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Surya Mudra : Meaning, Benefits and Weight Loss

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Surya Mudra is a type of yoga. The practice of Surya Mudra is very effective for people suffering from obesity, diabetes and thyroid etc. Let’s know about Surya Mudra Meaning.

Yoga is an important part of our life, through yoga we can increase the energy level in our body. With this yoga we can remove several diseases. The principle of curing diseases from yoga has been going on since ancient times. In this article you will learn about the meaning of Surya mudra and its benefits.

There are many important mudra in our Indian history. It is beneficial for our body in many ways. Surya mudra is a boon for us as it has a profound effect on our body, soul and mind.

However, it also keeps you healthy and prolongs your age. It reduces the earth element in the body and fills your body with fire elements, thereby increasing the energy (heat) in your body and eliminating laziness. Lets see in detail about this mudra and its benefits.

Surya Mudra Meaning.

The meaning of Surya means Sun and Mudra means gesture or pose. By doing Surya mudra, the fire elements within us are operated. The finger ring of the Surya is also known as ring finger. This finger is directly related to the Surya and the planet Uranus.

Surya energy represents health and Uranus symbolizes sexuality, intuition and change. The Surya is considered to be a symbol of health and energy.

Surya mudra is also known as Agni mudra. This mudra is contrary to the earth’s mudra. It expands the properties of the Sun into our body and reduces the excess of the earth element.

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How To Do Surya Mudra?

Here are some steps which help you to perform Surya mudra at home;

Surya Mudra
Surya Mudra
  • At first you have to sit in Siddhasana or Padmasana by laying a mat on the floor in a comfortable position, in which you have to keep your reed bone straight.
  • Then straighten both your hands and place them on your knees with the palm facing up.
  • Now touch the ring finger of both your hands with the thumb, place the ring finger under the thumb.
  • Keep all other fingers of the hand straight.
  • Focus your attention on breathing and keep breathing normal during this mudra.
  • You have to do this mudra daily for 15 minutes regularly.

Time and Duration.

Any kind of yoga needs to be regularized so we should do this mudra daily, for good results we should do this mudra in the morning and evening.

In the evening you can do this mudra before Sunset. You can do this mudra thrice a day for 8 minutes to 25 minutes. There must be a gap of at least one hour between each practice.

Surya Mudra Benefits.

This mudra has very wonderful benefits, these mudra are beneficial for both mentally and physically, lets see in detail about the benefits of Surya Mudra:

Surya Mudra for Digestion.

Digestive System

This mudra is a effective to cure digestion, it cures our digestion and helps in lowering cholesterol.

Surya Mudra for Weight Loss.

This mudra have several health benefits, one of which is that it helps in weight loss. If you are also suffering from overweight because you are fat, this mudra is very beneficial for you.

It is generally very beneficial for women who gain weight after delivery as it cure digestion. Which helps in losing weight in women after pregnancy.

Surya Mudra for Diabetes.

This mudra is very beneficial for diabetics as it eliminates the amount of sugar present in our body. it cures several diseases caused by obesity, such as diabetes and constipation. This mudra protects against all diseases occurring in the liver and also controls the amount of urea in the blood.

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Surya Mudra for Cholesterol.


This mudra is considered to be a very good mudra to reduce cholesterol, it speeds up metabolism in your body. It also reduces fat which helps in reducing cholesterol.

Surya Mudra to Cure Diseases.

This mudra increases the fire element in our body which increases the heat in the body which protects us from diseases like cold, phlegm, asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy.

it keeps the body warm so it is beneficial in all cold diseases. We have to do it for 10 to 15 minutes every day when we wake up in the morning.

Surya Mudra for Physical Energy.

This mudra creates heat in our body which keeps our body warm. So, if you had do this mudra during cold weather it helps in keeping body warm from inside. If you are disturbed by cold, you can adopt it, it will keep your body warm.

Surya Mudra for Thyroid.

This mudra is also very beneficial in thyroid diseases. The palm of our hand has the focal point of the thyroid gland, in the Surya mudra, the ring finger exerts pressure at this focal point, which removes obesity and thyroid problems etc.

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Surya Mudra Precautions.

There are many benefits of doing this mudra, but it is very important to take some precautions before doing it. You can practice this mudra only 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

Do it before meals and do not eat for at least an hour after doing this mudra. Don’t do it for too long in the summer season and drink some water before practicing during summer.

People with high blood pressure and weak people should avoid this Mudra. Also avoid when there is more weakness  in the body.

Bottom Line.

Surya mudra, as the name suggests, is associated with the Surya or Sun. It is an important mudra among our different types of mudras of yoga.

It acts like an energy booster. This mudra is used to cover the finger with the thumb to increase the fire element, the fire element of the this mudra increases the digestive power so this mudra is very effective.

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