoga mat.

Easy 3 People Yoga Poses.

Standing poses are an excellent next step in your warm up routine so that everyone can increase their balance and improve that. You can build a solid foundation of trust before you dive into a more difficult pose. This warmup allows each yogi to further his flexibility while enjoying the balance support of the group.

1. 3-Way Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana) Pose.

Lord of the Dance is a good warmup balancing position. Like the two partners, you have to experiment a bit to find the right interlocking grip.

  • Start in a circle facing the center of each yogi.
  • Shift your weight to one leg and bend your left leg on your back knee.
  • Hold your hand around the inside of your left ankle and slowly lift up the back glute until your foot rises completely into the ‘Lord of the Dance’ pose.
  • By holding hands with your fellow yogis in the middle of the circle, move your opposite arm up and forward.
  • Trust your fellow yogis for balance and strength, breathe together.
  • Repeat on the other side.
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2. Box Threesome.

In this yoga three yogis together will form the shape of a rectangular box, with one partner flat on top and two other partners in an “L shape” on the ground. Chair poses are a great way to warm up and prepare for the 90° leg angle before trying out this threesome pose.

  • People with two bases start lying on their backs, almost touching the crown of their heads
  • They both raise their legs and bend their knees slightly so that the flyer can get into position.
  • The top person will adjust his shoulders to the legs of one base and then lift his lower body to the other.
  • The bases may need to be adjusted slowly and your feet pressed upwards until they reach the position of the 90° straight foot with the shoulders of the fly and the legs under the toes.
  • The flyer remains in an active sensitization state while the bases fully support their body weight and breathe slowly.

3. Triple Warrior III.

An ordinary three-person take the classic partner warrior pose, it is best done on a solid surface like wood or grass.

Triple Warrior III 3 people yoga poses
Triple Warrior III
  • Start in a circle with all the people oriented towards the center.
  • Raise your arms above your head, palms facing inwards.
  • Exhale and shift your weight to the right leg.
  • Taking a breath, rest on the waist and let your left leg fly backwards behind you.
  • As soon as you enter Warrior III, rest all your hands with each other or fold your arms, adjust as needed to maintain balance.
  • Try to place your body in a flat T-shaped plane with hips towards the ground.
  • Repeat on the other side.

4. Downward Dog Tower.

As one of the most iconic and popular yoga, the dog position on the down side focuses deep on hamstring and shoulder stretch. Placing some down-dog poses on top of each other takes things to the next level and creates a terrible good bond.

Downward Dog Tower 3 people yoga poses
Downward Dog Tower
  • A base partner starts in the classic downward dog pose.
  • The second base faces the first person and goes into the dog below, almost touching his hands and head (but still a few inches apart).
  • Take a deep breath and make sure the bases are solid and their hamstrings extend as close to the ground as possible (adjust the width of position as needed).
  • The other partner (flyer) places his hands on the lower back of a base and uses his main strength to raise his legs rapidly in the tabletop stacked above his partners.
  • The flyer then moves its legs to the shoulders of the opposite base and pushes downwards in dog poses to form a 3-dog pyramid.
  • The flyer can also lift one leg into a divided dog for extra stretch.

5. 3 Person Ballet Pose.

This yoga pose requires a very flexible flyer and strong base. It’s an exquisite expression that blurs the line between cheerleading, ballet and yoga. The ballet pose also provides a deeper vibe for everyone involved.

  • A person can start in the position of warrior I.
  • The second base should align their front toes with the heel of the other base and step backwards in their warrior I pose.
  • The third yogi steps on the thighs of the bases one by one like a cheerleading pyramid.
  • The flyer will then turn to one of the bases and lift its front leg to the shoulder of a base, using his hands as support.
  • The second base can help the flyer lift its rear leg to a full split position, balancing the weight evenly on the shoulders of each flyer’s shin base.
  • Breathe and make adjustments as needed.
  • Exit as you entered.

6. Trio Plank Pose.

Before diving into the stacked-up planks, everyone can personally practice mastering their plank pose (Phalakasana). Before trying out the plank trio you should be able to hold a solid plank for at least 10-15 full breaths.

Trio Plank Pose 3 people yoga poses
Trio Plank Pose
  • Start with the strongest person as the base of the plank tower, hold a solid Phalakasana.
  • The other partner starts standing and facing the feet of the base.
  • To create a “middle block”, take a strong grip on the base ankles and slowly place the top of your feet on their shoulder blades (toes backward), leaving the core engaged.
  • Then the top partner can repeat the other person’s movements in the opposite direction.
  • Everyone should keep their necks straight and look down or slightly forward.
  • To release, the top flyer can slowly descend one foot at a time, and the rest can follow.
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7. Threesome Flying Mountain and Throne Pose.

This pose is a unique yoga challenge as both the flying partners are personally supporting their weight and balance without touching each other. Before attempting this yoga challenge with three people, make sure the base has a lot of hand strength and hamstring flexibility to keep their legs in a 90-degree position.

Trio Plank Pose 3 people yoga poses
Trio Plank Pose
  • It starts by placing flats on their backs.
  • The first flyer stands away from the feet of the base.
  • The base bends their legs, places their feet on the flyer’s seated bones, gently pressing them into a seated throne pose.
  • Once the first flyer is secured, the second flyer enters the balance of the foot to hand, stepping its entire body slowly on the extended arms of the solid and engaged base.
  • To achieve full expression, the base should be fully extended to your legs and arms with strong flexing in their muscles and maintaining a balance with others. 

Bottom Line.

3 people yoga poses is a great way to improve strength and flexibility of the body. I like these poses because they engage your entire body, and if it’s done properly, you can increase flexibility while working on your balance.

We are always looking for ways to make the world a better place. You can help us by sharing this post with friends or family on social media. We really appreciate all of those efforts!

+1 Source

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  1. Acroyoga: Moves of trust & bonding;–bonding-2355649.html




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