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Hand Grip Exercise: Types, Benefits and Precaution

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The easiest way to develop strength of the grip is hand grip exercise. A strong grip helps you to perform many types of tasks of daily life. You should always keep the hand gripper in your pocket and use them whenever you are sitting idle. All people who want to strengthen their bodies and develop their muscles often forget about strengthening the fingers and strengthening their grip. Hand grip exercise is an exercise that strengthens your grip and muscles of your entire hands. Lets see the types and way of hand grip exercise and its advantages in detail.

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What is Hand Grip Exercise?

Hand grip is an exercise of the fingers that strengthens the grip of your hands. It helps you to do other exercise such as weight lifting and pull up exercise etc. You can do this exercise anywhere at any time you like to do. You need to have a hand grip tool to do this exercise.

Steps of Hand Grip Exercise.

It is very simple to do this exercise and anyone can do it very easily. You just need a hand grip device to do this exercise that you can easily buy in the market or even online. Let see the steps;

  • Sit in the chair or even stand up for the this exercise.
  • Now hold a hand grip device in one of your hands.
  • Thereafter, hold this hand grip in such a way that you have four fingers on a handle of the hand grip device and your thumb on its other handle.
  • Now, hold the hand grip firmly so that you can easily suppress it.
  • After you put the fingers of your hand well on the hand grip device, you can press this hand grip device.
  • When you exhale and press just leave it when you breathe inside.
  • Repeat this action slowly.
  • You can make hand grip exercise for longer than your capacity.
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Types of Hand grip Exercise.

  1. Crush Grip.
  2. Supporting Crush Grip.
  3. Ball Squeeze Exercise.
  4. Band Hand Extension.
  5. Open Crush Grip.

Crush Grip.

Crushing is the act of closing and squeezing your hand around something. You need dumbbells to do crush grip exercise. You can hold the dumbbell with your hands and practice it.

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Supporting Crush Grip.

Support Crush Grip Exercise is the action of supporting something, where you support the load with your fingers the most. For example, a dumbbell, deadlifting or even handling your grocery bags etc.

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Ball Squeeze Exercise.

Hold a ball in your hand for ball squeeze exercise. Now wrap your fingers and thumbs around the ball. Thereafter, bend your hand with the elbow and straighten upwards and press the ball with emphasis on your fingers and repeat this action for a while.

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Band Hand Extension.

It is basically done by wrapping a rubber band around all 5 fingers. You must use professional rubber bands for this exercise. Then stretch your fingers out to wrap the band on the fingers.

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Open Crush Grip.

You need to catch a thick object or bar to do the open crush grip exercise. This is when you are using crush grip but your fingers don’t touch or overlap completely. When your fingers are open, use your fingers more to hold the object firmly.

Hand Grip Exercise Tool.

The hand grip exercise tool is often called as grip strengthener.

Hand grip Exercise Benefits.

  1. Improve Forearm Muscularity.
  2. Strong Hold.
  3. Increase Hand Strength.
  4. Improve Endurance.

Improve Forearm Muscularity.

Forearm Muscularity

Hand grip exercise is very beneficial for improving the muscles of your forearm or arms. To do this exercise, you have to avoid certain unlock of the fingers. So, that your entire hand muscles are exercised. This exercise strengthens your forearms and make your arms powerful. (1),(2),(3)

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Strong Hold.

Strong Hold

Grip strength exercise strengthens the fingers and palms, so that you can hold any object firmly. When your grip is strong, your performance in the gym is improved and you are able to do well in weight lifting and pull up exercise etc.

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Increase Hand Strength.

Strength Hand Grip Exercise Benefits
Increase Hand Strength

Hand grip exercise is effective to strengthen your wrists, arms and abdominal muscles. The person who practice this hand grip exercise in regular basis gets a lot of benefits during playing tennis. Because it boost power of your hands. If you’re in engaged with gymnastics or mountain climbing, a good grip of the hand can help you in several way.(4),(5),(6)


Endurance Hand Grip Exercise Benefits

Hand grip exercise promotes your patience if you carry the luggage by hand, but have no patience because of the fatigue. When you work on your arm muscles during hand grip exercises, it becomes easier for you to carry out activities that require to apply a certain amount of grip for a certain amount of time.(7),(8),(9)

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While doing grip strength exercise, you need to take some precautions such as;

  • If you have pain in your wrist, avoid to do grip strength exercise.
  • When you have a fracture in your hands or have undergone surgery, you should not do this exercise.
  • If you have any kind of physical illness, you must consult your doctor before doing this exercise.

Hand Grip Exercise Disadvantages.

The disadvantages of hand grip exercise are:

  • If not done in properly it can lead to disease like carpel tunnel.
  • Underdevelopment of muscles.
  • Cramps and pain.

Hand Grip Exercise Before and After. 

The before and after changes in hand grip exercise are:

Weak muscle strength.Strong muscle strength.
Weak holding capacity.Strong holding capacity.
Lean forearm muscularity.Build forearm muscularity.

Bottom Line.

Hand grip exercise is one of the best exercise to strengthen your strength of the hand and fingers. Different types of hand grip exercise is also effective to improve forearm muscles. Every exercise has its own precautions, likewise hand grip exercise also has some. If you have pain in your hand or wrist it’s better to avoid such exercise. For other physical illness you must consult with your doctor before incorporate this exercise in your routine.

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