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How To Tie Hair To Prevent Hair Loss

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If you see hair flakes around your bed and pillow, you’re not alone. Hair loss is becoming one of the most important daily issues we are facing. You may not know, but when you sleep, you lose more hair. So, today we will tell you how you should tie hair to prevent hair loss?

Reasons for Hair Loss.

There can be many reasons why you are losing your precious hair. This can be due to unwanted friction between your hair and pillow when you turn and rotate while sleeping. It may be due to sleeping incorrectly or maybe some other habit of yours that is weakening your roots.

There are many other medical approaches to the situation. There may be some reasons;

  • Hard Brushing.
  • Elastic Band and Hair Tie.
  • Long stretched hair.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Tension.
  • Thyroid Problems.
  • Excessive use of shampoo or conditioner.
  • Chemicals and bleach used to paint hair.
  • Exposure to extreme heat while styling hair.
  • Hair gel.

How To Tie Hair To Prevent Hair Loss.

How To Take Care of Hair?

The best hair care routine will also fail if we don’t take proper care while sleeping. It is only logical because we sleep 6-8 hours a day and it can make a big difference. Here are some tips to ensure that your hair can be less tangled while sleeping.


Let’s start with the basics;

1. Do Not Sleep With Open Hair.

Never use rubber or elastic bands. At least try using soft scrunchie while sleeping.

2. Make Very Loose French Braid.

A French peak will put pressure around your head instead of resting in the same place overnight, which will help to avoid breaking down.

3. A Humid Room Is Ideal.

A humid room is good to prevent hair loss.

4. Loose ‘Pineapple’ Bun.

For curly hairy people, it is perfect to secure hair in a perfect, loose top knot as it protects moisture in hair and prevents breakage.

5. Hair Wrap.

If you lose too much hair, it will be very well protected by wrapping silky hair by putting your hair in a loose bun.




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