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How Corn Flakes Can Helps in Weight Loss?

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Corn flakes can be chosen as a light and healthy option if there is no time to make breakfast in your busy schedule. Corn flakes are rich in many heathy properties, one of the major benefits of which can be seen as promoting weight loss. However, through this article you will know how corn flakes can help in weight loss? And how to make corn flakes for weight loss?

Are Corn Flakes Really Good for Weight Loss?

Corn flakes are nutritional food that can help in weight loss. In fact, corn flakes are considered as healthy breakfasts. It contains nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber.(1)

Weight Loss

On the other hand, a research clearly mentions that consuming breakfast cereals can reduce the body’s BMI (body mass index) and help to prevent obesity. These include corn flakes. Based on this, it can be considered beneficial for weight control.(2)

Why Corn Flakes Beneficial in Weight Loss?

We are explaining below how corn flakes can work in weight loss. On the other hand, make sure that corn flakes are not treated for obesity in any way. Its intake can be somewhat beneficial in weight control.

Rich in Fiber.

Corn flakes can help in controlling weight due to the presence of fiber. In fact, consumption of fiber can prevent the desire for extra appetite as well as keep the stomach full for a long time. This can help to control weight.(3)

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Rich in Carbohydrates.

Corn flakes are rich in carbohydrates.(4) On the other hand, a research published on the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) website, mentions that consumption of ready to eat cereals (such as corn flakes) as a source of carbohydrates can be beneficial in reducing obesity. However, it is also important to have proper diet and lifestyle.(5)

Remove the Risk of Constipation.


A research clearly mentions that constipation can increase the risk of obesity.(6) On the other hand, we have mentioned above that corn flakes are rich in fiber and fiber can improve digestion as well as help to prevent constipation. So, corn flakes can reduce the risk of obesity.(7)

Improve Leptin.

Leptin is a peptide hormone that can help in weight control by controlling appetite and increasing energy expenditure in the body.

A research published on the NCBI website clearly mentions that cereal fiber (including corn flakes) can improve leptin in the body. So, it is assumed that corn flakes can support weight control process.(8)

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Rich in Protein.

Apart from the nutrients mentioned above, it also contains protein. On the other hand, a research published on the NCBI website mentions that protein-rich foods can help in weight control and also help to reducing the risk of obesity.(9)

How to Eat Corn Flakes For Weight Loss?

Corn flakes are very easy to make for breakfast. On the other hand, when it comes to consuming corn flakes, it is important to know how to eat corn flaks for weight loss. So, pay special attention to the following;

  • It would be more beneficial to include corn flakes for your morning breakfast.
  • Corn flakes can be taken with the rest of the ready to eat cereals (oats flakes).
  • Fresh fruits such as bananas or papaya can be used with corn flakes.
  • Use skimmed milk instead of regular milk. Skimmed milk has negligible fat as whole milk.
  • Avoid using sugar, as corn flakes already contain sugar.

*Note: Information related to the right amount of corn flakes can be taken from the doctor to lose weight.

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Side Effects.

We have already explained the benefits of corn flakes to lose weight, but it can also cause some disadvantages, such as:

  • The glycemic index of corn flakes (a measure, which indicates how quickly carbohydrate foods increase glucose) is higher.(10) In this case, excessive consumption of it can increase the risk of diabetes.(11)
  • Corn flakes are high in fiber. On the other hand, consuming more fiber can cause gas problems, flatulence problems and stomach cramps.
  • Corn flakes can cause allergies in people who are allergic to corn.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What will happen by eating corn flakes daily?

In addition to controlling obesity by eating the right amount of corn flakes, other benefits mentioned in this article (fiber and protein supplements as well as constipation prevention) can be achieved.

2. Can I consume corn flakes at night for weight loss?

It will be more beneficial if you consume in breakfast in the morning instead of at night, as the body is then busy with physical activities. At the same time, there will be not much time to do physical activities at night. If you want, you can get information about it from the doctor.

3. Cornflakes and milk is/are considered healthy?

Yes, cornflakes with milk are considered as a healthy breakfast plan. As, milk contains calcium and protein, which are essential for an active body. Combination of the both helps to boost immunity power, control hormones and assist to repair body cells. However, adding some fruits or almonds with a bowl of cornflakes can further meet your daily protein requirement.

4. Can we use corn flakes as a diet for creatine patients?

Creatine patients should avoid diets which contains high protein, like red meat, dairy products, and must switch to more vegetable-based bowls. Compared to maximum vegetables, corn is higher in phosphorus.

So, 1/2 cup with low amount of milk is acceptable for a creatine patients. You, must choose those that do not contains nuts, dried fruits or chocolate. Some worthy options include Cheerios, porridge, Rice Krispies, shredded wheat, cornflakes, Special K etc.

5. Is eating corn flakes with curd healthy in the morning breakfast?

Absolutely yes. Because most of the cereal provides approx. 5 grams of fiber and doesn’t have any sodium. It’s also quick and cheap option. If you consume cereals with nuts, fruit, or granola and plain Greek yogurt will be a healthy breakfast option. It’s easy to make and fills you up for long time.

Bottom Line.

Hopefully now you must have known the benefits and uses of corn flakes to lose weight. Now you can include it in your daily diet if you like. We have also explained some ways to consume corn flakes for your convenience. At the same time, be sure to take care of the exact amount of its intake, as its daily intake can cause some side effects. In addition, take care of balanced diet and exercise on regular basis.

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Freaktofit has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, educational research institutes, and medical organizations. We avoid using tertiary references. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and up-to-date by reading our editorial policy.

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