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12 Amazing Health Benefits of Jackfruit – A Superfood

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Nowadays, almost all the people living in the village and city are started to be conscious regarding their health. People are started to follow a balanced diet to stay health and fit. If you also maintain a balanced diet, you will know how important it is to have nutrients in the diet. Now, lets see the health benefits of jackfruit and the medicinal properties. Before that we will learn about some other important things about this fruit.

So, these nutritional foods are called superfoods, which provide fitness with nutrition. In different places, it is called by different name. For e.g. Jackfruit in Spanish is called as Yaca. The superfood contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so they are called superfoods.

If you include them in your diet, these superfoods can make you healthy. However, taking too much of these superfoods can prove to be harmful, so you should take a limited amount of them. There are many superfoods but from all of those Jackfruit took the top place.

So, today we will tell you about the amazing health benefits of Jackfruit and nutritional information of jackfruit.

Jackfruit is counted as one of the largest and heaviest fruits in the world. This fruit is very sweet and tasty. Particularly, in India, this fruit is also consumed as vegetable, ethics and a variety of tasty dishes. It is not confined to just filling the stomach.

You will be surprised to know that jackfruit can prevent deadly diseases like cancer and also effective for weight loss.

What Is Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit, mainly found in Southwest India. The scientific name of this fruit is “Artocarpus Heterophyllus“. It can be both small and quite large in size.

The outer skin of this fruit is pointed. It is called vegetarians’ meat, because it looks exactly like meat after it becomes cooked. When cooked, the fruit becomes pale from inside, which people eat with great gusto.

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What Does Jackfruit Taste Like?

The taste of jackfruit is like mixed of both apple and banana. Ripe jackfruit tastes like sweet and over ripe jackfruit tastes like strong fruity odour, sweet and have pungent taste.

Jackfruit Nutritional Value.

NutrientPer 100gm
Water73.46 gm
Energy95 kcal
Protein1.72 gm
Total Fat0.64 gm
Carbohydrates23.25 gm
Fiber, Total Dietary1.5 gm
Sugar19.08 gm
Calcium24 mg
Iron0.23 mg
Magnesium29 mg
Phosphorus21 mg
Potassium448 mg
Sodium2 mg
Zinc0.13 mg
Vitamin C, Total Ascorbic Acid13.7 mg
Thiamine0.105 mg
Riboflavin0.055 mg
Niacin0.920 mg
Vitamin B60.329 mg
Folate, DFE24 μg
Vitamin B-120.00 μg
Vitamin A, RAE5 μg
Vitamin A,110 IU
Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol)0.34 mg
Fatty Acids, Total Saturated0.195 gm
Fatty Acids, Total Monounsaturated0.155 gm
Fatty Acids, Total Polyunsaturated0.94 gm
Fatty Acids, Total Trans0.000 gm
Cholesterol0 mg

Health Benefits of Jackfruit.

1. Benefits of Jackfruit for Cardiovascular Health.

Jackfruit can be consumed for cardiovascular health. Scientific research shows that vitamin C present in jackfruit can prevent inflammation, which can cause deadly diseases such as heart disease.(1),(2),(3)In addition, potassium present in this fruit can prevent heart attacks by controlling blood pressure.

Cardiovascular Health

Vitamin-B in jackfruit can reduce homocysteine level. Homocysteine is the element that can increase the risk of the heart. At the same time, the iron present in this fruit strengthens the heart.

2. Jackfruit Boost Immunity.

Jackfruit has lot of advantages for the body’s immune system. It contains vitamin C, which strengthen immunity power of the body. Vitamin C acts as an effective antioxidant to keep the immune system healthy and keep the body away from diseases.(4),(5)

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3. Benefits of Jackfruit for Digestive Health.

digestion Health benefits of jackfruit
Digestive System

It is also a good source of fiber, which plays a major role in digestive health. Fiber keep intestinal cells healthy. It promotes digestion by improving digestive track. Fiber-rich foods cure stomach problems such as constipation, diarrhoea and gas, etc.(6)

4. Jackfruit for Weight Loss.

Obesity has emerged as a major health threat worldwide. The accumulation of excessive fat in the body defines obesity. Obesity can be harmful in many cases, as it can cause cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, etc. Jackfruit is rich in vitamin-C, so it can help to reduce obesity.(7)

weight Health benefits of jackfruit
Weight Loss

Anti-inflammatory properties present in jackfruit can play an important role in preventing obesity. It is a good source of antioxidants called resveratrol, which can help to reduce weight, BMI and fat mass.(8),(9)

5. Benefits of Jackfruit for Bone Health.


The nutrients of jackfruit are very important for the strength of the bones. Calcium is found in jackfruit, which is definitely an element for the strength and development of the bones.

The body is unable to make calcium, so it is supplied by calcium-rich foods. For healthy and strong bones you may include jackfruit in your diet.(10)

6. Jackfruit for Eyes.

Jackfruit is rich in vitamins A and C and both of these nutrients are considered beneficial for the eyes. According to a study, scientists found that taking adequate amounts of vitamin C can reduce the risk of age-related eye disease.

eye Health

According to another report, vitamin C can also reduce the risk of cataract. For healthy eyes you can include jackfruit in your diet.(11)

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7. Jackfruit for Cancer.

