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10 Best Morning Yoga For Weight Loss

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Obesity is become a global problem. Excessive weight gain causes many diseases. So, it is good to redeem the problem in time. The problem of obesity depends on two things, firstly, the diet and the physical activity. Obesity can be eradicate by balancing these two things properly. So, it is important to take care of the diet along with proper exercise. The best option for weight loss is yoga. So, today in this article we will tell you 10 best morning yoga for weight loss.

Effects of Obesity on Health.

  1. Increases the risk of stroke. Due to obesity the body has a high blood pressure, which increases the likelihood of a stroke to a great extent.(1)
  2. The mental health is also adversely affected by the obesity. It can cause depression as well as self-inferiority complex problems.
  3. Obesity causes high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and blood sugar growth, which gradually hardens the arteries, thus increasing the likelihood of heart attack.
  4. Due to obesity, pulmonary airways become compressed or smaller, which may raise the problem of sleep apnea. You may face difficulty in breathing while sleeping at night or sometimes breathing stop for a few seconds.
  5. With excess fat accumulation in the body, the liver is also not able to do its job properly. In fact, when fat accumulates around the liver, it causes lot of damage to the liver, which also increases the risk of liver failure.
  6. Many studies have shown that obesity increases the risk of having a variety of cancers such as liver, kidney, colon, pancreatic, etc.
  7. Being overweight increases the pressure on your joints, which can increase pain and stiffness in the joints. It also damages muscle mass and bone density, which increase the risk of bone fractures.
  8. So far, in many researches, it has been proved that overweight or obesity can give you diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. Obesity can make your body resistant to insulin, which leads to higher blood sugar content in the body. This can increase the likelihood of having type 2 diabetes to a great extent.

How To Control Obesity?

However, with a little understanding and caution, you can control this problem. For this you have to include yoga, exercise and a balanced diet in your regular routine. You have to plan everything to control your growing weight.

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How Does Yoga in the M0rning Helps in Weight Loss?

Practicing yoga is a kind of physical exercise. It helps you to burn calories. The amount of calories that it burn depends on your physical capacity. In addition, practicing yoga in the morning on regular basis can also help in weight loss. Therefore, yoga is suggested for weight loss.

According to a research published on the website of the NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information), practicing yoga in the morning can help in weight loss in a psychological manner. It improves the function of the muscles and metabolism, which can lead to weight loss.

Based on all these facts, it can be said that yoga is effective to keep a person physically and mentally healthy.

10 Best Morning Yoga for Weight Loss.

Here are 10 best morning yoga poses those are effective for weight loss.

  1. Bhujangasana.
  2. Jalandhar Bandh Asana.
  3. Baddha konasana.
  4. Malasana.
  5. Simhasana.
  6. Pranayama.
  7. Garudasana.
  8. Adho Mukha Svanasana.
  9. Sun Salutation.
  10. Halasana.

Bhujangasana to Reduce Obesity.

Bhujangasana is composed of two words, Bhujang and Asanas. Bhujang means the snake, the body in this posture, becomes the shape of the snake. So, it is also called Cobra Pose.

This posture is so beneficial for health that it is also practiced in Surya Namaskar. A research published by NCBI proved that Bhujangasana is effective to reduce abdominal fat.(2)

Bhujan-Asana Sphinx Pose

Also, in the Study of the “International Journal of Yoga”, some yoga postures have been suggested to reduce the body mass index (BMI), including Bhujangasana. Therefore, it can be practice to reduce obesity.(3)

Jalandhar Bandh Asana to Reduce Obesity.

The next pose in yoga for reducing obesity is Jalandhar Bandh. In English it is called chin lock. This posture helps in increasing mental energy.

jaladhar badha asana
Jalandhar Bandh Asana

Practicing it may reduce the risk of heart disease and blood pressure.(4) However, more research needs to be done on how it helps to reduce obesity.

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Baddha konasana to Reduce Obesity.

This yoga posture is also beneficial to reduce obesity. It is a simple and salubrious yoga method, called the butterfly posture in common language. It is also called the bound angle pose in English.

baddha konasana
Baddha Konasana

Regular practice can improve metabolism, and energy. A study published on the NCBI website has found it effective in reducing waist circumference, including other rugs. It is considered to be an important posture of Hatha Yoga, which can help in weight loss.(5)

Malasana to Reduce Obesity.

Malasana is also one of the effective yoga to reduce obesity. It is also known as garland pose. This is an old way of sitting, which people who work in the fields often use. It is also used in the penal meeting. People who lack physical activity in their lifestyle must do this posture.


