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Best Way to Increase Platelets Count in Dengue

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Best Way to Increase Platelets Count in Dengue: Every year, due to outbreak of dengue, many instructions often begin. From applying coconut oil on the feet, burning coconut peels, to camphor at home, people have many tips. If someone gets dengue the above mentioned instructions suddenly start coming from every corner.

Along with everything else, the advice to consume certain things is also very common. This includes papaya leaf juice, fruits like kiwi and dragon fruit etc. So do these three things really have a miraculous effect on dengue patients? Lets see.

Best Way to Increase Platelets Count in Dengue.

The outbreak of the second wave of corona epidemic had already started receding in the country when the dengue attack started. Suddenly, increased data on dengue victims started appearing from many states.

Though the rainy and winter weather in India usually increases the number of dengue victims, this time the problem has become worse. Many people who had earlier been affected by corona were now the dengue victims.

The rapidly declining of platelets in dengue patients is the biggest problem. It is believed that the above mentioned three ways can be effective in instantly increasing platelets.

Apart from these lets see how papaya leaf juice, kiwi and dragon fruit help in curing dengue and what are the things are in papaya leaves, kiwi and dragon fruits which can help to treat dengue?

Papaya Leaf Juice for Dengue.

Over the years, papaya leaf juice has been researched locally at different places, which have shown that this juice plays a significant role in increasing platelets. In fact, papaya leaf juice contains compounds such as flavonoids, alkaloids, cardiac glycosides.

It is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and plays a protective role against haemolysis, the process of breakdown of red blood cells. It prevents damage to cells. At the same time, these leaves also contain a unique phytochemical acetogenin that helps in increasing the platelet count.

Kiwi & Dragon Fruit for Dengue.

Both these fruits are not so popular in India, but these exotic fruits have played a very important role for dengue patients. Even doctors are advising patients to eat these fruits whose platelet count has reached below one lakh.

The fact is that kiwi contains a lot of antioxidants that rein in the rate of low platelets. Kiwi is also rich in potassium and vitamin C which help in increasing platelets. Not only this, kiwi also reduces the level of blood triglyceride in the body which helps in keeping the heart healthy.

Similarly, vitamin C present in dragon fruit strengthens immunity and prevents haemorrhagic fever of dengue. It contains elements ranging from antioxidants to lycopene, fiber, phosphorus and iron that help to improve the number of platelets.

Points To Remember.

All these three things are natural and are easily available. Even if papaya leaves are left out, the other two fruits are generally beneficial for health, but it is important to take care of certain things along with their intake.

  • Either it leaves or fruits, washed cleanly and then have it.
  • Take these things along with treatment and medicine for dengue. Don’t just try to treat dengue with these things.
  • If you are suffering from any other physical condition, allergies, etc., ask your doctor about the consumption of papaya leaves.
  • Also know how much to consume leaf juice or fruits.
  • Apart from leaf juice, essence or supplements are also available in the market. You can also use them.


Hope, now you have got a clear idea for best way to increase platelets count in dengue. Apart from these fruits take medicines regularly and keep touch with your doctor.

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