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Landmine Squat Press : Benefits and Variations

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Exercise is very important to keep the body into shape and stay fit. There are many exercises that make you fit and help you in weight loss and strong. Squats are one of these. Among these one is landmine squat press. However, there are several benefits of squats in terms of strengthening the body and muscles.

Nowadays, these exercises are becoming very popular. People are now doing regular workouts through squat to stay fit.

It is an easy exercise that not only strengthen your hands or feet but also strengthen the whole body. You can do it without using any equipment. So, include the squat in your daily routine exercise and stay fit.

Types of Squat.

  1. Body Weight Squat.
  2. Barbell Squat.
  3. Front Squat.
  4. Sumo Squat.
  5. Jump Squat.
  6. Landmine Squat press.

Today in this article we will discuss about landmine squat press and its benefits.

What is Landmine Squat Press?

Landmine squat press is one of the best squat among the above following squats. It’s the best exercise that help you to learn the perfect form of squat. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or experienced, landmine squats press is a fantastic low-impact exercise that helps you to keep your body strong. It has a lots of benefits.

Landmine squat press is best for lifters who cannot do squat correctly due to joint pain or walking problems. However, this exercise is very good for strengthening the quads.

Benefits of Landmine Squat Press.

  1. Forming Correct Posture.
  2. Joint Friendly.
  3. Variation.
  4. Can Train More Often.
  5. Build Strength To The Muscle.

Helps In Forming Correct Posture.

Many gym goers and personal trainers use landmines to teach the right squat form. The barbell is attached in  landmine attachment, and it moves in a certain range of motion. This prevents you from irregular posture of the body, thereby, helps you to form a correct posture.

Apart from this, landmines also have a real benefit for taller people, who often struggle with keeping their chests out.

Joint Friendly.

The main advantage of landmine is that it is a joint friendly exercise. It is effective in building strength of the muscle.

By forcing you to sit back, the landmine ensures that your knees don’t move too far forward, thus, protects the joints from a possible injury or make less impact for anyone with an existing knee injury.


One of our favorite things about landmines is that there are some variations of exercise that are equally effective. Variations are a great way to prevent you from getting tired of your regular routine exercise and to prevent your muscles from challenging in different ways.

Landmine squat press is a truly versatile tool that can engage all major muscle groups, so that it improve strength of the entire body and your overall beauty.

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Can Train More Often.

Another benefit of this low-impact exercise is that, you can train landmines repeatedly compared to other squat movements.

This exercise does not cause much pressure on your joints (especially your knees and lower back and shoulders), you can train yourself more often other than Barbell Squat. This is a huge benefit, because you can build more muscle and gain strength.

Build Strength To The Muscle.

Like regular squats, this exercise will have hypertrophy benefits of strength and muscle mass, especially for your lower body muscles.

Target Muscles.

The main muscles are engaged is quads and glutes, but this exercise also engage many other muscles of the lower body, upper body and core. These includes;

How To Do Landmine Squats?

Landmines squat are an anterior squat variation that mainly engage quads, upper backs, glutes and core muscles. This exercise has little effect on your joints, so it’s a safe choice.

Landmine squat
Landmine Squat

Set Up And Equipment.

Place a barbell in a landmine attachment and load the free end of the bar with weight plates. If your gym doesn’t have a landmine attachment, don’t worry that you can still be able to do landmines squat.

If you don’t have a landmine attachment, the easiest thing to do is, fix the free end of the barbell in one corner of the wall. Wrap a towel at the end of the bar if you are concerned with damaging the corner.

Alternatively, you can set up your own ‘landmine attachment’ using barbell and weight plates. This method is a bit more secure. Put the free end of a barbell in the middle of a weight plate, and then place a dumbbell over the bar to secure it in place.

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How To Start?

Keep your feet apart from the width of the shoulder.

Hold the barbell with both hands at the height of the chest (you can secure the weight by interlocking your hands above the bar).


  • Weigh on your chest and bend the knees while pushing your hips back.
  • Wait for a second when your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Nevertheless, push yourself back by keeping weight on your chest, spreading the knees and pushing your hips forward.
  • It is a repetition.

How Many Sets And Reps To Do?

How many sets and reps depend entirely on you and your fitness goals and capacity.

  • Beginners: 5 reps, 5 sets.
  • Intermediates: 8-12 reps, 3-4 sets.
  • Advanced: 12+ reps, 3 sets.

How Much Weight You Should Use?

