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Benefits of Green Coffee, Recipe and Side Effects

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Tea and coffee have become an integral part of our daily routine. While, at first people used to drink them only for taste, but now they are being consumed in terms of health. Today, many options in the form of herbal and green tea are available in the market. The name of Green Coffee has also been added in the same order. If it is a matter of weight loss or other health related problems, green coffee can be a better option. In this article, you will read how green coffee can have a positive effect on the body and you will also learn about the use, benefits and the side effects. Readers must note that green coffee is not a cure for any health related problems, this can only help you to reduce their impact to some extent.

What is Green Coffee?

The coffee plant is first roasted with green seeds and then grinded and made normal coffee. This process changes the colour of coffee from green to light or dark brown and also increases the flavour, but reduces the amount of antioxidant that is present in coffee. When coffee seeds are made without roasting powder, it is called green coffee. It contains many virtuous elements that can be good for overall health. It can be consumed from 200 to 480 mg per day.

Benefits of Green Coffee.

Green Coffee for Weight Loss.

Increasing weight can cause many problems and people also take a variety of measures to address this problem. Many researches have showed that green coffee reduce the growing weight. According to a research conducted on mice, published on the website of NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information), green coffee has an anti-obesity property.

The anti-obesity properties found in green coffee extracts can help to reduce obesity and increasing weight by reducing the accumulation of body fat. In addition, it also control adipogenesis (fat cells) and lipid metabolism. So, it is one of the major benefits of green coffee. (1)

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Green coffee also help to reduce the problem of diabetes. Research conducted on the subject found that chlorogenic Acid is found in green coffee. It contains hypoglycemic and antidiabetic substance, which can show a positive effect in diabetes. Research also found that daily consumption of 3 to 4 cups of coffee can be beneficial in reducing type 2 diabetes at about 30 percent (2).

diabetes insulin

Even though green coffee can be beneficial in diabetes, but the patient must use the medicine prescribed by the doctor. At the same time, you should pay special attention to your diet.


Eliminating the problems of headaches is another major benefits of Green coffee. In fact, according to a research published on the NCBI website, green coffee contains up to 1.2 per cent of caffeine. Caffeine can be beneficial in reducing headaches to some extent (3), (4).


Another research found that, the use of caffeine can be somewhat beneficial in the event of headaches, especially migraine. However, also keep in mind that a large amount of caffeine can also have a negative impact on the body.


Green coffee is also beneficial for a healthy heart. A research is available on the website of NCBI associated with this subject. Research found that green coffee contains many components that can be beneficial for health in various ways. One of these is chlorogenic acid.


Chlorogenic acid contains antioxidant properties and antioxidants can be somewhat helpful in prevention of cardiovascular diseases (5).

*Note.    However, we do not recommend green coffee to prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is better to consult a doctor if there is any serious problem.

Control Cholesterol.

The rising cholesterol has become a common problem today. Use of Green coffee extract can be beneficial to control excessive cholesterol levels. According to research, Green Coffee bean extract can reduce total cholesterol and LDL-C levels (6). However, what properties of green coffee work effectively on cholesterol requires more research.

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Improve Concentration and Mood.

Green coffee can also be beneficial to boost memory power and mental strength. According to a research, green coffee beans contain some amount of caffeine, which can improve mental health by increasing mood, focus, memory and alertness (7).

In addition, another research found that, the use of green coffee beans on Alzheimer’s patients can be beneficial. According to research, it contains neuro-protective properties, which can be beneficial in the problem of Alzheimer’s (8).


Chlorogenic acid found in green coffee seeds, which have antioxidant properties (9). Antioxidant properties can help to protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress. In a research, it is mentioned that antioxidant properties can help to prevent diseases that give rise to free radicals such as hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s (disorders associated with the central nervous system) and Alzheimer’s (dementia) (10). At present, more research on this subject needs to be done.

Control Appetite.

The problem of persistent hunger can be cured through green coffee. In fact, it has the potential to reduce appetite. It can control the desire to eat, which can help to control weight (11). However, what quality of green coffee reduces appetite is still a matter of research.


Green coffee can also be beneficial to prevent cancer-like disease from flourishing.

cancer cells Benefits of Green Coffee, Recipe and Side Effects
Cancer Cells

According to research, it has found anti proliferative properties that reduce the expansion of tumor cells, which may be somewhat helpful in protecting against the risk of cancer (12).

*Note.  Readers must keep in mind that if someone has cancer, only green coffee cannot be effective. In this case, it is most important to prefer medical treatment.

Blood Pressure.

