How To Make Celery Juice for Weight Loss?

If you are suffering from obesity, consume celery juice. It will help you in rapid weight loss. Today we will tell you the benefits of celery juice for weight loss. It helps to protect you from many other diseases with weight loss.

Celery seeds are rich in carbohydrates, fiber and protein. It also contains vitamins and minerals such as niacin, thiamine, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, which are considered extremely beneficial for a healthy body.

As per Ayurveda doctors, celery has its own importance in the field of Ayurvedic medicine. Its seeds helps to increase digestion, relieve constipation and treat bloating. Celery is very beneficial for weight loss. It can be consumed regularly.

Celery Juice For Weight Loss.

  • At first, fry two teaspoons of celery on a low flame until it smells strong.
  • Then take 500 ml of water and boil it in a pan. Add celery to it and boil it until its became brown.
  • Let the drink cool and strain thoroughly to consume celery juice for weight loss.
  • You can also add honey to enhance the taste of this drink. Add a teaspoon of honey to this drink and consume it on an empty stomach.

Other Benefits of Celery.

Destroys Bacteria.

Celery seeds contain two elements, carvacrol, thymol. It can prevent the growth of bacteria along with variety of infections.

Reduce Cholesterol Level.

It reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels in your body. Celery improves HDL levels (good cholesterol) in your body.

Control High Blood Pressure.

It has been found that celery is beneficial in controlling high blood pressure. Thus, reduces the chances of stroke and heart disease.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

Celery has an anti-inflammatory properties which can help to reduce inflammation caused by conditions like cancer.


So, now you have come to know how this juice helps in weight loss and get rid of obesity. Regular intake along with a healthy life style and diet should be follow to get the optimal result.