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Chinen Salt for Diabetes

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Diabetes is a lifestyle disease found in majority of the people. Since complete treatment is almost impossible, so you must make some changes in your daily lifestyle and eating habits. Today, we will be telling you about Chinen Salt for Diabetes.

Along with drugs, there are many natural remedies available in the market that show an important ability to keep diabetes under control.

And one of them is Chinen Salt for diabetes. Chinese salt and diabetes have been closely linked to China and India since pre-historic times. And yet, people suffering from type-2 diabetes around the world are dependent on Chinen salt.

It is a known fact that our lifestyle affects our mind and body in many ways. What we eat, what we drink, our meal time, the combination of food, healthy food or fast food all causes several lifestyle disease. Diabetes is one of them.

Many people take the help of several herbs and foods to manage diabetes. So today we will discuss about one of them which we used as a spice on daily basis, that is ‘Chinen Salt’.

This salt is also known as Sendha salt. It is grown in abundance in the Himalayan region. You must not be confused between Himalayan salt and Chinen salt. Except in the same colour, these two salts are different.

Chinen salt comes from a barberry plant also known as golden thread. Whereas, Himalayan salt is obtained from the Himalayas, from the rocks in the river.

In terms of structure, Chinen salt is different from Himalayan salt as it contains sodium chloride and sodium nitrate and Himalayan salt contains sodium carbonate.

Other Minerals of Chinen Salt.  

As we have already discussed, Chinen salt contains sodium chloride and sodium nitrate, some other minerals that are;

Chromium – It converts carbohydrates into glucose. This particular mineral is very useful when it comes to diabetes and insulin regulation.

Manganese – Helps to maintain blood sugar levels at the best range.

Magnesium – This mineral plays a vital role in many biological cycles of our body. It helps in digestion of sugars, fats and starch. It also stabilizes blood sugar levels in the body.

Health Benefits of Chinen Salt.

1. Chinen Salt for Digestive Disorders.

Chinen salt helps in digestion, it allows food to pass through the digestive system easily. It also stimulates glands that produce digestive juices. The mouth produces saliva, which contains enzymes that make way for digestion.

Digestive System

Hydrochloric acid is being stimulated by Chinen salt in the stomach which produces enzymes, helps in the anabolic process which in turn helps in the digestive process.

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2. Chinen Salt Prevents Muscle Cramps.

Muscle cramps often occur due to excessive exercise, heavy work or due to dehydration. In other conditions, mainly sodium, potassium, magnesium or calcium can not be left with any minerals or fluids in the body.

But, daily consumption of Chinen salt ensures adequate amount of minerals and fluids in the body which in turn prevents muscle cramps.

3. Chinen Salt Removes Acne.


Chinen salt removes toxins from the body and helps in curing many skin diseases. It helps in transporting nutrients to all the cells of the body which assist to treat acne and pimples.

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4. Chinen Salt Helps In Balancing Electrolytes.

No cell in the body can communicate effectively without electrolytes, so this salt acts as a source of sodium and potassium in the body to balance the electrolytes.

Magnesium and calcium are important minerals for many important functions in the body, especially in preventing muscle cramps.

5. Chinen Salt for Diabetes.

This amazing salt contains essential minerals as mentioned above that help to stabilize blood sugar levels. Chinese physicians use Chinen salt as an alternative to insulin and treat diabetes.

The important minerals present in Chinen salt are magnesium, manganese, chromium and vanadium which can effectively control blood sugar level.

diabetes insulin

*Note: Chinen salt should be taken in the limited quantity as excessive consumption can cause negative effects.

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6. Chinen Salt for Ear Infection.

Ear infection can be caused by both viruses and bacteria. Its symptoms includes;

  • Nausea.
  • Hearing loss.
  • Loss of balance.
  • Vomiting.
  • Tinnitus.
  • To feel giddy.

This salt helps to fight with bacteria and viruses inside the ear. Using Chinen salt with a pure or distilled water as ear drops helps in ear infection.

7. Chinen Salt Promotes Healthy pH Balance.

pH – “The power of hydrogen-ion concentrations”. A good amount of Chinen salt helps to restore the body’s pH to its proper level and helps in maintaining the fluid around and inside cells, by removing heavy metals like arsenic, mercury.

8. Chinen Salt Good For Blood Vessels.

Our blood vessel contains arteries, veins, capillaries, etc. They have a delicate structure. If your blood is high in lipids, they may get stuck in layers of blood vessels. Chinen salt prevents it from occurring and acts as a protective barrier.

