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Swim Spa Exercises : Are Swim Spas Good For Exercise?

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Combining the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub with an aquatic exercise system, the swim spa exercises is designed for your health and mind. With adjustable floating jets, you can fully customize the resistance within your workout routine.

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Turn your backyard into your private gym with a new endless pool swim spa and discover the benefits of taking your workout routine into the water.

Benefits of Exercising at Swim Spa.

People often asked that “Are Swim Spas Good For Exercise?” then the answer is “Yes” it is an amazing exercise which engage different parts of the body and provide you several health benefits, those are as follows;

  • Less impact on your bones and joints.
  • Be cool while sweating.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Builds muscle strength.
  • Improves stamina.
  • Promotes good circulation.

Swim spa specialists are not individual trainers, but they want to motivate your spa to the best of its potential. Below we outline some of the suggested workouts that you can use at your swim spa to help you complete your New Year’s fitness proposals this year!

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Full Body Swim Spa Exercises.

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1. Lower Body Exercises.

Walking in the water offers endless benefits compared to traditional running exercises. Your body swells in water, reducing your weight by up to 90%. This puts less pressure on your bones and joints when you jog against the water flow of your floating spa.

Cycling is similar to jogging, but involve full range of motion of the lower part of the body. Grab the edge of your spa and shake your legs as if riding a bike against a floating jet. This gives your lower muscles a full workout, as well as improves your stamina.

Steps to your swim spa can be used to exercise your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Step up and down using one foot at a time, and alternate your legs with every rep.

The Endless Pool also offers a variety of swim spa accessories. You can customize the swim spa with an underwater treadmill or an aquatic bike.

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2. Swim Spa Core Exercises.

To support you in this exercise the water plank needs to use a common pool noodle or flotation device. Keeping your head above the water, press your flotation tool down into the water toward the floor of your swim spa.

Lean forward until your body is at a 30-degree angle and until you can hold this position. A good goal is to hold your plank for 1 to 2 minutes.

Water crunches involve keeping your head above the water while facing upwards. Stretch your legs straight by joining your knees and legs together. Attach your core while pulling your knees into your chest, then return to the starting position.

Core rotations engage your core muscles and side oblique. Stand in your floating spa with the shoulder width of your feet. Bend your knees slightly, keeping your back straight, and turn your torso to the right, then completely to the left.

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3. Upper Body Exercises.

Chest press movement targets your deltoids, triceps, and pectoral muscles. Face your floating jet with your chest submerged in water. Place your hands outwards from the palms of your chest and stretch your arms straight against the stream of water and slowly bring them back towards your chest. Increase your resistance by adding aqueous load to this movement. 

Swim Spa Exercises
Image Source: 3 Low-Impact Upper-Body Pool Exercises

Bicep curls are best performed with water dumbbells in your hands while standing along your arms. Bring the water loads up to your shoulders, and slowly bring them back down to their initial position.

For water push-ups you need to place your hands on the side rail of your swim spa or on a step and do push ups. Thereafter, lower your head as much as you can without immersing it in water.

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4. Cardio Workout.

Many swim spas have massage seats, such like spa pools, powerful water jets at one end and at the other end where there is actually sufficient space to swim against the flow of water.

You can adjust the power of the floating jet by adjusting how many jets you are operating at a time and by adjusting the amount of air mixed with the water.

An exercise swim spa can significantly reduce the lifting effects of gravity when you exercise, so if your body doesn’t agree with a jog around the block, try the low-impact version in the water.

In a good way, exercising in water is more demanding than a land-based activity because your muscles are challenged from all directions by water. So when you swim, walk, jog or run against a powerful swim jet, you multiply the benefits of your cardio workouts by staying in the water.

You can also start by just walking through the water and feel resistance when you turn your arms and raise your legs. Significantly increase the intensity until you are confident enough to try out the floating jets.

Just walking, jogging or running in place and raising your knees up will provide an effective cardio and leg workout. Turn on the swim jet and try not to push backwards by the pressure of the water; You may also need your arms to move yourself forward.

5. Yoga and Pilates.

Yoga and Pilates are become popular for developing core strength, toning your body and muscle growth. Backed by the surge of the surrounding water, you can do your basic work by standing against the water pressure of your floating jet.

Try a few yoga tricks, the warmth of water and natural props can increase the ability to stretch in your position.

6. Resistance Work.

Take a resistance band at your swim spa and try out all the classic exercises that can be done with the band. When powering swim jets you may be able to increase the intensity of the workout by creating more resistance and instability.

Exercising without a band will also be beneficial as the surrounding water provides some resistance. Try the lunges, leg lifts, arm rises the same way you do in aerobics class or gym workouts. A study done on 2020, where it is stated that exercising in hot water can help to reduce heart disease by 28% and stroke by upto 26%.(1)

In the aerobics class, you may do many exercises, you can also do it in a swimming spa. The surrounding water will actually add resistance to your body’s motion, increasing the effect of exercise.

Simply raising your legs forward, armpits and backwards while in the water provides variation in this land-based activity. Use stainless steel grab rails for additional assistance if you need it.

7. Recover And Stretch.

Majority of us know the benefits of stretching after exercise, but a lot of us don’t really end our workout that way. If you are already in your spa, you can easily visit the spa end of your swim spa for a hydrotherapy full body massage to stimulate blood flow to encourage muscle recovery. Your body will thank you and get ready for your next exercise session very soon.

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8. Weight Event.

Regular low-impact exercise is recommended by weight loss professionals as a ‘fat burning’ activity. If regular exercise isn’t always possible, or if you’re only feeling lazy, some simple stir in your swim spa can simulate the beneficial effects of exercise.

If you’re after a toned tummy, abdominal crunches can be effectively done in the water of your swim spa. Paddle yourself to keep you in place or prop yourself on the corner of your spa, then raise your legs against the resistance of the water.

9. Elderly, Disabled, Rehabilitation.

Aquatic exercise can allow elderly, disabled or those in need of rehabilitation to continue physical activity which would otherwise be very difficult. Your exercise spa water turbulence can significantly reduce pain and increase mobility, as your body is supported in a weightless state by aerated jet currents.

With the help of our support bar, those of you who need assistance for stability can still use swim spa with confidence. Any exercise, stretch or light cardio workout can be effectively done by holding the bar mounted in front of the swim jet for support.

Bottom Line.

Swim spa exercises are fun and safe activity for people of any age group. So jump into it and try it. Remember to drink plenty of water despite being immersed in water.




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