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Camphor For Weight Loss : Does It Really Work?

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You must have seen people using camphor for worship. It may be a little surprising to know this, but there is no doubt that it can be used as a medicine. So let’s try to find out how camphor helps in weight loss, as well as other benefits of camphor which make effective to the treatment of many diseases. However, you also have to keep in mind that camphor can relieve the problem, but entire treatment should depends on medical advice.

What Is Camphor?

Camphor is a white or transparent substance similar to wax, which is obtained from certain trees. It is flammable and smells intense. The main three types of camphor are in vogue depending on the availability of trees found at different places.

Camphor obtained from Cinnamomum camphora species trees is called Japanese Camphor, camphor derived from the Dryobalanops aromatica species is known as Bhimseni Camphor and camphor obtained from the trees of Blumea species is known as Patri Camphor.

Camphor for Weight Loss.

Consuming Bhimseni Camphor or eating camphor is  beneficial in weight loss. In today’s world, many people are suffering from obesity due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

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You can use camphor to lose weight. Consuming camphor strengthens your digestive system and helps in removing toxins present in the body. Consuming it also reduces the excessive fat which present in your body.

Apart from weight loss camphor have other benefits also. Let us know.

Other Benefits of Camphor.

1. Camphor Boost Stimulation.

Camphor also act as a stimulant. According to experts, it has a stimulating effect.(1) Elements present in it have the ability to improve the nervous system of the body which are counted in the category of stimulants.

Camphor can be helpful in curing many problems related to the nervous system due to his special quality.

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2. Rich In Antioxidant Properties.

According to research by the National Taiwan University published on the Website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), camphor is found as the main ingredient in a tree called Cinnamomum Osmophloeum.

Research also mentions that the camphor found in it has antioxidant properties. On this basis, it can be assumed that camphor can be used as an excellent antioxidant.(2)

The antioxidant effect gives the body the ability to fight with free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative stress, which causes many serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s (amnesia), heart disease and diabetes along with damaging cells (3).

For this reason, it can be assumed that the antioxidant properties present in camphor can help to relieve many health problems like these.

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3. Camphor Relief Gastric Problems.

Camphor can also beneficial in gastric, also known as stomach gas problem in common language. According to experts, camphor oil can be used to relieve the problem.

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Digestive System

In fact, the problem of gas in the stomach is caused by greater acidity in the stomach.(4) Camphor has an alkaline tendency that can help to reduce acidic effects (5). For this reason, it can be assumed that the use of camphor oil can be beneficial in gastric problems.

4. Camphor For Pain Relief.

Adding camphor to coconut oil can help to relieve muscle pain and cramps. It can also work to reduce inflammation. The reason is that camphor has analgesic properties (pain reducing) as well as rubefacient (skin inflammation reducing) effect(6). Both these effects can lead to positive results in reducing pain.

5. Rich In Antiseptic Properties.

Antiseptic means protecting against bacteria and microorganisms. Therefore, things that have antibacterial and anti microbial effects are considered to be full of antiseptic effects(7).

A research conducted by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) mentions that camphor has both antibacterial and anti microbial effects. For this reason, it can be said that camphor can be helpful in preventing the slighter wounds on the body from decay.

6. Camphor For Libido Enhancer.

Camphor’s use in increasing the trend towards sexual relations can also be considered beneficial. A research on Camphor’s medicinal properties mentions that it has the ability to increase the Aphrodisiac and the use of camphor oil can be beneficial in this regard.

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Due to excessive use, it can also show an Aphrodisiac i.e. reducing libido. Therefore, there is a need to be extremely careful while using it.

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7. Anti-inflammatory.

A research conducted by Jeju National University in South Korea found that its extract contains anti-inflammatory effects.(8)

For this reason it can be assumed that this property present in the camphor tree is also present in Camphor. It would not be wrong to say that using camphor can have a positive effect in reducing a variety of physical inflammation.

8. Anti-Neurologic.

The term anti-neuralgic is used for the property that helps to relieve problem related to the Neuralgia nervous system. Neuralgia is characterized by swelling problems and pain in different parts of the body. It mainly affects the face and head.


According to experts, camphor has analgesic properties as well as rubefacient (skin inflammation reducing) effect. Both these effects can also jointly provide relief in neuralgia.(9) 

For this reason, we can say that Camphor can be used as an anti-neurologic. At present, more research is going on regarding this.

9. Camphor Provide Relief In Arthritis.

As we have told you earlier in the article, Camphor has anti inflammatory and analgesic (pain-reducing) effects. Both these properties can reduce inflammation in the joints due to arthritis as well as relieve pain.

For this reason it can be assumed that massaging camphor oil can lead to beneficial results in arthritis.

10. Camphor Heal Burning Wound.

Camphor has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. In this case, both these properties can remove the infection in the wound due to burning. According to a research published on the NCBI website, camphor is also used along with sesame oil and honey in medicines that heal burn wounds, which prove to be very effective.(10)

For this reason, it can be assumed that camphor has the ability to cure the burn wound to some extent while reducing the risk of infection.

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11. Camphor Prevent Cold & Cough.

You can mix camphor with coconut oil and apply it on the chest to prevent cold and cough. It is said to have antiviral (virus infection prevention) and antitussive (cough prevention and relieving) effects. Both these effects present in camphor can jointly help in preventing cold and cough.

12. Camphor Beneficial For Skin.


Camphor also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help in curing many skin problems. Because of this, camphor can be considered beneficial for health as well as skin. At present, more research is required in this regard.

How To Include Edible Camphor in Diet?

You can use camphor in different ways in your diet. In Pongal, the famous festival of south India, a variety of dishes are prepared using it. Additionally, in Bihar and North India people make laddoos and paneer sweets using camphor.

Camphor is also used in many other health problems. But it is very important to take care of its quantity and dosage while using it, otherwise you may have many difficulties.

Before using the camphor, you must consult an expert or doctor. Most importantly, the you must choose the right one to get the maximum health benefits. Remember, only Bhimseni or Naturopathy camphor is used to eat.

Side Effects of Camphor.

You have already learnt about the benefits of Camphor, but if it is used incorrectly or unbalanced, it can show many side effects. Excessive intake, sniffing and use on the skin can lead to camphor damage. The reason is some of the toxic elements present in it. Let’s take a look at the side effects:

Mild Side Effects of Camphor.

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Headache.
  • To feel giddy.
  • Trembling and cramping due to muscle stimulation.
  • Itching and irritation due to excessive use on the skin.
  • Itching and irritation in the nose in case of sniffing.

Serious Side Effects of Camphor.

  • Epilepsy conditions that last for several hours due to too much volume.
  • In some cases, the situation of coma and death may also arise.

Bottom Line.

Let’s hope you understand exactly what camphor is and what are the benefits of camphor. At the same time, you must have come to know how camphor is beneficial for weight loss, as well as the essentials related to its use.

You can use it in limited quantities to reduce the effects of health problems mentioned in the article. However, at the same time, keep in mind the disadvantages of camphor so that all the benefits can be effectively achieved. Hope this article will be of great help in solving health problems.

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