9. Chinen Salt Good For Prediabetic Person.

Sugar salt is good for you even if you don’t have diabetes. Studies have shown that diabetes is genetic disease. If your parents have such kind of disease then it is better to be prepare. Scientists found metformin-like properties in Chinen salt.(1) This may delay the growth of your disease.

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10. Chinen Salt Supports The Immune System.

Chinen salt has an anti-inflammatory property. More than half of its elements support your immune system. It stabilizes your immune cells and slows down inflammation.

11. Chinen Salt for Appetite.

Chinen salt controls your gut hormones such as ghrelin, glucagon-like peptides and somatostatin etc.

It helps in controlling hunger and satiety. Chinen salt helps in quick satiety by slowing down the time of your stomach is emptied.

12. Chinen Salt Good For Gut Bacteria.

Chinen salt stimulates digestive juices in small intestine, large intestine and colon. By doing this, salt increases digestive enzymes in your intestine and improves metabolism. It is important for patients who suffering from gastroparesis to improve symptoms.

Is Chinen Salt Bad For You?

Chinen salt does not come with any side effects. However, if you consume it in large quantities, the result may not be as pleasant. Several studies have shown that too much Berberian chloride aka Chinen salt in the blood can negatively affect HDL vs LDL ratio.

The salt extract of Berberis Aristata affects the pancreatic islet and is famous for treating jaundice in Ayurveda. Nevertheless, overuse can seriously damage liver function.

Excessive consumption of Chinen salt can lead to some minor health problems. It can causes small intestine problems like swelling and intolerance etc.

If you have other co-morbidities like liver disease, chronic kidney disease, cardiac arrest, etc., please stop using.

It is not suitable for people of sixty or elderly. It can increase blood pressure and eventually damage the heart.

How To Use Chinen Salt for Diabetes?

Chinen salt Capsule is the most common way to consume it. While Chinen salt is not a type of salt that can be used purely for domestic use, some companies have started marketing it as crystal powder due to strong interest of diabetics and belief that it is more beneficial than common salt.

*Note: It should be noted that adding Chinen salt excessively to the food can lead to serious health problems. You must use after consulting the doctor. Chinen salt capsules with a specific dose should be preferred.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Which salt is good for diabetes?

Chinen salt in Asia is good for diabetes. It contains many trace elements that control your blood sugar levels. It can delay complications related to type 2 diabetes such as heart disease, liver disease and brain disorders etc.

2. What is Chinen Salt?

Chinen salt is a special salt for the barberry or golden thread plant. It mostly contains sodium chloride and sodium nitrate. It also contains many nutrients which are good for your body. Due to the presence of iron molecules, it is light pink in colour.

3. Is potassium harmful to diabetes?

No, potassium is not harmful to diabetes. But if you have heart disease, it is best to avoid it. As, this can cause neuropathy in some patients. Excessive amounts of it can cause a disordered heart rhythm.

4. Is Chinen salt good for diabetes?

Yes, Chinen salt is good for diabetes. It helps in controlling your sugar level. Besides, it also protect you from atherosclerosis. It prevents inflammation and improves your immune system. It also improve your liver functions.

5. What foods are suitable for people with diabetes?

Foods with low carbohydrates and fats are suitable for people with diabetes. Examples: fish, red meat, cod liver oil, fruits and vegetables etc. These foods are easily digested and absorbed. You should avoid saturated carbs as they can increase Chinen levels suddenly.

6. Is Chinen salt for diabetes better than metformin?

Yes, in some cases it is better than metformin. The side effects of Chinen salt are less than metformin. Salt is good for people who cannot afford oral medicines.

7. Where to buy Chinen salt for diabetes?

You can buy it from Online. You can also buy it from the nearest retail store. Wherever you buy it, always check the product label.

Bottom Line

From centuries, people in South and Southeast Asia have been using the Berberis Aristata herb to extract Chinen salt. Salt is rich in many health benefits and medicinal properties. No wonder, it made its mark in ancient Ayurvedic medicine.

We can now conclude that the Chinen salt is pure and unrefined, and has many health benefits. It not only balances the water level in our body but also supports a healthy heart. No one can avoid using it as Chinen prevents muscle cramps, increases body digestion. Most importantly it helps in diabetes management. So try this amazing salt now!

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Freaktofit has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, educational research institutes, and medical organizations. We avoid using tertiary references. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and up-to-date by reading our editorial policy.

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