It is consider as one of the major health benefits of jackfruit, as its consumption can prevent a deadly disease like cancer. It is enriched with phytonutrients such as lignans, isoflavones and saponin, which can fight against cancer.(12)

cancer cells
Cancer Cells

The antioxidant properties present in jackfruit neutralize free radical and also prevent cancer. Jackfruit is also a good source of vitamin C and it can play an important role in preventing cancer.

A study has seen the importance of jackfruit in fighting uterine cancer. In addition, the dietary fiber present in the jackfruit can prevent stomach and esophageal cancer.(13)

8. Jackfruit for Blood Pressure.

The benefits of jackfruit have also been observed for blood circulation in the body. It is rich in potassium and sodium, which can be beneficial for blood pressure. It helps in relaxing blood vessels and maintaining blood pressure.

Potassium should be included for the prevention and treatment of hypertension, according to a report. Especially for those who are unable to reduce sodium intake.

9. Jackfruit Benefits for Diabetes.

You can also see the properties of jackfruit for the prevention of diabetes. It is rich in vitamin B, which may improve insulin for diabetics.

According to a study, raw jackfruit can work to reverse the symptoms of prediabetes. The medicinal properties of jackfruit for diabetes have also been mentioned in the Indian system of medicine.

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10. Jackfruit for Anemia.

The benefits of jackfruit can also be seen for a disease like anemia. Anemia is a therapeutic condition, caused by a lack of red cells in the blood. Jackfruit can be consumed for the prevention of anemia, as it is a good source of iron and helps in the growth of red blood cells, as the main cause of anemia is iron deficiency in the body.

In addition, jackfruit also has a plethora of vitamin-B6. This nutrient also promote the growth of red blood cells.

11. Jackfruit for Thyroid.

Jackfruit plays an vital role in thyroid conditions. It is a good source of copper, which helps to create thyroid metabolism. In addition, copper can also be beneficial for thyroid disorders.

According to another report, vitamin C can be an important element for patients with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a therapeutic condition in which the thyroid gland unable to produce enough thyroid hormones.

12. Jackfruit Benefits for Skin. 

There are also a lot of benefits of jackfruit for the skin. Jackfruit is rich in vitamin C, which works to fight free radicals that damage the skin. That’s where vitamin-B helps to rebuild skin cells.

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C and the ability to constitute collagen make it a special nutrient for the skin. According to some studies, vitamin C can protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

It can also work to reduce dryness by hydrate the skin. It is also a good source of fiber, which removes toxins from the body. You can include jackfruit in your diet to maintain a healthy skin.

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How To Eat Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a superfood that can be consumed in different ways. Find out below, how to eat jackfruit?

When the jackfruit is cooked, it becomes yellow from inside, which you can eat easily.

  • You can make vegetables with raw jackfruit. Before cutting the raw jackfruit, apply mustard oil on both of your hands, as the milk of the raw fruit may be on your hands, which is very difficult to remove. In addition, you can also use hand gloves. Use a sharp knife to cut the fruit and cut carefully.
  • You can also make jackfruit pickle, just like you make mango, carrot and radish, etc.
  • In addition, you can also make jackfruit pulp chips. Jackfruit chips are very prevalent in many places in South India.

Where To Buy Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is mainly a summer season fruit. During summer season it is available everywhere in small fruit shops to big shopping mall. However, as the things have now updated thereby, in few places it can be available throughout the year. Apart from this, now it is also available in online.

How To Cut Jackfruit?

Here is the video on how to cut jackfruit.

Side Effects of Jackfruit.

There is no doubt that jackfruit is a virtuous fruit and have many health benefits, but excessive amount can be detrimental to the body. Here are some side effects or disadvantages of jackfruit;

Stomach Problem.

People who have any type of stomach problems should avoid jackfruit. Otherwise, stomach problems may increase. It is rich in fiber, which may affects our digestive power. It increases the problem of diarrhea, constipation, bloating and acidity even more.

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Blood Disorder.

People who have a blood problem or disorder should not eat jackfruit. It increases coagulation, which threatens to further aggravate the problem.


You should avoid eating jackfruit during pregnancy. Eating jackfruit during pregnancy causes harm to mother and children. It contains insole fiber, which is detrimental to the health of both. Pregnant women may face miscarriage by eating jackfruit. At the same time, breast-feeding women should also stay away from jackfruit.

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Although patients with diabetes are advised to eat jackfruit, as it affects glucose levels in the blood, which can also be dangerous for patients with diabetes. Therefore, patients with diabetes should eat a limited amount of jackfruit.


If you have any allergies, you should avoid eating jackfruit. Because it may increases the allergy problem even more.

Bottom Line.

So, now you are aware about the medicinal properties and health benefits of jackfruit and for this reason it is also known as superfood. If you suffer from any of the diseases or problems described in this article, you can include jackfruit in your diet.

In case you may be exposed to some side effects during regular intake, you must stop consuming it and contact the doctor immediately.

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