Kiat Jud Dai Workout : Does This Workout Really Work?

Nowadays people want quick and simple weight loss. So they follow several exercise and diet plan. However, those are more complicated and boring.

But today we will tell you about a trending dance workout known as ‘Kiat Jud Dai’ which was derived from a song and famous for weight loss dance workout.

What is Kiat Jud Dai Workout?

This workout is an effective weight loss workout. In this weight loss dance workout, waist and stomach are engaged so that the muscles of the stomach are stressed. Do this workout 5 to 10 minutes 2 times a day before breakfast and after dinner.

This weight loss dance workout engage the abdominal muscles and helps to lose weight along with reducing belly fat.

Who Started This Workout?

Janney (Chinese woman) has done the job of bringing this weight loss dance workout to fame. Several weight loss dance videos have been upload for the past few months. It didn’t take long time for this workout to be viral in different countries. Today Instagram and YouTube are full of such videos.

Kiat Jud Workout Video Source: Do This For 5 Days and Look In The Mirror.

Kiat Jud Dai Workout : Does This Workout Really Work?

Many professional believed that if you exercise for a particular body part, the fat in that place reduce e.g. sit-ups are done to reduce belly fat.

But according to scientific research, fat loss from a particular area never happens. We can’t decide and reduce fat from one body part. During fat loss fat reduce from the entire body, it never reduce from a particular place.

This workout only works on the muscles of the stomach (abdominal muscle). This Weight Loss Dance Workout will definitely burn some calories but it is only a misconception that this workout will only reduce belly fat.

How To Lose Weight?

The most important formula for weight loss is maintain calorie deficit, regular exercise, balanced diet, adequate sleep and less stress. If you are exercising well without a balanced diet then weight loss result will not meet as expected.

This weight loss dance workout burn calories effectively and help in weight loss but only on belly fat.


Loosing belly fat by Kiat Jud Dai workout is not scientifically possible. This workout will burn calories to some extent but it is completely wrong that it will reduce belly fat. We cannot decide a particular area for fat loss, it reduce from overall body.




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