With the elimination of many health problems, green coffee can also be beneficial in reducing the problem of blood pressure. According to a research published on the NCBI website, chlorogenic acid has an important place in high polyphonic substances found in green coffee.

hypertension Benefits of Green Coffee, Recipe and Side Effects
Blood Pressure

It is believed that chlorogenic acid rich in antioxidant properties may be effective to reducing the problem of blood pressure to some extent.(13)

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Strengthening Bones.

With health, green coffee can also be used to strengthen the bones. In fact, 100 grams of green coffee contains 108 mg of calcium (14).


Which is essential nutrient to strengthen and development of the bones (15). This can make us estimate that the use of green coffee can be beneficial to prevent bone loss due to calcium deficiency.

Anti-aging Properties.

A research stated that green coffee oil in cosmetic is used due to its anti-aging properties. This property can be beneficial for the skin and can be helpful in eliminating skin problems that occur with age.


However, more research needs to be done on how green coffee can directly help in the anti-aging process (16).


Who does not like long hair? Everyone wants long and strong hair. Green coffee can be a good option to keep hair healthy. It contains nutrients such as iron and vitamin C. Research found that these nutrients can be beneficial in eliminating the problem of hair as well as strengthening them (17).


There is still need to do more research on how green coffee can be directly beneficial for hair.

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Green Coffee How To Make?

After the benefits of green coffee, now find out the recipe of green coffee. It is made from green raw seeds. These seeds are not roasted. Here we are telling you the perfect recipe of green coffee.


Nearly 10 g Seeds of Green Coffee.

Three 1/4 cup hot water.

Step 1.

To make green coffee, first put the green coffee beans in water for overnight.

Step 2.

Thereafter, in the next morning, boil the water with seeds on a slow flame for about 15 minutes. This will lead to the green colour of the seeds in water. Now take off the water from flame and filter it.

Step 3.

When the water becomes normal, drink it. This can be the best way to drink green coffee. If you want, you can also make green coffee by dissolving green coffee powder in a cup of warm water.

*Note:  Do not use sugar or honey in green coffee, it is better to drink green coffee as it is. Also, do not mix milk. Drink more than two cups a day. There may be a variety of problems on drinking more, which we will further explain in this article. Also pregnant, lactating women and children should not consume green coffee (18).

When To Drink Green Coffee?

You can earn the full benefits of green coffee only when it is consume as per rules and at the stipulated time. Similarly, it is also important to know the right time to drink green coffee. Many people drink it as their wish, which is not correct. Here we will tell you the right time to drink green coffee.

Green coffee should drink with empty stomach in the morning.

It can be drink half an hour before lunch or one hour after meal.

Slim Green Coffee.

Slim green coffee is a green coffee capsule, prepared from green coffee extract. It is available in many brands at the medical store. Please consult your doctor for more information and advice before intake.

Organic Green Coffee Beans.

Organic green coffee beans are the coffee beans or seeds which are not roasted. It has many benefits including weight loss, regulating blood sugar level, prevention from cancer, detoxifier etc.

Garcinia Cambogia with Green Coffee.

Both garcinia cambogia and green coffee are excellent source for weight loss. Thereby, as per people reviews it has been found garcinia cambogia with green coffee promotes weight loss without causing any side effects.

Side Effects of Green Coffee.

While the benefits of green coffee have been observed on the one hand, in some cases it has also some harmful effects. Here we are talking about the side effects of green coffee, which are as follows;

  • Green coffee contains caffeine, which cause insomnia, anxiety, stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, increased heart beat and breathing rate etc.
  • The amount of chlorogenic acid is found in green coffee beans and the use of high doses of chlorogenic acid can lead to heart disease.
  • The amount of caffeine present in green coffee can raise the problem of stress, bleeding disorders, diarrhea and hypertension.
  • Caffeine present in green coffee beans and other sources can increase the amount of calcium in the body that is washed away through urine. This may weaken the bones.
  • Another research found that irregular intake can also lead to urinary tract infection (19).
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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Where to buy green coffee beans?

Green coffee bean packets are readily available in the market and online. Anyone can buy green coffee from any Ayurvedic ingredients store.

2. How long do green coffee beans last?

Green coffee beans last for 6 to 12 months depending upon how it is stored and it is kept in which conditions.

Bottom Line.

Now you may have aware that how green coffee can have a positive impact on health. A healthy life can be enjoyed by adopting the right amount of green coffee and its regular intake. At the same time, it is also worth noting that excess intake of green coffee can lead to many health problems. Therefore, before using it as a medicine, take the advice of your dietitian.

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