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Prevention Tips for Covid-19

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The pandemic of corona is not only in India but almost all over the world. Coming to India, thousands of corona cases are coming up every day at present. At the same time, almost everything is open and people are going back to their work, colleges, etc. But we cannot forget at all that corona can still infect us. Meanwhile, experts have already announced an alert about the third wave of corona, which is considered as extremely dangerous for children. So it is important that we must protect ourselves from corona and don’t forget certain things that can help to protect us from corona. So let’s know the prevention tips for covid-19.

Prevention Tips for Covid-19.

Get Vaccinated.

To avoid corona, it is most important that everyone should get the vaccine done when it comes to their turn, as it can reduce the cause of death from this virus to a greater extent. Doctors have also said that the vaccine is completely safe and effective. Therefore, everyone must get the vaccine so that the virus can be avoided.

Wear Masks.

If we want to avoid corona virus, we must wear masks. When meeting someone, in the office, shop, mall, in public places, in public transport, etc., everyone should wear mask along with children also. As it can reduce the contamination of spreading virus in the air.

Unnecessarily Going Out.

As soon as the corona cases subsided, life is back on track. But the number of cases of corona per day is still in thousands. There are many people who are unnecessarily going out of the house and becoming part of the crowd, as well as not following the rules of Covid-19. This increase the risk of getting infected.

Don’t Forget Hygiene.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to maintain hygiene. Clean your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer from time to time, should take bath after coming home, also you must sanitize the accompanying items carried with you when you come home and also don’t meet the children as soon as you come home.


Hope, now you have understand how you can keep yourself safe from this virus and stay healthy. But if you fall ill it is advisable to consult with your doctor.




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