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Betel Leaf for Diabetes

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According to official statistics, about 60 million people in India are suffering from diabetes. According to it, 7.8 per cent of the country’s population is diabetic. People suffering from this disease have a weak immunity power for which they must pay special attention to their health. So, today we are telling you about Betel Leaf for Diabetes.

Along with medicines, many home remedies are also effective in controlling diabetes. Betel leaf is also a similar home remedy which is beneficial for diabetics. Adding saffron, gulkand, fennel and pepper to the betel filling makes it even more beneficial. Lets see how betel leaf (paan) is beneficial for your health along with patients suffering from diabetes.

But the most common use of betel leaf is to consume it with tobacco, lime, katha and betel nut etc. Many people believe that this also brings many types of health benefits.

Betel Leaf for Diabetes.

Chromium is mainly present in betel leaves. Chromium is effective to control the amount of blood sugar in the body. According to health experts, eating one betel leaf throughout the day will give you many benefits.(1)

diabetes insulin Betel Leaf for Diabetes

Nowadays. diabetes patients should take special care of themselves during Corona pandemic. In this case, if you eat a Paan or betel leaf every day after lunch, you will get many health benefits. However, people eat tobacco with betel leaf and what they don’t know, betel leaf should be chewed empty without any other ingredients. You may add saffron, gulkand and fennel with it to enhance its taste.

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Other Benefits of Betel Leaf.

Based on all the medicinal properties found in it, you can say that it is a wonderful herb. Which contains vitamin C, protein and a lot of beneficial substances. Betel leaf is effective in many diseases due to the presence of all necessary purposes, which are as follows;

Betel Leaf To Heal Injuries and Wounds.

It is an anti-septic so it is effective to heal injury and wound quickly. Diabetics are advised to constantly check every part of the body, so that they can consult with a doctor in case of any wound or injury. These patients also need to be more vigilant because having too much blood sugar increases the risk of wounds which do not heal quickly. In such a situation, consumption of betel leaves can cure their problems quickly.(2)

Applying betel leaf juice on wounds like cutting and peeling, etc., prevent infection as it have the properties to heal wounds and infections. You can apply it in the affected areas and tie it to a cloth. It also inhibits the development of destructive microbes.

Betel Leaf For Cold Cough.

cough Betel Leaf for Diabetes

During cold cough, you may feel discomfort in the chest and lungs. In the meanwhile you may also face respiratory problems. To deal with all these problems, you can apply mustard oil on the betel leaf and place it on the chest after heating it. Doing so can effectively relieve cold cough.(3)

Betel Leaf Increase Appetite.

Betel leaves are also effective in hunger related problems or stomach upset. In fact, betel leaves are able to trigger hunger hormones. So that the problem of loss of appetite resolved. Also, betel leaves help to increase your appetite by removing all toxins from your stomach.

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Betel Leaf For Water Retention.

Grinding the betel leaf and adding a little diluted milk to it improves the retention capacity of the water in the body. Doing so provides a lot of relief to people suffering from urinary problems. Therefore, betel leaves are also considered to be a good diuretic.

Betel Leaf For Acidity.

Today Gastric related problems are often seen in many people. These problems can also arise by digestive problems. Regular consumption of betel leaves relieves the problem of acidity. So that gastric problem is resolved to a great extent.

Betel Leaf For Digestion.

Digestive System

Chewing betel leaves improves your salivary gland activity. So now whenever you eat something, you get as much saliva as possible. This makes digestion much easier so that the enzymes found in saliva break down the foods well.

Betel Leaf For Acne.


Betel leaves have antimicrobial properties, which is effective to treat acne, black spots, itching and allergies etc. Adding turmeric to betel leaf juice and applying it on acne or in allergic places eliminates this problem. Not only that, the antimicrobial properties of betel leaves also protect your skin from infections.

Betel Leaf For Erectile Dysfunction.

People facing the problem of erectile dysfunction can be solved by trying 1 teaspoon of saffron, cardamom, dried coconut pieces, raisins and candy with betel leaves and taking them after meals. A lot of newly married couples are use betel leaf with milk at night so that they can experience good sex.

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Betel Leaf For Mouth Ulcer.

Chewing betel leaves eliminates all the bacteria from the mouth that can be harmful to you. Chewing betel leaves in this way cleanses your mouth and strengthens the gums. Betel leaves can often prevent bleeding in the mouth.

Betel Leaf For Hair.

When it comes to hair problems, betel leaves are used for hair loss related issues. For this, you need to grind the betel leaf and mix it with coconut oil to make a paste, then apply it on your scalp.

Betel Leaf  For Constipation.


Regular consumption of betel leaves helps in digestion as it is rich in antioxidants that remove free radicals from our body and normalize the pH level of the body. Mash its leaves to consume it and keep them in water overnight. Consuming the same water the next morning relieves constipation.

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Bottom Line.

So, now you have came to know how betel leaf is beneficial for diabetes patient. Betel leaf not only has anti-diabetic properties but also have anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcers properties. It also protects the body from inflammation and ulcers. Betel leaf is also capable to protect the liver and fight with infections. It is also acts as a mouth freshener. In addition, it also have anti-cancer agent i.e. regular eating a betel leaf every day can protect you from several deadly diseases like cancer.

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