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How To Use Tampons For The First Time & Why Do Tampons Hurt?

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With many feminine hygiene products available in the market, it has become difficult for us to choose. Tampon is a convenient product used during periods, which, unlike pads, is inserted into the vaginal opening to absorb menstrual fluid during your periods. No matter how much someone is physically active, those 5 days of the periods are such that they do not feel like doing anything. Fear of staining, worry of moving the pad or the tension of heavy flow. However, we women now have a lot of measures to handle periods such as sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual cups. If you don’t know anything about tampons, let’s tell you everything about this product. Today, we’ll also tell you how to use Tampons for the first time & why do tampons hurt?

Tampon is a very good and comfortable and simple way to deal with a menstrual cycle. You will get it online and offline at starting prices of 7$. However, it is equally true that ‘tampons’ are not as popular as other sanitary napkins. But this we can say with the claim that there is a lot in them that will motivate you to use it.

What Is Tampon?

Tampons are disposable period product made by using materials with a very high adsorption capacity, which are pressed into a small, cylindrical shape. Let’s say it’s a small plug, which fits properly inside your vagina and it absorbs your menstrual blood.

Just like pads, period tampons come in different sizes or have different “ability to absorb” according to your menstrual flow. There are different tampons for low flow, simple flow and high flow.

Most girls start with sanitary napkins during some of their early periods. But many of them later start using tampons for convenience. With vaginal tampons, you can participate in sports, gym classes and even swim.

What Is Tampon Made Of?

There have been tremendous changes in tampons, and today’s strong tampons are made by mixing more absorbent materials such as cotton fiber, rayon fiber, or sometimes both. Rayon fibers used to make tampons are cellulose materials found from wood pulp and cotton fibers are from plants.

These materials are compressed together in a cylindrical shape and the tampon diffuses when exposed to the menstrual fluid. Due to which, the tampon easily fits between the walls of the vagina and absorbs the period blood well and completely.

Tampons have long been used by women around the world. These have been used for almost thousands of years and were initially made using tampon natural materials such as papyrus, natural sponges, tightly wrapped rags of cloth, etc.

why do tampons hurt
How To Insert A Tampon

Types of Tampons.

Tampons come with a variety of sizes and ability to absorb. You will find it in all sizes, small, medium and large. So, choose it based on your comfort level, just like a normal pad. Since the tampon handles leakage very well, there is no need to worry about any kind of blemishes.

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Kotex Tampons.

Kotex Tampons gives 100% leak-free protection and confident throughout the day. It is made without fragrance, and are designed for women comfort and have a smooth tip for easy and comfortable insertion. Each tampon has comfort flex grooves that go with you for excellent comfort.

As per sales data Kotex Tampon are no.1 compact tampon and are chosen by women every 1.9 seconds. Pocket-sized and small enough to carry in your purse or pocket, these tampons go from compact to full-size tampons in an easy step that give you comfortably compact, powerful protection.

Pull the bottom half of the tampon and when it’s locked in place, it’s ready to go! U by Kotex compact tampons are available in regular, super and super plus absorbers. But presently it is discontinued and the reason for discontinuation is fully and strictly business decision.

How Long To Change?

Tampons can be worn for 6 to 8 hours at a time.(1) After that, you should change. Why? So that there is no risk of any kind of drainage or infection, because the tampon absorbs all the bleeding of menstruation inside, so that there is no feeling of any kind of wetness nor does it feel that we are having periods.

Wearing tampons for too long or wearing them for a long period of time carries the risk of ‘toxic shock syndrome’ which can be fatal or hurt. The symptoms of TSS syndrome are high fever, rashes on the body and vomiting. Even if you are going to sleep and are going to sleep for more than 8 hours, then it is better to use a sanitary pad at night.

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Tampon Fear.

Using tampons in the very beginning can be a little difficult or may hurt! But even in that case, it is wrong to think that it will remain inside and not be able to come out. Could that be good? Some people also have the dilemma, that it will be difficult to remove it after putting it inside. How will you remove yourself? But that’s also wrong.

Once you’ve fitted it right, there’s going to be no problem. Because it is very easy to pull out the tampon with the help of a string, but it also comes out of the hand comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Why do tampons hurt?

Even after following instructions you are feeling hurt then the reason might be you are using very high of an absorbency of flow.

2. How to use tampons for the first time?

Applying tampons for the first time can be intimidating or hurt. Be sure to wash your hands and try to be as comfortable as possible, so that it’s easier to get in.

  • Sit on the toilet and make your knees apart. Hold the tampon with a grip in one hand – in the middle of the tampon – between your thumb and middle finger. Place your index finger at the end of the thin tube, where the placenta is spread.
  • Using the tip of the tampon, open the folds of skin on your vagina and slide inwards, tilting the entire barrel toward your back. The tampon will not go in easily and can cause pain when put directly up and in.
  • Put it in your middle and thumb, the applicator’s grip – or middle – in the middle.
  • Once the barrel is comfortably inside, hold your index finger on the small tube to push the exploitative part of the tampon into the vagina and push it with your index finger. Push the tampon until it reaches the grip and your other fingers.
  • Using your thumb and middle finger, pull out the barrel of the tampon, leaving the string to hang out. Don’t pull the strings! The tampon is inside and connected to the string. After the tampon is drenched, you will use it to remove the tampon.
  • Place the applicator back inside the plastic lining (or wrapped in toilet paper) and dispose of it properly. Do not flush the plastic applicator.

If you still can feel the tampon, then you can pull it out and go for a new one, and lifting it up. If you think it can’t be high enough, wash your hands and put your finger and push it up further until you can feel it.

3. How to dispose of tampons?

Wrap and throw it in the trash: One option is to wrap your used tampons in toilet paper or paper towels so that all the fluids are contained. Then, throw it in the nearest trash.

Use self-sealing disposal bags: You can carry them in your purse or backpack. You can put the used tampons inside, seal them and throw them in the trash. They will prevent you from getting another person in contact with your body fluids. Period disposal bags also let you throw tampons at a friend’s house without being embarrassed that they’ll see what’s inside.

Bottom Line.

Some girls prefer to use sanitary napkins while many prefer them because of the comfort they get from the tampons. They give you the freedom to be physically active, without worrying about stains on your clothes during periods.

Sanitary pads, tampons, period panties, menstrual cups – Every kind of period product you use depends on your menstrual flow and is your personal choice. If you are in a dilemma about anything like tampons hurt, talk to someone you trust and try different products to choose the right one.

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  1. Impact of Advertising on Tampon Wear-time Practices;

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