Practicing it with other yoga postures controls the circulation of the gherlin hormone (the hormone that controls appetite) in the body. This process can also help to improve physical performance and reduce obesity.(6) Therefore, it can be said that Malasana is also effective to reduce obesity.

Simhasana for Reducing Obesity.

This posture is named after the throne because the person resembles a lion growling in its final posture. It is a very comfortable and salubrious posture.

You must practice this yoga on regular basis to reduce obesity. It can help to eradicate the problems caused by weight gain to an extent. Scientists have also confirmed that obesity can cause diseases like thyroid and blood pressure.(7)


Regular practice of this yoga can improve blood pressure and thyroid mechanisms. Therefore, this posture can be considered effective in reducing the risk of obesity.(8) At present, more research needs to be done in this regard.

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Pranayama to Reduce Obesity.

Pranayama is also an effective tool for weight loss. Regular practice of pranayama like Kapalbhati can be effective in weight loss. Experts believe that practicing it can improve the respiratory system.


At the same time, kapalbhati pranayama can reduce the risk of abdominal diseases i.e., constipation, acidity, diabetes and asthma. It is a fantastic yoga posture to increase metabolism, which can also reduce the risk of obesity.(9)

Garudasana to Reduce Obesity.

If one wants practice yoga to reduce obesity, Garuda can be beneficial. This posture is named after the Garuda bird, which is considered to be the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. It is also known as Eagle Pose in English.


While doing this posture, the shape of the person looks like a Garuda bird. A case study shows that Garuda can be used in weight loss, but more research is needed to understand its effectiveness.(10)

Adho Mukha Svanasana to Reduce Obesity.

This name has come from the Sanskrit word. While doing this posture, the shape of the person looks like a head-bending dog.

adho mukha savasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana

This posture has many surprising health benefits. Its regular practice can reduce the obesity in an effective way. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you can practice this posture.

Sun Salutation to Reduce Obesity.

Surya Namaskar can be beneficial in reducing obesity. The 12 postures involved can be beneficial to improve muscle strength, balance and reducing fat. Its practice can also prove beneficial for a depressed patient.

Positive Effects of Surya Namaskar yoga for weight loss
Surya Namaskar

According to a study published on the NCBI website, Surya Namaskar has been found to be effective to improve the condition of overweight and obese women.

Sun salutation can improve metabolism and cardiovascular health. This may reduce the fat mass (weight of fat). Due to this effect of Surya Namaskar, it has been included in the list of yoga to lose weight.(11)

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Halasana to Reduce Obesity.

Halasana is involved in Hatha Yoga. It is composed of two words hala and asana. When a person practice this posture, their body looks like a Hala equipment which is used in the field, so it is called Halasana. The name of this posture in English is ‘Plough Pose’.


Halasana can be beneficial in reducing obesity and strengthening muscles. Studies proved that the practice of other hatha yoga postures, including Halasana, can help to eradicate several diseases arises from poor lifestyle. Four risks such as overweight, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and cholesterol may be eradicate with the regular practice of Halasana.(12)

Additional Tips.

As explained above, obesity can put all people in trouble, so it is prudent to protect it. Some may not be aware regarding the problems arises due to obesity, which makes them easily a victim.

Nevertheless, you can protect obesity in the following way;

  • Eating healthy food-   The problem of overweight is mainly due to poor food. So, to prevent this, people should pay special attention to their diet and eat healthy food.
  • Exercising-   We should exercise everyday at least for 30 minutes. Doing so increases our immunity power, which protects us from the risk of potential diseases.
  • Relaxing-  However, it is difficult for anyone to relax because we all have to work hard to improve our lives. Nevertheless, we should take rest for some time, so that the energy of our body is restored.
  • Taking adequate sleep-   It is very important to take sufficient amount of sleep (6-8 hours) as it help to restore the energy.
  • Avoid outside food-   However, we all spend most of the time outside the house in connection with the job or other things, in which we have to eat outside even if we do not want to. This food can be detrimental to our health, so we should refrain from eating outside to became healthy.

Bottom Line.

In this article, you have known how yoga can be effective for weight loss and the types of yoga is also explained in detail. It would be better to practice these yoga postures in the beginning under the supervision of a yoga expert.

Also take special care of diet towards reducing obesity. Regular practice of yoga can make it effective for obesity. So, you must spare few minutes from you busy schedule to practice yoga and pranayama.

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