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Health Benefits of Redlove Apple

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You often heard “An Apple A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away”. That is, consumption of an apple everyday keeps you away from all diseases. Apples are enriched with full of nutrients, which keep you healthy and strengthen your digestive system, also boost your immunity power. So, today in this article we are going to tell you about one of the new varieties of apple, that is Redlove apple and its significant health benefits.

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What is Redlove Apple?

The redlove variety was first produced by ‘Markus Kobelt’, a nursery owner of Switzerland. It was the year 2010, when it covered a lot of headlines. Afterwards, such apples were grown in European countries.

Recently such special variety of Apples of Switzerland reached Himachal Pradesh of India via Europe. The farmers of Himachal Pradesh claims that such variety of apple is being cultivated for the first time in India. This apple is red from outside as well as inside.

It’s flowers are also red in color. This apple contains 40 percent more anti-oxidants than the normal apple, which is more beneficial for overall health and wellbeing.

Nutrients in Redlove Apple.

Redlove apple is an excellent source of anthocyanins, a compound that is found in the skin. This antioxidant helps to protect the immune system and also protect against environmental aggressors. It’s also a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamin A and C.

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The nutritional value of redlove apples makes it most healthy among all fruits. The medium apple is about 1.5 cups (7.6 centimeters) with 3- inch diameter, which is enough for a person to meet the requirement of 200 calories.

The nutritional value of a medium redlove apple is : Calories: 95 kcal. Carbs: 25gm. Fiber: 4gm. Vitamin C: 14% of RDI. Potassium: 6% of RDI. Vitamin K: 5% of RDI.

Besides, it also contains manganese, copper and vitamins A, E, B1, B2, and B6. It also contains Polyphenols, which have many health benefits.

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Health Benefits of Redlove Apple.

The health benefits of redlove apple are:

  • Keep Teeth Healthy.
  • Asthma Patients.
  • Gives Relief from Constipation
  • Reduce Obesity.
  • Reduce Cholesterol.
  • Controls Diabetes.
  • Prevents Cancer.
  • Appendicitis.
  • Enhance Beauty.
  • Strengthen Digestive System.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Strengthening Bones.

Redlove Apple Keeps Teeth Healthy.


Apples contain fiber, which keeps your teeth healthy. It removes bacteria and viruses. As well as, apples increase the amount of sputum in your mouth. Eating apples keeps your teeth free from pyorrhea.

Redlove Apple for Asthma Patients.

Redlove Apple Asthma
Inhaler for Asthma Patient

Asthma patients get lots of health benefits from apples or apple juices. It has been cleared from various researches that, apple is effective to prevent asthma attacks. The flavonoids found in it make the lungs stronger. Researches have also proved that people who drink apple juice on a regular basis have very few lung diseases.(1)

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Redlove Apple Give Relief from Constipation.

If you are suffering from constipation or gas problems, then apple will prove beneficial for you.(2) The fiber found in apples gradually reduces abdominal constipation. Apple marmalade is also beneficial for patients who are suffering from constipation.

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Redlove Apple Reduce Obesity.

Redlove Apple obesity

An obese person may face a variety of health problems, like heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure etc. The fiber found in apples helps to reduce obesity, thus, reduce the risk of hazardous diseases.

At the same time, the nutrients found in it’s strengthened the body. Fiber in apples is found in the form of pectin fiber which helps to absorb the extra fat of the body.

Redlove Apple Reduce Cholesterol.

The problem of cholesterol is become common due to our busy lifestyles. Young children are also suffering from heart diseases. Eating apples or drinking apple juice can suppress cholesterol levels.(3)

Redlove Apple Control Diabetes.

diabetes insulin

It can reduce the risk of type- 2 diabetes. The ingredients found in redlove apple can easily fulfill the nutritional requirement of the body. You don’t need to take insulin when there is abundant glucose in the body.

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Redlove Apple Prevent Cancer.

Redlove Apple cancer cells
Cancer Cells

The intake of antioxidant rich foods can help to prevent oxidative stress. It prevents cell damage and also protects against cancer. According to a review in 2016, apple intake can help to reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer.(4) Another study in 2018, found that fiber can help to reduce the risk of colon cancer.(5)

Redlove Apple for Appendicitis.

Apple intake is beneficial to prevent kidney stones. If you have appendicitis, you should take apples every day, it will provide relief from the pain caused by appendicitis. Therefore, doctors also recommend apples to appendicitis patients.

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Redlove Apple Enhance Beauty.

Consumption of apples reduces the black and white spots on the face. That brings glow to your face. At the same time, daily intake reduces the unnecessary fat in your body gradually, and provide you an attractive look.

Redlove Apple Strengthen Digestive System.
Redlove Apple digestion
Digestive System

Alkalinity found in apples helps the liver to refine the body. Apple also regulates the level of pH present in the body, which strengthens the digestive system of the individual. A strong digestive system increases the ability to fight against any diseases and keeps you healthy.

Pectin fiber is a soluble fiber. It is very good for your digestion. It forms a gel by dragging water from the digestive tract, which helps to slow down digestion and removes feces through intestines. Malic acid, found in apples, also helps in digestion.

Redlove Applen for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s is a dangerous disease associated with the brain. A research have found that, drinking apple juice every day can prevent alzheimer’s problem. It also protects brain cells, which eradicate the risk of alzheimer’s.

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Redlove Apple Strengthen Bones.

A person who has strong bones feels less tired. Apples are load with calcium. So, it’s effective to strengthen and conditioning of the bones. Flavonoid phlorizin, found in apple skin, maintains the health of the bones. It fights against the production of inflammation and free radical.

Bottom Line. 

According to the several studies and lifetime experience it has proved that redlove apple is too must effective and beneficial for overall health. So, at least, make a habit of eating an apple every day. However, it is also important to add some light exercise or physical activities in your daily routine for prolong healthy body. However, if you have a medical condition, do not consume it without doctor’s advice.

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