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Nude Fitness and Its Benefits

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During exercise type of clothes is very important for our performance, because we see better performance with some clothes, but did you know that nude fitness is even better?

It is a trend that started in France, the initiative was taken by Roger Le Gael Jim in Paris. Gym members decided to close the facilities one day a week from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. to practice workout without clothe.

For legal reasons, Jim allows only 19 people to enter at a time. However, they have also received 400 access requests.

But, where did it derived from in the beginning? This option was proposed by naturalists; A lifestyle through which they take away the ‘body and soul’, promote freedom through nudity.

Nevertheless, they mention that they are always naked; When they take off their clothes, it is only a stage of naturalism; It is their ideology that they feel naked with or without clothes.

Nude Fitness.

To maintain fitness any workout routine can be done naked. However, there are some exercises that actually increase when done naked. For example:

Isometric Exercise Isometric exercises engages different groups of muscles in the body at the same time and you can feel and see full contraction of muscles while naked.

Exercise without machines – Machines cover the parts of your body that you might want to see during workout, but during workout without clothes provide you such option.

Nude Fitness

Full body exercises – These exercises represent your entire body and include exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups.

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Benefits of Nude Fitness.

So, since now that you know everything about this fitness, let us talk about the benefits and reasons why you should do nude fitness.

1. Produces Endorphin.

When you take off all your clothes during exercise, it becomes easier to enter the sun’s rays in your body. Sunbathing produces vitamin D in the body, which supports bone and muscle health.

In addition, it stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for controlling vitamin mood. If you don’t have clothes, you make this task easier.

Nevertheless, and like everything else, excessive exposure to sunlight has a harmful effect on the skin, eyes and immune system. It is a fact that the incidence of skin cancer in recent decades has a profound connection to external activities, and for this reason it is very important to take the necessary precautions to prevent it.

You should not sunbathe between 12 noon and 4 pm, which is high in ultraviolet rays. On the other hand, sunbathing for about 15 minutes a day without protection is enough to generate vitamin D.

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2. Improves Blood Flow.

Exercise without cloth improve muscle growth. Generally, these fabrics are very tight, which restrict blood flow and absorb all sweat with various toxins, as we said earlier, which does not optimize blood flow.

3. Enhances Awareness And Empowerment of The Body.

It is not only good to workout naked due to PF scientific processes, hormones and vitamins. It is also extremely beneficial for our brain. In this way, another big advantage is that there may be more control over the body and check whether the exercise is being done properly or not.

In short, it is called body mindfulness, which happens when you are fully aware of your body and its activities. They are also empowered with body mindfulness to realize how powerful your body is and how far you can take your strengths and abilities.

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4. Nude Fitness Increases Testosterone.

benefits of optimal testosterone

Many scientific studies have shown, in addition to detecting more presence of hormones due to over-sunlight in the summer months. It has also been proved that the direct occurrence of sunlight on the testicles increases testosterone levels by 200%.

5. Allows More Freedom of Movement.

When it comes to exercise and fitness, let me tell you that our bodies can do more than we think. But, of course, we have many factors that limit it, such as a garment.

When it comes to fitness, these limits are reduced when there are no pieces of clothes in the middle. So, if you really want to get the best benefits from your exercise and use your whole body the most with flexibility, you should really try to make it naked.

In addition, the skin can be over-oxygenated, and the rashes caused by friction are avoided.

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6. Stimulates The Release of Toxins.

Human skin needs air to breathe and always cover ourselves with tight clothes, especially made of synthetic material, we disrupt this process, in fact, we weaken the skin by absorbing toxins that come out through sweat.

That’s why naked exercise, which is also a time where you release more toxins than usual, is great for allowing them all to go without disrupting the process. After that you will feel pure.

7. Eradicate Negative Emotions.


Another big advantage of exercising naked is that it is good for your mind and emotions. Practicing naked yoga and exercise for fitness frees you from all negative feelings about your body and allows you to connect and accept yourself more deeply and just like the world around you.

It’s time to psychologically eclipse your nudity, remind yourself that you’re free, that you can be real people again. It’s much deeper than freedom of movement and saving the earth, isn’t it? Believe me, you’ve never thought about it like this!

Bottom Line.

A nude fitness workout may not be for everyone, but if you decide to try it you will get some good benefits that most other exercisers will never experience. Consider trying some routine at home and then if you really enjoy the feeling of working out naked and want to take it to the gym.

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