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Funny Motivational Water Bottle : Types & Features

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Don’t you drink enough water? Honestly, it can be very hard to track how much water you’re drinking per day. If you regularly use old water glasses, your count will be reduced before noon. Today, we will discussing about funny motivational water bottle.

Water hydration apps also require extra effort and you have to remember how much you’ve drunk. Let’s be real, you’ll forget those things within a week. So many people are turning to some of the best hydration tracking water bottles on Amazon.

64 Oz Motivational Water Bottle.

The 64-ounce water bottle is comes with two lids and a removable straw, the design of the two-sized lid is quite humane, which caters to the drinking styles of different people. Also, the two lid strongly connect the handle of the bottle and you can move it anywhere as per your requirement.

Funny Motivational Water Bottle.

The Giotto water bottle will help you to accomplish your goal. It can hold up to a gallon (i.e. eight glasses of water x 2, or 128 oz), and is designed with time markers, so that it’s easier to speed up your drinking throughout the day.

It is a 30-ounce water bottle that has hourly time markers of heart from 8 am to 6 pm, and a message for refills and repeats. There’s a very funny message on the front. It’s BPA free and fits in most of the car cup holders.

The top is wide enough to be able to add ice, but there’s an ice guard in the hat to prevent you from being surprised by the ice cube when you’re drinking. It can be washed by hand.

It is a 24-ounce BPA-free reusable water bottle. The hourly markers remind you to drink from 8 am and are up to 6 am per hour. It is made of safe and non-toxic plastic and has a ‘finger-friendly’ carry loop. It should be washed by hand.

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DIY Motivational Water Bottle.

Video Source: DIY – Motivational Water Bottles

Features of Funny Motivational Water Bottle.

The best feature is probably its motivational phrases. Each time the marker has a phrase, such as “Shut up,” or “Don’t give up.” The bottle is also made of eco-friendly plastic, and is toxin and BPA-free.

It comes with a removable straw that you can use for sips, and makes it easier to move the handle of a detachable rope around.

There are over 7,000 positive reviews of the water bottle, which they say has helped them stick to their goals.

Gallon-shaped water bottles are on TikTok and Instagram, with fitness influencers and regular users equally relying on them to reach their hydration goals. It sounds weird at first – these water bottles are too big!

But when you think about it, they matter a lot.

There is no need to drink from the public water fountain; And there’s no math of figuring out how many ounces of water to drink each day. Just drink until it’s empty and you feel good!

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Types of Funny Motivational Water Bottle.

1. Oliv One Gallon Water Bottle.

Stay inspired by this blue and pink Ombre Oliv One Gallon water bottle ($23), which has timed markers which help you to keep you on track with your goals.

2. Large One Gallon Inductive Water Bottle.

Large One Gallon Inductive Water Bottle
Large One Gallon Inductive Water Bottle Image Source: BuildLife 1 Gallon Water Bottle Motivational Fitness Workout Time Marker

This Large One Gallon Water Bottle ($30) has two lids, so you can either chug the water or sip it through a straw, depending on your mood.

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3. Buildlife Gallon Inspirational Water Bottle.

Buildlife Gallon Inspirational Water Bottle
Buildlife Gallon Inspirational Water Bottle; Image Source: BuildLife Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

With its brightly colored outward and inspiring phrases, this buildlife gallon inspirational water bottle ($20) will definitely bring a smile to your face throughout the day. You may also choose from 25 different colors and patterns.

4. 4AMinLA Inspirational Water Bottle Gallon Jug.

An easy strap makes it easy to carry this 4AMinLA inductive water bottle gallon jug ($18). Choose from ombre or solid colors, all of which have a soft, removable silicone straw to make drinking even easier throughout the day.

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5. Letsfit 1 Gallon Water Bottle.

A built-in handle on the Letsfit1 gallon water bottle ($18) where water can have enough aerated. It comes in blue, teal, black, pink and clear colors.

6. A Gallon Inductive Water Bottle.

This pink and white one gallon motivational water bottle ($35) is so cute, you’d love to take it anywhere from work to the gym.

7. Geo Game Bottles GEO One Gallon Water Bottle.

This beautiful Geo Sports Bottle Geo One Gallon Water Bottle ($18) is made from a nontoxic, BPA-free, glass-like material that is sturdy and easy to carry.

8. Aomais Gallon Water Bottle.

You’ll be drinking water from morning to late night with this helpful and inspiring Aomais gallon water bottle ($19).

9. Giotto Big One Gallon Inductive Water Bottle.

With its slick design, strap, secure-lock lid, easy-to-hold middle and ombre design, you’ll want to bring this Giotto Large One Gallon Motivational Water Bottle ($20, originally $22) with you everywhere.

10. Hydration Nation One Gallon Water Bottle.

Stay hydrated with the Hydration Nation One Gallon water bottle ($19), which comes in black, blue, purple, pink and green and pink ombre.

11. Bottled Joey One Gallon Water Bottle.

Thanks to the wide mouth, you can also fill your bottled Joey One Gallon water bottle ($16, basically $22) with hydrating fruit or ice.

12. Venture Pal Large 128-Oz. Leakproof Water Bottle.

Venture Sail Large 128-Oz. The leakproof water bottle ($20) comes with an easy-to-hold handle, and you can choose from 10 playful color options.

13. Soxcoxo One Gallon Water Bottle with Straws.

It is quite difficult to say, is it a water bottle or a work of art? It’s impossible to tell the difference with this Soxcoxo Water Bottle with Straw ($29)! It is very beautiful, you can proudly display it on your kitchen counter when not in use.

14. Hotfun One Gallon Water Bottle.

The HotFun One gallon water bottle ($20) comes with an in-built fruit infusion, so you can use lemons, strawberries, cucumbers, and more for your watery flavor, making your way into your mouth without having to worry about entire pieces of fruit or pulp.

15. QuiFit Inspiring Gallon Water Bottle.

If you take lemon and water in this bottle, you’ll love this as it is designed in such a way that it’s look funny, Motivational Gallon Water Bottle ($19).

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  1. What does it mean to b BPA Free?;,have%20been%20made%20using%20BPA.




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