Choosing the balanced weight is a real challenge, when it comes to completing the last 2 repetition of each set. Naturally, if you are training to gain strength, you should use more weight according to your ability.

Types of Landmine Squat.

Landmine Split Squat.

For the unilateral variation of the landmine, try to exercise in a split squat position. Unilateral exercises have many benefits, including better balance, coordination and additional training for your muscles. Not only that, unilateral movements such as landmine split squat can fix muscle imbalances, strengthening your non-dominant side that will allow you to lift more during bilateral exercise.

Set up and Equipment.

Place one end of a barbell in a landmine attachment. Add weight plates to the free end of the bar.

Landmine Split Squat Video Source- Testosterone Nation
How To Start?
  • Use one hand to raise the bar and keep it at the height almost near hips.
  • One leg is tilted forward and the other slightly backwards, so that the heel of your back is raised up.
  • Take yourself down, start with your last leg to drive the movement.
  • Sit down until your back knee is almost touched by the ground.
  • Check your form – your front knee should suit your toes.
  • Push yourself back and repeat for the recommended rep on the same leg.
  • Swap the legs for the second set.
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Landmine Hack Squat.

Landmines hack squat can also be used for a safe alternative. Hack squats are a killer quad-exercise performed in a hack squat machine, and they’re not the safest exercise for your knees. But they’re a great way to grow quads.

Hack Squat with landmine is a more secure option because it requires the support of the core stabilizer’s muscles and allows you to stand with your feet on the ground, meaning your ankles are in a more secure position for knee expansion.

During this variation, the weight loads on the muscles behind you. This condition compels the space of the load on your heels that attach muscle to your lower body, especially the quads, glutes and lower back.

Set up and Equipment.
  • Set a barbell in a landmine attachment (or keep it safely in a corner).
  • Load the barbell with a weight plate.
Landmine Hack Squat Video Source- OPEX Fitness
How To Start?
  • Lift up the end of the barbell and keep yourself so that your back is repeatedly experiencing landmine attachment and leans against the weight plates as your body and barbell build a right angle.
  • Hold the end of the barbell over your one shoulder.
  • Keep your feet apart from the width of the shoulder.
  • Reduce yourself to a deep squat.
  • Drive through your heel to pull yourself back.
  • To maximize the benefits of this exercise for intermediates, do not push yourself all the way to keep your muscles under stress.

Hack Squat with Landmine (Split Stance).

If you’ve challenged landmine squats and mastered, you can try exercising with a split stance. This movement is more intense because it works on one side of your body at a time. It also requires greater stabilization, hence it provides additional benefits for core development.

Set up and Equipment.

Set the landmine and load the barbell with load plates.

Hack Squat with Landmine (Split Stance)
Hack Squat with Landmine Video Source- OriGym Personal Trainer Course
How To Start?
  • Hold the barbell above your right shoulder, standing with your back while facing the landmine.
  • Place your feet in a split stance, with your left foot in front of you and your right foot raising your right heel up.
  • Drop yourself down until your right knee is almost touching the floor.
  • Push yourself back up and repeat the movement for the set and delegate (recommended above).
  • Execute the first set on the same leg and then swap your position for the second set.
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Landmine Thruster.

The ultimate practice in list of landmine squat variations is landmine thrust. This variation combines the two most popular landmine exercises: squat and press.

Press movement means that the upper body also toned up. In particular, this workout have significant benefits for building shoulder strength and size.

Apart from the major muscle groups landmine thruster requires a lot of support from delts, as well as triceps, traps and diagonally. For a full-body landmine exercise, try this variation.

Set up and Equipment.

Set the barbell in the attachment of the landmine and load the free end with the load plates.

Landmine Thruster
Landmine Thruster Video Source- Testosterone Nation
How To Start?

Hold the barbell at the height of the chest with both hands, spread your legs according to the width of the shoulder.

  • Holding the end of the barbell at the height of the chest, lower yourself to the squat until your thigh is parallel to the ground.
  • Wait for a moment.
  • Drive through your heels to push yourself back to the starting position, place the barbell at the height of the chest.
  • Do not stop in the initial position.
  • Continuing the movement, use both hands to press the weight straight until your arms are completely extended.
  • Bring the weight back to your chest.
  • Return to the squat and repeat the movement.

Bottom Line.

Landmine squats press teach us correct squat patterns, so it is a great way for back squats and front squats. Apart from this it is very much helpful in building core muscles as well as a good lower body workout.

It is also a great option for those who cannot squat regularly due to injury. Overall landmine squat is an excellent squat workout and has many benefits as discussed above.

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