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Night Leg Cramps : Reason And Proven Home Remedies

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The problem of leg pain or night leg cramps is extremely common among the aged people due to their poor lifestyle and imbalanced diet. Although people usually ignore the pain in their legs, this pain at night proves to be very serious and painful. Due to which they have to face a lot of problems at night.

Many people suffer only at night with cramps and pain. This muscle cramps and pain are mostly in the calves and legs, but sometimes it can also affects your thighs badly.

Sometimes you tie a scarf or a bedsheet, but you don’t get relief from the pain. This may be a sign of a serious health issue. So, it is important to take care of your health, as your body can’t suffer from day-to-day fatigue.

If you often have leg cramps during the night, consult a doctor and take vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and potassium medicines or supplements and also consume foods enrich with these minerals.

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While you wake up and feel pain and cramps in your feet. At that time, people don’t understand how it happened suddenly. That is why in this article we will tell you the reason behind the night leg cramps and the diagnosis so that you can get maximum health benefits.

Reasons For Night Leg Cramps.

  1. Weather Change.
  2. Dehydration.
  3. Nutrient Deficiency.
  4. Too Much Exercise.

Weather Change.

Weather Change
Weather Change

According to the health experts, cramps in legs are much more common in summer than in winter. According to them, such muscle cramps are caused by neurological problems – not due to muscle problems. Nerve development and repair can be extremely active due to high levels of vitamin D in summer. So when your vitamin D level swells, your body involved in natural repairs, which causes cramps in your feet.

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Water plays a very important role in your body, water is a panacea in treating most diseases. Lack of adequate water in the body can also cause cramps in your legs as dehydration can disturb the balance of electrolytes in the blood. This can lead to cramps, so you should consume plenty of water every day to prevent night leg cramps.

Nutrient Deficiency.

OMAD-Diet1 Night Leg Cramps

With this hectic life, it is very important for your body to eat a healthy diet, otherwise you may be exposed to many serious diseases. However, lack of essential nutrients can be a major cause of night leg cramps and pain. To avoid such condition, you must regular check your calcium, magnesium and potassium levels. This can help to protect you from many serious health diseases.

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Too Much Exercise.

Functional-Training-Exercises Night Leg Cramps

If you do too much strength exercise, it can cause cramps in your legs. Excessive exercise can be harmful to you in many ways. So, you should always avoid doing excessive exercise suddenly, plus you should start it slowly with proper warm up.

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People over the age of 50 begin to suffer more from leg pain. In the early 50s, you start losing motor neurons and this makes cramps quite a common problem for you. So, you must consume the right diet and consult your doctor from time to time.

Other Reasons of Night Leg Cramps.

  • Calcium or potassium deficiency.
  • Deficiency of vitamin B and magnesium.
  • Sometimes side effects of some drugs can also cause cramps in the legs at night.
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Home Remedies To Remove Night Leg Cramps.

  1. Warm Shower or Hot Pad: If you feel pain in the legs at night, take a warm shower or place a hot pad in the affected place. Otherwise you may heat the water and apply it on the affected place.
  2. Calcium Rich Food: You may feel cramps when bones become weak. So, consume calcium rich food. Regular use of such types of food can effectively prevent this condition.
  3. Massage: Massage with mustard oil when there is cramps in the legs. This improves blood circulation in the feet and relieves pain.
  4. Potassium and Magnesium: Include nuts, beans, soapy bread, bananas and oranges in your daily diet. They are rich in potassium and magnesium, which helps to relieve leg cramps.
  5. Lavender Oil or Rosemary Oil: Massage with lavender oil or rosemary oil on the affected place and wrap it with a towel.
  6. Mustard Oil: Mustard oil has a lot of properties. It contains acetic acid, which relieves body pain. So, you may use lukewarm mustard oil and apply it on the feet.
  7. Banana: You may consumed banana during pain. It is rich in potassium and magnesium. Eating three bananas a day can give you relief from the pain.
  8. Causes: At first try to find out the actual cause of the pain. Because there have some different remedies for a pregnant woman. However, if the pain is prolong then you must consult a doctor.
  9. Foot Pain Medication: Sometimes certain drugs also cause leg cramps, such as contraception, depression relieving, etc. Consult your doctor in this case.
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Coconut Water Night Leg Cramps
Coconut Water

Other Remedies of Night Leg Cramps.

  1. Should ensure that your diet is not deficient in calcium, potassium and vitamin B.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Consume coconut water or fruit juice to overcome potassium deficiency.
  4. If you are deficient of vitamin B, you can take supplements accordingly.
  5. Exercise your feet regularly. This improves blood circulation and reduces cramps.
  6. When cramps occur, make a hot water and apply to the feet. You may also apply a pain killer gel to massage affected area.
  7. If you are taking a medicine, tell the doctor about cramps so that doctors can also change the medicine accordingly.
  8. Cold ice bake can also relieve pain of the cramps.
  9. You may do stretching exercise in order to get relief.
  10. Take hot water bath as it will provide muscle relaxation.
  11. Regular walking in the morning or in the evening is advisable to get relief from night cramps.
  12. Include Vitamin E supplement in your diet after consulting your doctor.
  13. Take sip of water in between your workout as it will prevent unnecessary stress on the muscle.
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Bottom Line.

Therefore, it can be concluded that night leg cramps are not a serious issue but a part of nerve attack which can cause due to poor lifestyle and diet. So, to avoid such problem it is advisable to live a proper healthy lifestyle along with a balanced diet. It is also necessary to drink plenty of water.

Hope this article has helped you with all the necessary information.

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